I read this article by Curt Hayes of design outsource firm Audio Design, Inc. while at CEDIA Expo a few weeks back and wanted to make sure every D-Tools user knew about it.  It’s a great article that brings up a few very important points to grasp when using/ implementing D-Tools in your business as well as general points on process that are very beneficial to keep in mind.  His article focuses on 3 main points:

Product Selection: When you’re building your D-Tools database or trying to optimize your processes to use D-Tools better, product selection couldn’t be more important.  The concept of building a database of your ‘core products’ has been part of our implementation mantra for as long as I can remember.  While my focus has been on the D-Tools side of things, Curt points out other benefits to narrowing your product mix/ vendors.  If you’re looking to streamline your process and create more efficiency this is one thing you should look into doing right away!  Narrow your mix and cancel your membership to the ‘product of the month club’.

Using a database: If you already own D-Tools you’re on the right track!  Using a database of products with an application like D-Tools allows you to leverage work throughout your process, eliminating costly inefficiencies and wasted effort!  The idea is not to reinvent the wheel and making use of a quality database is the perfect way to build efficiency into your process.

Making use of worksheets: Making use of some simple design/ client interview worksheets can help your discovery and design process operate more effectively.  I taught a course at the recent CEDIA Expo called ‘Design Documents’ and two documents we reviewed in the course were a client interview worksheet and a design worksheet – both used to help provide a structured discovery/ initial design process.  These worksheets should be designed in such a way that you can easily translate the information to D-Tools – perhaps aligning the questions with your packages/ pre-engineered systems.

Read the full article here for all the details and recommendations Curt has made:

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