SI 2017 adds a host of valuable, new features, enabling integrators to gain greater insight into their business operations and more effectively communicate with their clients during the project estimation, system design, and project management process



CONCORD, CA, USA— APRIL 12, 2017 — D-Tools, Inc., the worldwide leader in data-driven system integration software, announced today the availability of its newest version of the award-winning System Integrator™ (SI) software platform, SI 2017.

Building on the architecture of the System Integrator platform, including a robust Cloud infrastructure, this major new release adds significant new capabilities and performance enhancements, in addition to system design and productivity improvements, that enable commercial and residential AV integrators to maximize the efficiency of their business processes.

“As a hard core business analyst, this latest release delivers the cherry on top that I wish was available back in my integrator days. SI 2017 provides our customers with a powerful BI (Business Intelligence) engine, enabling cross-project, cross-vendor, cross-product and even cross-team reporting and visualization, which serves to shine a spotlight on business highlights, trends and anomalies so integrators can make better business decisions.” says D-Tools CEO Randy Stearns. “These new business analytics capabilities, along with the ability to publish documents, like proposals, to the web for viewing, comment and e-signature, provide our customers with a powerful communication tool to more effectively interact with their clients and partners.”

Starting with the new BI features of SI 2017, take a look at the enhanced offerings within the powerful SI 2017 solution.

Enhanced Business Intelligence (BI) Features Drive Visual Reports and Dashboard Views of Key Performance Indicators to Provide Business Insights at a Glance
SI 2017 can now report vital information across multiple projects, providing executives with a powerful BI engine that delivers visual reports and dashboard views of key performance indicators. In addition to pre-configured BI reports, SI 2017 makes it easy to create custom visual reports to understand important elements of an integrator’s business. The D-Tools Business Intelligence engine enables deep analysis of business activities and trends such as profit analysis,  product usage, vendor engagement, personnel performance, and even sales pipeline, activity and results.

SI 2017’s pre-configured dashboard views can be filtered by date range and viewed as a graph (bar, line, pie) or table. Pre-defined dashboards include reports such as sales by salesperson, sales pipeline by project stage, top products sold, and profit margin by system type, product category, project size, and more.

Additionally, the new Dashboard Wizard allows users to create, edit, and clone dashboards to streamline the time required to create additional views. SI 2017 enables two types of dashboards: Summary (for grouped and summarized data) and Tabular (simple data table).  The power and flexibility of the new BI engine is ideal for viewing the data needed to run the business in an informed and efficient manner.

Streamline Client Communications with the New D-Tools Customer Portal
Coming in May 2017, the new Customer Portal, built on the D-Tools Cloud infrastructure, enables users to publish proposals, change orders, drawings and other client-facing documents to the web for improved client engagement. Clients will be able to log-in to a secure web portal to review documentation, make comments, and accept or reject the documents presented.

SI users will be notified when a customer reviews, comments or accepts proposals, streamlining the process and improving communications throughout the project lifecycle.

More Than 20 Additional Enhancements Increase Productivity and Profitability across All Project Phases
The D-Tools team has also made significant upgrades to the SI product catalog, drawing functionality, CRM interface, QuickBooks integration, and more.

Product Catalog Improvements

  • Product Information Management
    • Search across projects to locate specific products for easy tracking and management of recalled or replaced equipment
    • Find and replace “discontinued products” quickly and easily
  • Labor Discount Management
    • Discount labor items at package creation
    • Change labor discounts prior to adding a package to a project
    • Change labor discounts after adding a package to a project
  • More Robust CSV Catalog Export
    • Export labor cost, labor price, and installed price as part of CSV export

Project Enhancements

  • Contact and Permission Enhancements
    • Organize client information more easily
    • Manage user group permissions so project teams can view and analyze project information more easily for streamlined collaboration
    • Set a primary contact for any project
    • Enable members of a user group to view projects where they have been assigned as a resource
    • Allow project managers to view resource costs
  • Manage Payments
    • Define multiple contract payment schedules in project setting
    • Make changes within a project, and save for future use
  • New Component ID Options
    • Add component IDs to existing products within a project
    • Location cloning offers options for quantity, prefixes, and starting number
    • Child locations will be cloned, too
    • Project Explorer now displays fields for cost, price, margin, markup, and tax in a new, built-in, price layout
    • Fields can also be added to custom layouts
  • Project Wizard Adds CRM Functionality
    • Create a new client from an existing contact
    • Choose the SI address as billing, site, or other address when importing clients and vendors
  • Drawing Enhancements and Changes to D-Tools Visio and AutoCAD interfaces
    • Auto-replace products on Visio line drawings
    • Smart title blocks in Visio drawings update automatically when any project information is changed
  • Scheduling Enhancements
    • Company and project calendars allow users to manage tasks and service orders for any user or resource
    • Set time of daily email notification in Mobile Install
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
    • Quickly and easily create client, installation, and management reports based on data from an SI project
    • Updated look and feel for client report themes
    • Choice of 6 different color schemes for client reports
    • New line item detail report (install price) available to clients
    • QuickBooks and QB Online Integration Feature Enhancements
    • Receive items from an SI 2017 purchase order and send to Quickbooks or QB Online as an “item receipt,” eliminating double data entry

Additional information can be obtained by signing up for a free demo by visiting or for a free 30-day trial, which can be downloaded by following this link