Now that we have a shape methodology that does not require hard coded categories and subcategories, we are free to create very specialized shapes or floor plan symbols in this case. As I was doing some research on this topic I ran across the excellent Architectural Graphic Standard – CAD Layout Symbols for Security System Layout document from the SIA (Security Industry Association).

This is a very well researched and written document; one of the items that caught my eye was the methodology they used to denote Mount Type and Device Options that are specific to the device being represented. Mount type uses a single letter abbreviation for the different the mount types you would find in a security installation. These are global options, any device that can be mounted on to something else will show these same options. Device options are specific to the device being installed. For example, the Audio Device symbol will have the following options that are specific to that device.

The intent of this methodology was to allow the user to accurately denote the options by adding a letter to the top right of the symbol for the mount type and the bottom right of the symbol for the device options. Of course that meant either having a hard copy or memorizing all of the specific options. As soon as I saw what the intent was, I went about the process of automating these symbols so the mount type and device options were just a click away.

The Biometric Access Device pictured below has the mount types and device options built into the shape that are accessible by either a right click or by using the shape data UI. Either way gets you immediate access to these important parameters.  More information of D-Tools Plan shapes can be found here:

We reproduced the entire catalog of SIA symbols detailed below. I hope you get some good use out of them. Please let me know what we can do to improve this process.