What is the D-Tools Hosted Solution?

We offer a Hosted Solution through Amazon Web Services (AWS) that will house your SI Server. Our Technical Support Department manages the maintenance and updating of these services on a scheduled basis, meaning you let us know when you’d like us to update your SI Software and we work with you to do so. Nightly backups are performed on these Servers to maintain consistency and to ensure you have the latest data available to you in the event you would ever need to revert to a day/night prior. For security, the pre-configured firewall only allows traffic from the D-Tools SI application, and the only ports opened to traffic are 9010, 1433 and 1434. For more information on the Hosted Solution, please see the link below:



Now that you’ve explained the Hosted Solution, can you provide information on the bandwidth usage while utilizing this service?

Certainly, though this information can vary from company to company, Project to Project.

The main bandwidth user is check in and check out of projects – it depends on how many check and check-outs they do every day per user and what is their average project file size. Say an average project is 50MB with drawings – each user checks in and check out 5 projects 10 times every day – so 500MB upload and 500 MB download for projects alone. There are other service calls to catalog, settings – so add 300MB upload and download for non-check in and check out. So each user roughly consumes 800MB up and down.


Do you have anything else you can tell me about the Hosted Solution?

Of course! We strive to ensure that the Server is fully accessible to you 24/7, 365 days a year. If at any point you are having issues, please let us know right away if you have any issues with your services. If you haven’t tested these services available to you, why not start now? We offer a Hosted Server Trial to all customers who are interested in trying it out for themselves. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up with your Company’s Customer Success Manager(CSM) or follow one of the links below:

Sales/Support Chat

Hosted Trial