One of our primary goals is to provide you with the necessary resources to help your business run as efficiently as possible including professional proposals, as well as detailed management and installation reports. To ensure this, we offer several reporting features that will improve your client presentations, while reducing the time it takes to produce those documents to focus on completing the job.

Define Report Settings
Report Settings contain several options to help you customize the way reports display and function. These Report Settings are global for all reports, and can also be changed utilizing report definitions at the project level, which is covered below. Reviewing and defining report settings will help you increase efficiency with the professional proposals and other client facing documentation required.

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Report Definitions
Report Definitions allow a single report to be generated in multiple ways without the need of creating custom reports. These definitions can be managed utilizing the Report Explorer within the Manage Reports section of SI Start menu. Currently, each stock report has their own set of parameters. These can be as simple as summarizing packages or accessories, the option to display or not display manufacturer or model number, and display labor by phase or as a single labor field. These can be set as default or updated on an individual report level.

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Report Themes
Several different Report Themes are available for download that are completely customizable to your company’s look and feel, offering the competitive advantage to win more bids. These themes are offered with additional options – including updated Page and Group Header graphics – improving the quality of your Proposal Reports. Additionally, Report Themes can be set as a default within Report Settings.

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Report Groups
The Report Groups feature is one of the most efficient tools available to run multiple reports at the same time which include Client, Installation or Management reports. These groups are essentially report “packages” that are condensed into one file by default. This tool allows you to combine multiple reports into one single report such as Cover Pages, Company Information, Proposals and Contracts.

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Arrange Items in a Report
A popular request from our clients has been to have the ability to arrange items within a Client Report. Currently, this feature is available when running reports within the Project Editor. Items can be arranged in alphabetical order, or in a specific order for your client.

Learn more about arranging items here:

If you require more, in-depth reporting functions or customization, our Professional Services Group offers the availability to develop custom report for you. Any questions about custom report development can be relayed to our clients Account Executive or Client Service Manager for further information.

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