I am running put of adjectives that describe the new Visio shapes that I have been working on.  By nature most of the previous D-Tools/Visio shapes are “smart” but these new shapes are really a new class of “SuperSmart” shapes.  Our previous smart shapes mostly changed their text and dimensions based on data.  This new generation of SuperSmart shapes not only respond to the parametric data in the database but can also change shape geometries and other attributes based on Shape Data UI.


The Six in One speaker shape is a perfect example of this new class of SuperSmart shapes.  A single object can now accurately represent the majority of the speakers sold in the world.  Think about that for a second.  Almost all of the audio speakers manufactured in the world can be represented accurately and in scale with single shape.

In the case of the new Smart Title Block shape we programmed over 48 different project specific attributes that the user can easily adjust to create their own custom title blocks.  In the past we would have probably created a single shape for each attribute.

You will be able to find this new shape called Smart Title Block in the DT Annotations stencil via the Download Update function in SIX.  This new shape is fully documented here.

BTW the Download Update function can be found in the D-Tools SIX Shapes Visio UI.