D-Tools New Webinar Schedule

We are pleased to offer our clients two new series of webinars this year.  The first one is the User Orientation Webinar Series.  This series consists of four sessions that run Tuesday through Friday of each week at 1PM EST (-5 GMT).  The Tuesday session is an overall tour of the software followed by User Setup, Data Setup, and Project Creation sessions.  These sessions are free to all, use the link above to register.

Product Overview (60min) Every Tuesday, 1:00PM ET
This session provides a broad overview of SI5 and let’s the end user know where to find the resources needed for successful implementation.

User Setup (60min) Every Wednesday, 1:00PM ET
This session walks through the New User setup process for SI5.

Data Setup (60min) Every Thursday, 1:00PM ET
The user will be shown how to download and modify data to be used in proposal generation.

Project Creation (60min) Every Friday, 1:00PM ET
The user will be shown how to create a new project with Text. The user will also be introduced to generating drawings with Visio.

The second series is the Gold Support (How To) Webinars.  There are eight subjects in this series and they run every Tuesday and Thursday at 3PM EST (-5 GMT) in a four week cycle.  They are broken into three main subject areas: Sell the Job, Design the Job, Manage and Deliver the Job.  These sessions are open to our Gold Support clients and you can register by clicking on the link above.
Sell the Job:
Database Optimazation (60min)

This session will focus on editing your database to make you more efficient. Focus will be on Accessories and Packages.

Working with the SI 5 Text Interface (60min)
This session will detail the functions within the Text interface while creating a proposal.
Design the Job:
Working with the SI 5 Visio Interface I  (60min)
This session will begin with an overview of Visio basics and then move onto the creation of Line and Elevation pages.

Working with the SI 5 Visio Interface II (60min)
This session will cover the creation of Plan and Schematic pages.
Manage and Deliver the Job:
SI 5 Reports and the Reporting Center  (60min)
This session will explain the multitude of reports available in SI 5. Some time will be spent explaining how you can customize reports.

LinkTools-QuickBooks (60min)
This session will demonstrate how to create an Estimate, Invoice, and Purchase order for export to QuickBooks.

Work Orders (60min)This session will demonstrate the creation of a Work Order and explain the additional reports available to you in the Business Manager module.

Working with Project Revisions (60min)
This session will demonstrate how project revisions can be used to create Change Orders.
Each webinar is scheduled for an hour and usually run about 45-50 minutes, leaving time to answer questions at the end.  Eventually these will all be recorded so I encourage all of you to check them out while they’re still live!