Have you ever wondered how to pull information from your projects so it can be reviewed during a meeting, or entered into another system? This is a question we often receive in the Technical Support team. The method to acquire visibility on your projects is quite simple, and can be accomplished by using a combination of two features: Layouts and Export.



You should start creating different layouts of your projects on the Layouts Tab of the project explorer. To create a custom layout, please review this article.

Once the desired layout is created, you can export to a PDF or Excel. On this example, I will group by “Progress”. This would give us the visibility on where we stand on our projects:


This can now be exported to a PDF or Excel. Click on “Export” tab, and select PDF or Excel


This will generate a file that would look similar to this one:

The possibilities are endless. These two combined features (Layouts and Export) can produce virtually any report (as long as the data is available) to meet your report management and visibility needs.