cd_55_warningThank you for your continued support of D-Tools and your patience during our upgrade process.  We are very excited about SI5.5 and are confident that you will find this release to be the most robust and stable in the company’s history.

We have begun a phased roll out of the SI5.5 upgrades to customers starting this week. Customers will be notified by email the date when their upgrade will be available.  We are taking this approach to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible support during your upgrade. By using a phased roll out we will have additional customer service available should you need help after your upgrade.

On the date your upgrade is available you can “Check for Server Updates” by going to StartAll ProgramsD-ToolsCheck for Server Updates and you will see that the SI5.5 server upgrade is available.  You must upgrade the server before any desktop clients are upgraded.  Please follow the upgrade instructions in this blog posting

As with any software upgrade it is extremely important to back up your files prior to the upgrade process.  Please do not skip this step.

The feedback I have received from customers who have upgraded is very encouraging, our whole team has been working very hard to deliver this product and I am proud of what they have accomplished.

Thanks and best regards,

Steve Collard