D-Tools is pleased to announce that the release of SI5.5 Service Pack 3 is now available to all D-Tools customers.  Starting this morning at 8AM EST, customers can begin to update their current SI5.5 installs to SP3 via the automatic update process.  

The D-Tools Support and Development teams recommend taking a quick moment to view the update instructions on the D-Tools Support Blog prior to beginning the update.  

Whats New in SI5.5 SP3

In addition to enhancements and bug fixes, SP3 includes expanded support for the tools that customers rely on to manage their business. This includes new support for QuickBooks 2011, Outlook 2010 and Visio 2010. In addition, D-Tools is happy to announce limited support for AutoCAD  installations running on x64 bit operating systems..  In combination with Longbow software, SI5.5 SP3 has been tested against current versions of AutoCAD. We strongly advise all customers to read the instructions and requirements if you are interested in incorporating AutoCAD with SI5.5 in your x64-bit environments.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, SI5.5 SP3 also includes the following enhancements:

SI5.5 Navigator

  • Created Date and Modified Date added to Projects Grid
  • Grid sort on Projects Grid and Reports Grid works across pages
  • Project revisions have description and date created fields
  • Projects grid has option to set number of projects to display in each page
  • Refresh Projects syncs local projects with server projects
  • Login has option to “Remember user and password”
  • Data Request and Online Data Library links added to data group


  • New built-in report “Proposal (Equipment and Labor)” shows equipment and labor price side by side in proposal report.
  • Change Order Reports show added, modified and deleted items separately with appropriate quantities
  • Reports Grid – persists settings, loads faster and has option to turn off Scope of work.
  • Purchase Order Reports have parameter to not show OFE products
  • Print option added to project summary and line item summary


  • Duplicate product/package has option to duplicate to same location/zone or multiple location(s)/zone(s)
  • Replace Product in projects has option to “Maintain Shape” and “Keep Accessories”
  • PDM has option to view discontinued products only.
  • Option to prompt for wire length and headend for package wire
  • Update to Master – Changes in Category, Manufacturer or Model in product dialog in projects update the correct master product (does not create a new product)
  • Text has option to show or hide Product Explorer


  • Item List and Sync includes an option to show or hide discontinued products
  • Item List has an option to filter only approved items.

A detailed description of all enhancements and bug fixes can be found on the D-Tools Support Wiki.