D-Tools is pleased to announce the availability of RealPic Visio shapes for users of SI5 and SIX. RealPic shapes are Visio elevation shapes which look exactly like the product they represent – because they are based on actual front-view images of the product.

These shapes can be used to create appealing elevation drawings for things like equipment racks and speakers, where the look of the equipment is important to buyers, helping them see exactly how the equipment will look when installed.

Some of the drawing features supported by these shapes include:

  • Photo-realistic representation of the product
  • Scales to the exact dimensions found in your D-Tools database
  • Quickly add or remove text labels, including Manufacturer/Model and Component ID
  • Quickly add or remove rack ears, automatically sized to 19″ racks
  • Quickly add or remove feet
  • Quickly change the shading of rack ears or feet
  • Intelligent connection points, which help the shapes snap and glue into equipment racks

RealPic shapes are available in all Visio-enabled versions of SI5 and SIX, for select products from select MVP partners. New shapes are added every month.

For complete instructions on how to access and use these shapes, see the following: