Just put the finishing touches on the Universal Plan Lighting Shape, actually two shapes.  It started out as a single smart shape but I realized that it would be easier to use if it was broken down into two shapes.  It is fully documented here.  Basically what we did with the first shape called Smart Light was take three different lighting types (Incandescent, Fluorescent and LED) and marry those with four different mount types (Surface, Recessed, Suspended and Wall) to get a total of 12 different shapes built into this single shape.

The next lighting shapes called Multi Light Fixture were designed not to have a mount type because the mount type is assumed from the shape.  Instead of having various geometric shapes represent real world objects I saw that a lot of architects and designers used non scale plan icon symbols that looked kinda/sorta like the actual objects they were going to represent.

So with these two shapes we get a total of 18 different permutations.  These shapes will be available via automatic download for SIX users next week.  Thanks again to Visguy Chris Roth for taking my scattered vision and turning it into real product.