BlueDog LogoProcess Matters
— by Curt Hayes, CEO of BlueDog Data Services and Audio Designs, Inc.



Every integration firm in business has some level of process they use to keep the business running. I often refer to the business of AV integration being like an assembly line – it’s the same process, big job or small – as follows (in very general terms):

  • Proposal (sales) and engineer (operations)
  • Order, receive and stage (admin)
  • Load, deliver, install and program (operations)
  • Invoice (admin)

There are literally dozens of steps that can be expanded on around each of those, yet at the core this is “the process”.  Also referred to by some as “wash, rinse and repeat” – it’s in repetition of these steps that consistency and efficiency can be developed.

If you are reading this post, chances are you are a D-Tools subscriber. Congratulations. You’ve made a big step towards improving your company’s processes and profitability. The D-Tools software platform provides you a strong foundation for fine-tuning your processes. Now, you may want to consider using partner or managed services to get the most out of your investment.

For example, where did your D-Tools proposal data come from?  Is it complete and accurate?  We’ve been working with integrators for many years and commonly see that data-managers usually don’t fully understand the products and what’s involved with installing and programming them. Once aggregated, the product and labor data is typically entered manually into your D-Tools database – which is time consuming, error prone, and ultimately costly to your business.

Seeing the need for accurate data in the integration industry, we recently launched BlueDog Data Services to help integrators build better businesses. We used our decades of professional design experience and product understanding to create a cloud-based data management service that is second to none. By using accurate, complete and consistent data in your proposals, engineering drawings, purchase orders, and work orders, you can get some significant results:

  • In-house creation of proposals in a fraction of the time and effort.
  • Products fully populated with associated accessories and labor values.
  • Better understanding of profitability with accurate pricing and cost data.

Accurate, complete and consistent data = accurate proposals and more profitable jobs. This is just one example of how a managed service can leverage your D-Tools investment even further.

Take the time to fine tune your processes and consider using managed services to help you get there. Like the BlueDog cloud-based database, there are easy-to-implement tools available that can be those first steps to your most profitable year yet.