SI5.5 SP1

The D-Tools team is proud to announce the release of the first service pack (SP1) for the award winning  version 5.5.  New customers will begin receiving discs with SI5.5 SP1 starting on September 14 2009.  All existing SI5.x users will receive the Service Pack via automatic updates starting on Monday, September 28 2009.  

In addition to numerous bug fixes and usability enhancements, SI5.5 SP1 will provide support for Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 7, AutoCAD 2010, and QuickBooks UK 2008. 

“We are psyched to show off our latest update to SI5.5 at CEDIA this year,” said Adam Stone, President and CEO of D-Tools. “The D-Tools SI5.5 service pack will provide expanded support for the tools system integrators rely on to run their business. In addition, fixes and enhancements to the already robust SI5.5 feature set will continue to ensure that we are providing the most complete solution for our community of SI5 customers.”

D-Tools System Integrator 5.5 enables systems integrators and custom installation professionals to create detailed projects managed with automated proposals, scheduling, pick lists, purchase orders, drawings and additional documents that streamline the integration of audio and video products. By using D-Tools SI5.5, system integrators and custom installers can better communicate all project details amongst team members, clients, and other trades. Users can download free product information from D-Tools’ comprehensive database of tens of thousands of products and their accessories, giving them the distinct advantage of designing systems using the most current product information, while saving hours of product research time.

To view a complete list of bugs and enhancements are listed below.

D-Tools SI5.5 SP1 Complete Bug and Enhancement List:

Bug Number Bug Description
5724 Earlier system time on
client than on server results in project data loss on check in.
5761 Projects with zero wire length do not run in 5.5
5784 Promoting Revisions does not always work, data in project
does not change
5820 Error when importing an SI 4 project with Visio 2003
5848 Error message appears when trying to delete an opened
visio file
5855 Navigator crashes when promoting revisions
5900 AutoCAD 2010 Compatibility
6020 Two revision files with the same name are found in the
revision files grid after file manager sync
6053 Not able to locate installer while repairing the
5917 Error checking in a project with duplicate drawing file
5918 Crash error when trying to add products to a Service
5919 Product not showing as available to add to an Estimate in
QL, but shows available to add to an Invoice
5997 Error when trying to export/import contacts to QB
5863 Navigator crashes when trying to do File Manager Sync
5877 Quickbooks 2008 UK version does not export
5878 D-Tools menu does not appear in Visio plan view
5852 Illegal characters in filenames prevent delta reports
from running
5832 Error converting 5.2 projects to 5.5 when client name
exceeds 50 characters
5839 Default Project Filter should be “All Projects”
and persist the Project Filter
5845 Terminal/Signal/Label fields in I/O Studio no longer
autopopulate from the existing list
5846 Creating a summary Task with more than 50 characters
crashes Navigator
5827 Vista x64, Server 2008, Windows 7:Grid is not displayed
in Quick links UI
5818 Labor Cost is off by more than a few pennies when
transferred to QuickBooks
5786 Copy Project does not make Visio or AutoCAD files
available in files list
5748 QuickLinks throws interop error when opened from the
Navigator (Vista)
5697 Archive/Restore not available for stand-alone users
4968 Restoring the server database backup fails
5797 Cannot have a project file and a file that was added
using “Add File” open at the same time
5816 Can’t delete resource types, or resource groups
5817 The AssignedTo and Staff1-4 properties are not available
in the project grid.
5853 Items are duplicated when creating a new Sales Order
5926 Adding products that have accessorries to a package within a project adds too many
5856 Sales Order retains previous client name when alternating
between projects
5860 Import Contact(s) from Outllook does not displays
contacts in the (Contact) sub folders
5861 Error backing server when SA password is not D-Tools
5858 Site address being used for the Bill To address in
QuickLinks forms instead of Billing Address
5876 Scheduling a longer duration is clunky
5881 Error message appears when trying to change the project
information in visio file (when Project DataMatrix tab is closed)
5868 Warehouse labels should not be generated for labor items
in work orders
5847 Entering invalid data to Custom property (date field)
results in endless loop warning
5830 Can’t create custom report filtered by Model
5791 Crash error when running a Change Order report for zero
value products
5814 Duplicate component ID’s not checked when duplicating
5753 Some dialogs does not resize properly when using high DPI
5766 When importing a custom report that already exists in the
report list will sometimes cause this report will disappear from the list.
5181 The checkbox within projects to “display head end
dialog….” is not checked by default.
5634 Assigned to property shown the wrong user after copying a
5662 Selected Project changes in Project Tree after a Check
Out or Check In action in OA or Scheduling page.
5675 If the Subject field on a Service order is left blank a
“Please enter subject” message is displayed but the service order
is saved with the blank subject field.
5719 Deleting the summary task blanks out the resources in the
first child task
5723 Navigator crashed when trying to create a new service
order with Italian (Italy) regional settings.
5731 Removing a task from a work order makes the task number
of the other tasks in the work order to appear as ‘New Task’
5821 The application crashes sometimes when you select a
number of products in the PDM and go to Add -> Create New Package.
4696 After adding a new Manufacturer name in the MMPD
Administration tab the new name appears twice
5842 Undocked PDM window resizes when filtering in Visio.
5854 Proposal with Images reports only show first three
characters of quantity.
5869 Opening two Visio drawings named the same but from
different projects at the same time causes changes to one not to be saved.
5870 Background pages are included when inserting a Visio
drawing via Insert System.
5871 Running a report after renaming a project file will
generate a blank report until the project list is refreshed.
5872 Marking products as complete in a Task asscociated with a
Workoerder does not update the WO completion.
5874 When adding products to projects unapproved products are
included in the selection list.
5875 Get UnauthorizedAccessException sometimes when backing up
the server.
5882 Find and Replace needs an option to not replace CompID’s
5883 Swapping columns in MMPD Product Grid can cause incorrect
columns to show dropdowns.
5884 Error message appears when clicking on ‘Refresh groups’
after swapping columns in PDM.
5893 Zone order in Project Information is not reflected in
Reports if Zone Order is changed in Project Information in Navigator
5894 PDM does not retain scrolled position when moving between
pages in Visio.
5896 PDM does not retain its expand/collapse state when you
edit products.
6000 Custom Report Preview Script errors are not helpful.
5934 Change Block dialog does not resize properly in AutoCAD.
5936 Wire length greater than 32767 causes application to
5938 The filters on the Add Equipment From Catalog form do not
behave like the filters elsewhere in the application.
5944 AutoCAD blocks now have option to retain layer and color.
5951 In Project Summary the Project Hours do not account for
Difficulty Factor.
5857 MMPD Product Grid does not update changes on row if you
click on a different row.
5923 Cannot check in projects that contain files over 100 MB
in size.
6012 Delta report cannot be generated for imported project and
one of its revision.
6015 If multiple Visio drawings are open and the last one is
read only all Visio drawings behave as read only.
6056 QuicklLinks crashes when trying to push over a Service
Order if Other Item products have a null price.
6061 Get “Root element is missing” error when
logging in if user settings file is corrupt.
6009 Error installing sever on Windows Server 2003 64 bit