Twilight Solutions


Twilight Sounds Increases Profitability per Project by 15% Utilizing D-Tools System Integrator™ Software


Business Challenges:

  • Better method of documentation
  • More professional Proposals
  • More efficient tracking

Based out of Walnut Creek, CA, Twilight Sounds is a system integration company specializing in high quality custom electronic design and installation of high end audio/video and home automation systems for the residential market. For the past 13 years, Twilight Solutions has been a leader in home integration, whose goal is to provide the service, entertainment, technology, and controls for people to easily enjoy their living environment to the utmost.

Twilight Sounds has been operating since 2000 and since then has been utilizing D-Tools System Integrator (SI). Justin Johnston, Founder of Twilight Sounds, first heard about D-Tools 5 years ago at a trade show.  At the time, Johnston did not have a showroom, so he worked with the clients on the proposal with no visual examples of work.  Before the incorporation of D-Tools, Johnston was doing all documentation in Word and Excel, but he felt it lacked professional quality.  There was information all over the place and he wanted higher quality drawings and elevation views included in the proposals.

D-Tools helped Twilight Sounds create more professional proposals, which has contributed to an increase in profitability.  Because design can now be offered as a service, Twilight Sounds can charge clients appropriately for these skills.  “The designs are another area that instills confidence in the customer and is now something that I can charge for. It has given me additional revenue opportunities”, said Johnston.

D-Tools SI also allows Twilight Sounds to easily get an order together and account for accessories, so nothing is forgotten.  “Because I can account for plugs, connectors, and other mundane accessories, I’m billing more accurately and not leaving money on the table anymore”, said Johnston.


The ability to track accessories has improved, which instills confidence in customers that Twilight Sounds is a reliable company.  “Before D-Tools, I would be accounting for about 80% of the items in a proposal, now I can account for about 98% for all elements of the job. And the customer understands because they have visibility into all of the accessories and labor that’s required to complete the project”, said Johnston.  “My bids probably went up at least 15% since I started using D-Tools –and it’s justified because everything is accounted for – the clients can see the value in what we’re offering. I’m often the most expensive bid, but because the clients can see the detail, they have more confidence that the job is going to be done right, so they choose us”.

“D-Tools has helped me develop a more professional look, track all aspects of a job, and helped me win more bids. Customers have told me that I had more complete documentation than competitors which instilled confidence that helped the customer make the right decision to go with Twilight Sounds.”, said Johnston.