·        Better track and manage resources
·        Reduce time and cost per project
·        Streamline business processes

Whole House Digital (WHD) is a Custom Systems Integration firm specializing in residential and commercial audio, video and lighting control systems. The company, founded in 2001 and based in Pleasant Hill, California, is a recognized market leader with a reputation for hands on customer service and unique design and control solutions engineered for ease of use and seamless aesthetics.

Best Practices:

·        Manage time more efficiently
·        Accurately track all materials and labor
·        Better define parameters of jobs and success criteria
·        Increase revenue, margin, and profitability
·        Reduce associated project time and costs

WHD was looking for a way to better manage their projects – with an eye towards tracking labor efficiency, profitability per project, and ultimately – increasing customer satisfaction. WHD required a solution that would enable their entire team to share project information and schedules to ensure that everyone was in-sync and on the same page. Whole House Digital looked to
D-Tools System Integrator 4.5 Pro to provide real structure to their existing internal business processes. “As a smaller business, we wear many hats. We were having trouble keeping up with all of the details associated with our projects, and we needed a way to help us better manage the entire process,” said Michael Hall, president and founder of Whole House Digital. “We really didn’t have a formalized process before working with D-Tools,” said Hall. “We managed projects more informally, and we knew there was room for improvement. D-Tools forced us to bring better structure to our work habits and helped us create a manageable, repeatable process that fit our organization.”

WHD implemented D-Tools System Integrator 4.5 (SI 4.5) Pro to help them create clear, accurate proposals and designs for their clients. SI 4.5 creates detailed projects managed with automated proposals, scheduling, pick lists, purchase orders, drawings, and additional documents that streamline the integrated installation of audio and video products.

By using a single, shared project file, WHD can download free product information from D-Tools’ comprehensive database of tens of thousands of products and their accessories, giving them the distinct advantage of designing systems using the most current product information, while saving hours of product research time.

SI 4.5’s ability to tie graphic designs to actual product data enabled WHD to streamline the proposal and design processes and drastically reduce the amount of time needed to create a professional design and proposal to their customers. SI 4.5 leverages the strengths of AutoCAD and ease-of-use of Visio to generate floor plans, schematics, line diagrams, functional views, project lists and visually-rich proposals for commercial and residential projects. All graphics used in the design are tied to over 40 fields of detailed product data, including dimensions, pricing, time to install, etc. All of this information is available in the master SI project file, which is then used to generate accurate proposals, pick lists, and other internal and customer-facing reports. Because all of the information is tied to the master project file, any changes are automatically updated globally, ensuring that everyone involved in the project has the most up-to-date information.

The addition of D-Tools SI 4.5 Pro helped WHD better organize how they approach each project, by providing a method to track materials, labor, time, and the work status of each project phase. D-Tools gives WHD a clear blueprint for determining when a project is actually completed in order to collect final payment from the client – which gives both WHD and the client confidence that job has been completed correctly.


Using D-Tools in a disciplined manner has helped Whole House Digital realize additional 15 – 20% revenue on any given project.  Adds Hall, “Because we are able to actively track all products and associated labor costs, D-Tools also helps us drastically reduce our time and costs. Also, we always like to give additional value to the client – whether it’s training, programming, or whatever – and
D-Tools helps us efficiently track that process so we can still offer additional services while maintaining profitability. I may offer discounts, but now as a business owner I can better understand exactly what we’re giving and why, helping us better manage our overall business.”

Said Hall, “We now have a process that ensures that we can accurately account for all products, materials, and labor for all of our projects, and D-Tools has given us a way to better predict our revenues and expenditures to really help us get a clear picture of our business. The software is extremely powerful, and the accessories and packages features for example have helped us create incremental revenue opportunities while delivering added value to our clients.”

For more information, contact Whole House Digital at (925) 932-6643 or e-mail at