D-Tools Software Helps T&T Automation Streamline Business, Improve Quality of Documentation, Track Equipment, and Develop Proposals in Half the Time 

Based out of Essex, England, T&T Automation, is a full service system integration company with an extensive portfolio of services and products.  Their exceptional experience of the design and installation process provides their clients with a luxury custom-made system. T&T designs and installs control and automation solutions ranging from single room home entertainment systems to fully integrated whole residence technological masterpieces. They work with architects and consultants for their clients throughout the UK and Europe to deliver the finest solutions and services for the Residential and Commercial market.



T&T Automation created project proposals with a combination of Excel and Visio and as a result, they were too time consuming. It proved to be fairly accurate, however it left room for too many errors and opportunity for some aspects of the job to be missed or calculated incorrectly.

One of these aspects was that project items and equipment were being tracked inefficiently which resulted in a loss of profit.  Every day items in the field, such as wire connectors and cables, would be overlooked and therefore not accounted for.  As a result, T&T would pay for these costs in order to maintain their professional company image and avoid returning to the customer and altering the original proposal.

In addition, labor had to be estimated, which also resulted in a loss of profit for T&T Automation



T&T Automation (T&T Communications at the time) began looking at software solutions in order to improve and streamline their business processes.  In 2004, the company came across D-Tools’ booth at CEDIA Expo UK.  They sat through a software demo and spoke with a D-Tools representative about what the software package can offer.  It became clear that D-Tools System Integrator (SI) had the strength they were seeking in a solution. It could do everything they needed fast without mandatory technical knowledge.

“D-Tools System Integrator assists us with all aspects of the job from winning the bid to finishing the project,” said Daniel Tumata, of T&T Automation. “It gives our installers a great deal of information and without AutoCAD skills, they are able to easily create very professional proposals which is immensely important to win the job.  They can easily create schematics and elevation drawings as well, which is important to carry out the job until completion and decreasing our labor time.”

T&T Automation also benefits from utilizing the software in that they are now able to provide their customers with a tangible design with a project quote so they know exactly what to expect upon completion.

“Our customers are always in the loop about what stage their project is in and what products are being installed.  There are never any surprises and this type of customer service is what makes us stand apart from our competitors,” said Tumata


As a result of implementing D-Tools System Integrator software, T&T Automation is able to create more proposals in less time at a higher professional level.  In addition, the proposals created with SI are far more accurate then their previous method, so they are able to win bids at a much faster rate.

“The key factor is that our proposals are not only more professional, but we can create them in half the time it took us prior to incorporating D-Tools into our company, which is what really makes D-Tools SI a solid investment for us,” said Tumata.

T&T Automation has also noted a decrease in employee time on task because the documentation that D-Tools provides keeps the ball rolling and as a result there is little to no lull during every aspect of the job.

In addition, T&T Automation has experienced a positive impact on revenue as well. They are able to develop and maintain proposals and avoid reinventing the wheel every project. All project items are tracked efficiently, labor is not underestimated and the documentation is very professional. All of which contributes to the positive revenue impact and success of this thriving company.

“Customer service is the backbone of our industry and D-Tools has provided us with the essential tools to capitalize on that facet.  We provide our clients with the proper documentation, professionalism, work ethic and technology and as a result our customer satisfaction has increased by 7 gazillion percent”, said Tumata.