find itThe new D-Tools Support website is now live: This site combines our previous sites into one convenient location for all System Integrator resources. Here you can access User Guides, Administrator Guides, Knowledge Bases, etc. for all D-Tools products. We encourage you to register a username so that you can comment on articles as well as rate pages. Comments allow you to give us real-time feedback on the content of pages: error reporting, bad links, even compliments :). Rating a page helps improve its priority in the Search algorithm. Navigating the site is a bit different than previous versions so here are some tips. 

The homepage lists our current products, currently SIX and SI5, and also has links for getting support. Each product has a list of available guides/information.

main page

For example, if you click the Administrator Guide link in the SIX 2013 Documentation section, a list displays of available topics:

example guide

The fastest way to find a topic is to do a keyword search. At the bottom of each page there are Previous and Next buttons that will take to the previous or next topic/how-to. Each page also has a Related Articles section for similar topics:

search related



You can PDF pages, email pages, or share pages via Facebook, Google +, or Twitter. You must be registered and sign in if you want to leave a comment, email a page, or rate a page (links to register/sign in are in the upper left corner of each page):

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