When working with Subcontractors to perform the installation of the equipment, part of the work flow process involves getting an estimate of their charges, so it can be included on the original proposal. A common method of getting this data includes the generation of a report, and communicating through email with your Subcontractor. While this may work for you, D-Tools can provide you with a much more efficient and automated way to perform this important task by using a feature that you are already familiar with: The Mobile Install. Here is how:

In few words, the idea behind this method is to create a task, assign your Subcontractor as a resource, and publish to mobile install. Your Subcontractor will review the task, and add their own labor charges to the task, then mark as completed. The Labor Site Item will be used to create a new Labor Line Item in the actual project, so it can be sent to the customer for final review.

Detailed steps:

1- Run a Proposal Report of the project and save to a PDF. You will need to attach this report to the task later.

2- Create a Task as shown below:


3- Under “Resources”, add your Subcontractor. Caveat: Your Subcontractor must be a D-Tools Mobile Install user within your Account. To add a Mobile Install user, please review this link. Also, consider letting Mobile Installers change the site labor price. This will let them change the price and automate the process even more. Under the Task Explorer, click on “Site Labor Settings”, as shown below:


4- Click on “Publish”. Add the Proposal Report under the “Files” section, as shown below:


5- Publish the Task to Mobile Install.

6- Your Subcontractor will receive a notification email that looks like this:


7- In the Mobile Install web-app, they can review the project by looking the proposal report that is attached to the task. This is available under the “Documents” section.


8- Once your Subcontractor has determined a Labor Estimate, they can add it to the task by clicking on “Site Items”, then on “Add Labor”, as shown below:


9- When “Adding Labor”, the subcontractor will add the hours and the unit price. This will combine into a Total Price of the labor. In the following example, if the task takes 16 hours, and the price is $100 per hour, would total $1600 in estimated labor, as shown below:


10- Click “Save” when done.

11- Subcontractor will now sign the Task. Ask them to click on “Approved” and sign the Task. Click on “Approve” when done signing.


12- Back in the General Tab, click on Status, and mark as completed.


13- And that’s it for the Subcontractor. You should now receive an email notification indicating the task was completed.


14- Back in D-Tools, you may want to open the Task, and click on “Site Items” to review the estimate provide by the Subcontractor.


15- Check out and open the D-Tools Project. You will be prompted to add the Labor Site Item. Click “Yes”, then click on “Add to Project”


16- You can then create a new labor or pick and choose an existing labor line item from your catalog. The description and price will be added to the item, eliminating the data entry and automating the process. The item will look like this:


17- You can further change the item to include an image, a phase, a cost and even change the price so you can make a profit on the labor as well.

18- You can then run the Client Proposal of your choice and send to your customer for final approval.