We have updated D-Tools SI2017 to a new build (6.11.2356) on Friday, December 15th 2017.  Here is the list of fixed issues and improvements:

  • Reports for new service orders did not display client information correctly until the service order was closed and opened again.
  • Reports for new purchase orders did not display vendor information correctly until the purchase order closed and opened again.
  • When a product or labor was saved, the sub-category and vendor did not display correctly until the product explorer or labor explorer was refreshed
  • When a package was saved, the package group did not display correctly until the package explorer refreshed
  • We have improved the memory usage for project “checks in” functionality.

In addition the current build has some improvements to our Cloud API for integrations (order and install fields added).

  • This is the new ProjectItem object (check the new order and install fields added) – Link
  • The Subscribe Project API service when called without aggregation will have these new fields populated. – Link

Please note that the above fixes all require the SI Server to be updated.

Direct Download Links (6.11.2356.0)


Improvements and Fixes History for SI 2017 R3


  • Reports do not display data correctly for new service orders and purchase orders (requires server update)
  • Product Explorer and Labor Explorer do not display subcategory correctly at times (requires server update)
  • Cloud API improvements (Order and Install fields added)



  • Improve Report Export to remember user preferences
  • Update from Library fails when adding a new category



  • Clicking “Add Reports” on “Share Documents to Customer Portal” dialog can crash.
  • Improved speed of check in and check out for projects with lots of files and revisions and remote servers.
  • This fix requires customers to update both client and server, (client and server update)



  • “Delete” and “Update Install Status” are not enabled for Task Items in Task Editor  (client update)
  • Company logo does not maintain aspect ratio when added to Visio Title Block (client update)
  • Resource Hours view does not export Project Number (client update)