mvp-partner-logo-2016D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.


absolute-acoustics-logoAbsolute Acoustics®, a leading designer and manufacturer of AV signal management and distribution solutions, announces its new series of 4K/UHD matrix switchers, providing integrators with a broad range of models to support AV signal distribution from any source to any display. Compatible with new ultra-high-definition sources and displays, every model reliably sends signals with resolutions up to 2160p@30 4:4:4 or 2160p@60 4:2:0.

absolute-oct-2016Absolute Acoustics’ matrix line includes two HDMI models. The NDS-UM44 matrix switcher is equipped with four HDMI inputs and four HDMI outputs, along with five analog stereo RCA audio outputs. All inputs and one output zone of the UM44 have HDMI audio de-embedding, extracting the digital audio contained in the HDMI signal into a pair of RCA connectors. The NDS-UM88 extends the I/O range, providing eight HDMI inputs and eight HDMI outputs with all inputs and two output zones having HDMI audio de-embedding.

The line also includes two HDMI/HDBaseT options: The NDS-UHM44 features a unique hybrid architecture of four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output and three HDBaseT outputs in a compact 1RU chassis; the NDS-UHM88 matrix switcher offers eight HDMI inputs inputs, two HDMI outputs, and six HDBaseT outputs in a 2RU chassis. Both models are capable of transmitting audio, video, and control signals for distances up to 328 feet (100 meters) over a single twisted-pair cable. Additionally, each device’s output zone has HDMI audio de-embedding and extension ports for IR and RS-232 for remote signal control. Enhancing flexibility, the last output is equipped with multi-range HDBaseT technology, which enables transmission of HDBaseT signals for 70 meters or 100 meters, depending on the chosen receiver. Both models feature PoC technology, allowing electrical power to be sent to the receivers via HDBaseT link, thereby eliminating the need for local power supplies.


Autonomic_logoAutonomic Introduces New Generation of Whole-House Entertainment Products Featuring eAudioCast™ Proprietary Audio-over-Ethernet Technology

Autonomic has introduced the MMS-1e whole-house music player and the M-120e 4-zone amplifier, each featuring proprietary eAudioCast audio-over-Ethernet technology. This means that that the music player and amplifier can be connected using a single Cat5e cable at high-resolution bitrates, no traditional audio wiring required. The Autonomic eSeries won the prestigious Residential Systems CEDIA Best of Show 2016 award.

autonomic-sept-2016Integrators will appreciate the flexibility to decentralize the placement of eSeries amplification, making it dramatically less difficult to bring high-resolution digital audio and streaming content from popular providers into the most challenging zones. Most critically, the MMS-1e and M-120e each reside in a new compact form factor, enabling integrators to easily locate these components along with source devices anywhere in the home or in a traditional structured wiring enclosure.

The completely solid state MMS-1e music player, recipient of the 2016 CEDIA Best New Product award, represents a new entry level product for Autonomic that will broaden the opportunities for integrators to deliver Autonomic music solutions, particularly to those clients focused on enjoying streaming content throughout the home. The MMS-1e can be leveraged as a low cost single stream music player utilized as a standalone solution within a control system environment, or can be paired with an Autonomic eSeries amplifier, where its capacity doubles to provide two independent network streams of content. That means that the MMS-1e paired with the M-120e amplifier will deliver a two-stream/four-zone premium entertainment package at an affordable price point. And this solution is expandable via Ethernet to as many as 96 zones, enabling the user to grow their music system as their needs change while enjoying the same intuitive user interface they become accustomed to with the basic package. The economical single stream MMS-1e retails at $995 and the two-stream/four-zone package starts at $1995 MSRP. eSeries is now shipping from Autonomic.





Belden Has LEED Credits:

belden-usgbc_member_logoWith LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), there is now an easy way that enterprise data cable can contribute to LEED points in green building projects. Through a third-party certification process with UL Environment, Belden has been awarded with several transparency documents which support our customer’s LEED certification goals. Click here to see our qualifying products:

Belden’s Award Winning REVConnect:

belden-revconnect_d7Belden’s innovative REVConnect is a new RJ45 connectivity system that offers versatility by using universal termination core cable, and a single reliable and easy termination method for all RJ45 connections. Its unique universal termination process can be used with both shielded and unshielded cables, Category 5e through Category 6A and can accept both jack and plug housings. The REVConnect system was recognized at the Platinum level, the highest award, by the judges of the annual Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Awards program. Click here to learn more:


DirectConnect Logo



direct-connect-septDirectConnect® is excited to introduce the latest addition to our lineup of great products with prisma4Kolor® HDMI™ interconnect cables certified through DPL Labs™ 4K product certification program.  The prisma4Kolor® HDMI™ interconnect cables deliver 18Gpbs 4K/60/4x4x4 up to 5 meters and 10.2Gpbs 4K/60/4x2x0 up to 25 meters with features that include Ultra HD, 48 bit color, Ethernet, Audio Return Channel, and 3D.

Prisma4Kolor® Series Length  Speed Active 4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-0.5M 0.5 meter High Speed 4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-1M 1 meter High Speed 4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-2M 2 meter High Speed 4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-3M 3 meter High Speed 4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-5M 5 meter High Speed 4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-7.5M 7.5 meter High Speed 4K-10.2G
      HSI-10M 10 meter High Speed Active 4K-10.2G
      HSI-15M 15 meter High Speed Active 4K-10.2G
      HSI-20M 20 meter High Speed Active 4K-10.2G
      HSI-25M 25 meter High Speed Active 4K-10.2G

DraperLogoDraper Motorized Shades

Draper Motorized FlexShades offer the ultimate in high-tech convenience in a functional shading system.

Draper‘s motor options include built-in radio frequency control, dry contact, standard voltage, battery, or low voltage operation—all with quiet operation.

There are also hundreds of possible operation/control variations.  From controlling a single shade with a wall switch or handheld remote, to controlling banks of shades separately, to setting up scenes for different day parts, to reacting to current sun conditions, to tying into automation systems—there’s a Draper shade and control solution for your project.

Installation choices range from simple mounting brackets, to endcaps and fascia, to complete extruded pockets with bottom closure panels. And those choices are available with whichever motor and control method you choose.

For more information, visit



FORTRESS Metro Chair Delivers Clean, Contemporary Look, Premium Features

Featuring sophisticated styling, Luxtan black leather, motorized recline, and a polished steel sled base, the FORTRESS Metro Chair remains a favorite with integrators, designers, and homeowners alike. With sleek lines and subtle simplicity, Metro is well suited for a wide variety of residential environments, not limited to dedicated home theater or media room applications.





FORTRESS  – Specializing in completely customized seating solutions that transcend the traditional.

A design-oriented manufacturer with near-endless customization capabilities, FORTRESS has been providing home theater, lifestyle, and corporate seating since the late 1990s, stressing comfort, design, and quality. Sensing a void in the custom seating market, the company drew upon the experience it gained building commercial seating, giving customers the strongest theater and media room seating options available.

Made in the USA for over 70 years
1721 Wright Ave. ~ La Verne, CA 91750~ 909-593-8600




GoldenEar Awarded a US Patent for Its SuperSubs’ Unique Dual-Plane Inertially-Balanced Technology

goldenear-oct-2016GoldenEar Technology is very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a patent by the US Patent Office (US 9,462,391 B2) on our unique Dual-Plane Inertially-Balanced Technology, as incorporated in our new, award winning SuperSub™ Series of powered subwoofers, the SuperSub X ($1249/ea.) and SuperSub XXL (S1999/ea.). This force-cancelling inertial-balancing preserves, conserves and focuses all the energy produced by the transducers in order to effectively move the air in the room (rather than the box), as well as enabling full recovery of the finest  details, rather than allowing loss and blurring due to wasted box movement. In a way, it is as if the enclosure were a totally inert 500 lb. cabinet, but in some ways even better. The cabinets are so stable during operation that you can actually stand a nickel on its edge, at full volume, without the nickel falling over. Also, because there are two active drivers that are separated horizontally in space, as well as two passive radiators, which are separated vertically, the driver-to-room coupling is distributed much more smoothly. The different driver locations couple to different room standing wave patterns, thus working better with and driving multiple room eigenmodes, almost as if you had two separate subwoofers. An additional benefit, as described in the patent, is that it allows having a downward facing passive radiator, which effectively couples acoustic energy to the floor, without incurring unwanted vibration and cabinet movement.

The Abstract of the patent, reads as follows: A speaker system, particularly useful as a subwoofer, comprises an enclosure with one acoustic transducer facing to the right and one acoustic transducer facing to the left, which effectively cancels out transducer cone mass induced vibration within the enclosure. The enclosure also has one passive radiator facing up and one passive radiator facing down. The passive radiator facing down effectively couples acoustic energy at very low frequencies into the floor. The passive radiators each have a rather large area and high mass. The large, high mass, bottom mounted passive radiator will produce large amounts of enclosure vibration, and so to cancel this vibration, the upper passive radiator is of substantially the same mass and size. The resulting system will be vibrationally balanced on all axes, while simultaneously effectively coupling low frequency energy onto the floor of the listening room with good efficiency.


IC Realtime - MayIC Realtime
is the future of surveillance with the I-Sniper gen2 surveillance cameras; the ultimate in night vision


  • Our I-Sniper line will make you rethink nighttime surveillance; crisp, clear night vision like you have never seen before
  • IC Realtime I-Sniper cameras come with a massive 1.2/8″ CMOS sensor for maximum light gathering capability
  • They will remain in color mode much longer and can produce more usable surveillance ic-oct-2016video than competing cameras
  • The I-Sniper cameras are available in dome, bullet and pan/tilt/zoom styles and are also available in both IP and HD over coax technology (HDAVS)
  • The I-Sniper cameras are supported by a 10-year warranty and lifetime 24/7 support
  • Make sure to check out IC Realtime’s Laser illumination and see what superior night vision looks like today


KanexPro logoKanexPro, an industry-leading provider of connectivity solutions to the IT and A/V markets, announces the 4K HDBaseT™ Repeater (EXT-HDRPT100M) with one HDBaseT input and one HDBaseT output creating a daisy-chain path to multiple displays with each repeater supporting up to 330 feet (100 meters) in distance.

kanex-oct-2016The HDBaseT Repeater provides two HDMI output ports and two RS-232 ports dedicated for each output to control displays. The RS-232 ports can send commands to compatible displays and projectors and each repeater in the daisy chain can be individually addressed to send specific commands to a particular unit. Professionally designed for digital signage applications, users can extend HDMI signals to two or more displays using a single HDMI device with the HDBaseT Repeater, allowing users to daisy chain additional HDBaseT repeaters. Up to eight repeaters can be used in a chain with the HDBaseT Repeater, creating a sixteen display signage connection from a single HDMI source on the sender-side.

Ideal for extending and controlling uncompressed, 4K displays at airports, banks, restaurants and pharmacies, where the content can be looped in & out to multiple displays in a daisy-chain fashion with outputs to dual HDMI displays at every end.


kramer logoHow Illinois State Made AV Implementation Easy in 320 Different Classrooms

You wouldn’t likely walk into a modern higher education classroom and not see some sort of AV technology. From projectors to interactive displays, document cameras and digital signage, most college lecture halls and classrooms provide educators and students with AV technology to help improve the education experience. As great as technology is for teaching and learning, there are, of course, some technical challenges that arise when deploying and implementing multiple types of technologies and systems.

Illinois State, for example, was recently challenged with finding a solution that would allow faculty to easily switch between different video sources in 320 classrooms.  In 2009, the University began implementing more tech systems into its classrooms, and wanted to ensure incident rates didn’t rise as more technology was installed.

kramer-octThe University found its solution in Kramer’s presentation switchers and scalers. After installing Kramer’s VP-728 9–Input ProScale Presentation Scaler/Switcher, VP-730 Presentation Switcher/Scaler, and VP-773A 8–Input HDMI & HDBaseT ProScale Presentation Switcher/Scaler with 2K support and audio power amplifier, Illinois State was able to convert all of the 320 classrooms to digital capabilities, while reducing system incident rates.

“As we ramped up our responsibilities, the number of times we had to go in and revisit rooms just kept dropping,” says Doug Smith, director, learning spaces and audio/visual technologies at Illinois State University. “The impact has been staggering.”

The Kramer switchers have allowed Smith to provide faculty with a standard set up and list of equipment for each classroom. “[Faculty] has the exact same set up [in each room] where they can go from room to room and know what’s going to be there, such as a computer, document camera and the like, and Kramer has the switching core,” says Smith.

Even though the number of rooms Smith and his team manage has skyrocketed since 2009, the incident rate has plummeted. Smith also says the Kramer solution has saved the University money on top of reducing incident rates. “The product is rock-solid, the [Kramer] support is rock-solid and [the solution] saves me money every time I turn around,” says Smith.

Click here for Commercial Integrator story


Loxone_Logo1Loxone shows how to create stunning ambient lighting at home


loxone-oct-2016The days are getting shorter and it is almost time to turn your clocks back for daylight savings. At this time of the year lighting becomes much more important in your home. Loxone show how to completely change the look and feel of your home by adding ambient lighting with their LED strips. You can create unique color accents with LED strips throughout your home, from your kitchen to your bedroom. Using their brand new showhome right outside of Philadelphia in Media, PA, Loxone shows you how to create stunning ambient lighting step-by-step. Read more on Loxone’s blog >

Win a Loxone Lighting Package

You could be the lucky winner of a Loxone Lighting Package. Enter now and get started with your lighting project! If you have any questions, Loxone is here to help: (889) 554 3147 (toll free).

Experience a Loxone Smart Home

Do you want to experience stunning lighting and living in a smart home yourself? Loxone offers free tours through their new show home near Philadelphia. It’s equipped with all the latest Smart Home technology and offers a wide range of Smart Home features like automated lights and accent colors, and full HVAC automation with individual room control. To schedule a tour, give Loxone a call (859) 554 3147 or send an email to





luxul-oct-2016Now Shipping: Dual-Band Wireless AC1200 Gigabit Router XWR-1200
Featuring high performance 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO technology, the XWR-1200 is an affordable option for delivering an excellent Wi-Fi experience. Plus, it has a built-in wireless controller with Luxul’s exclusive Roam Assist™ capability-allowing you to easily add up to two more wireless APs for a seamless whole-home Wi-Fi experience.

Learn more here





Responding to the growing demand for perimeter protection systems with no blind spots and the fewest number of false alarms possible, MOBOTIX announces in cooperation with Konica Minolta a pioneering new development: Video and thermal technology from MOBOTIX will soon feature a 3D laser scanner (LiDAR) from Konica Minolta to offer an efficient complete solution. 3D LiDAR scans larger areas with a laser beam. The reflected laser beam is used to determine the distance to an object, its size and the speed at which it is moving. In contrast to other systems on the market, the laser technology supplied by Konica Minolta seamlessly scans the entire vertical scene. Objects are reliably detected and displayed in three dimensions.

mobotix-oct-2016The added value of this solution lies in the combination of the different sensors, which helps the automatic data analysis to evaluate the events even better. This way it is possible for example, to optimize the defined object size and temperature for events that trigger an alarm not only by movement in image but also by a defined distance. The defined distance, object size and temperature can be set. This brings us closer to seamless security without triggering false alarms.

The development of a new integrated security solution is only one of the specific projects pursued by Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX. MxManagementCenter acts as the software platform. The data gathered by the 3D laser scanner, for example the precise distance of an object or the thermal image superimposed on the optical image, can be displayed.


monitor-audio-new-logo-2016Monitor Audio Custom Subwoofer Series

The ultra-compact CW Series custom subwoofers are designed to generate deep bass impact with high output from easy-to-hide enclosures.

monitor-oct-2016Engineered for control in operation, bass quality, and in-room concealment, the compact CW8 and CW10 subs will add explosive bass frequencies to music and AV systems when tucked behind furniture on room boundaries. Their compact rigid 18mm MDF cubic cabinets with 10″ (CW8) and 12″ (CW10) dimensions incorporate no fewer than three robust, similarly-sized C-CAM drivers: 8″ (CW8) and 10″ (CW10). Each system array comprises an active high-excursion drive unit powered and trimmed by potent DSP-tuned amplification, together with 2 x side-mounted ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators).

For each system, proprietary DSP control software regulates the output from a powerful integrated 400W Class-D amplifier, keeping distortion within very low limits, even when the systems are driven hard. The flanking ABRs in each model augment the active driver to provide three times the radiating area at low frequencies for high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and diminished distortion. As a result Monitor Audio’s new CW8 and CW10 super-cubes reproduce deep, clean bass frequencies at pressure levels beyond the capabilities of similarly-sized competitors, delivering great bass enhancement to any system with the convenience of easy set-up, operation, and room positioning.

Additionally, each little bass-engine is generously specified with custom installation in mind, providing versatile input and control options including RS232 and a dedicated ‘SubConnect’ PC applet via a wired USB interface. Panel inputs include stereo RCA (mainly for two-channel applications), unbalanced RCA or balanced (XLR) LFE connections, and a 12V power trigger (for connection to an AVR with this feature).


snapav_logoSnapAV® Launches OvrC Pro®

Premium Upgrade to their Cloud-Based Management System

Following the 2014 release of OvrC, their remote management and diagnostics tool, SnapAV has now transformed cloud-based troubleshooting again with their new platform, OvrC Pro.

snap-av-ovrc-pro-devices“OvrC Pro enables integrators to provide world-class support services to their clients,” says Kenny Kim, Product Manager of OvrC. He characterizes this upgrade as an industry game-changer. “Through Pro, integrators get visibility and access to the entire network, including any IP connected devices and ISP speed performance. Additionally, it includes the industry’s first client-facing mobile application, which integrators can configure and personalize for individual clients.” These new features let clients take initiative with common issues when they don’t want to call their integrator, and it allows integrators to perform their day to day work without being interrupted by continuous service calls.

“Pro is offering integrators a simpler and more robust way to provide remote service,” adds Kim. “Not only can they resolve common issues remotely without disrupting their schedule or their clients’ schedules, but they can now offer a more comprehensive personal service, because they have transparency across the network and can offer clients a tangible service component.”

For more information about OvrC Pro, visit


Official Logo Black 3-2009Stealth Acoustics announced today the appointment of Midwest AV Group, a professional Chicago based marketing and sales firm as Stealth Acoustics’ regional representatives to a growing number of commercial integration firms and contractors in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The appointment is effective immediately as Stealth penetrates new opportunities for use of their uniquely powerful and aesthetically integrated products with customers that deal in commercial, educational and institutional projects.

Midwest AV, led by 20-year AV industry veteran Patrick McNulty and well-respected marketing principal Barbara Sjodin, the firms “go-to” resource for all things technology, focuses on providing advanced technology solutions and professional-grade AV products into the US Midwest territory.

“Bringing on an experienced firm like Midwest AV Group who deeply understands this space serves our commercial customers more completely.” said Steve Olszewski, vice president of Stealth’s parent company Dimensional Communications, Inc.  “We realize our modern LED displays and integrated systems, custom sports software solutions, high-calibre invisible speakers and unique art AV offerings are perfect for use in commercial, corporate, educational and institutional AV projects. Our solutions perform to professional expectations, solve problems and offer new opportunities to commercial integrators. This commitment to grow our commercial AV channel is parallel and synergistic with our unwavering support to the custom home integration channel; we simply have an incredible family of powerful products that resonate with the pro AV market and Midwest AV serves this segment well.”

“We are very pleased to represent Stealth Acoustics in the Midwest.” said Patrick McNulty. “The battle between technology and aesthetics is fought every day in the commercial AV space.  We can now offer integrators, architects and consultants a premium audio solution that can be heard but not seen. “

Based in Mount Vernon, WA, Stealth Acoustics is renowned world-wide for its range of innovative, aesthetically sensitive, and high-performance audio-visual solutions. These include award-winning invisible speakers; IP-68 rated StingRaytm outdoor speakers; amplifiers; CoverArttm screen coverings; Stealth Patio Theatertm ; high-output, US safety certified direct LED displays and Video Scoreboard, an advanced software-based sports time and scorekeeping system.



SunBriteTV announced Veranda, a new family of weatherproof televisions that are safer and provide superior performance and durability compared to indoor televisions in outdoor installations. Available in three screen sizes (43”, 55” and 65”), Veranda comes standard with a premium direct-lit 4K UHD screen, is brighter than typical indoor televisions and includes built-in down-firing speakers.

sunbrite-oct-2016While approx. 30% brighter than an indoor television, Veranda is designed for full-shade applications, where, according to a dealer study, the majority of residential televisions are installed outdoors. Rust-proof powder-coated aluminum exteriors, large media bays and installer -friendly cable-entry systems retain the SunBriteTV weatherproof standard, fully resisting rain, moisture, dust, grease and insects.

Built for permanent outdoor installation in shaded locations, Veranda offers an operating temperature range of -24 to 104°F, and storage temperature range from -24 to 140°F.


trinnov-logoTrinnov Audio, the leader in digital acoustics, is announcing their support for Roon music software, with availability expected in the first quarter of 2017. All existing Amethyst and Altitude32 preamplifier/processors can become Roon-Ready with a simple – and free – software update that includes a 60-day complimentary Roon license.

trinnov-octRoon is a revolutionary music server system designed to reconnect you with music in a way that has been largely lost in computer-based audio systems. It collects your music from all your computers, NAS drives, and even streaming services like TIDAL, bringing them together in a beautiful interface that invites musical exploration. With biographies, high-resolution photos, lyrics, reviews, credits, and concert dates, Roon allows users to discover the connections between the artists, composers, performers, producers, and composers who created the music they love most, providing valuable insights and helping them to discover new music they’ll love.
Roon dispenses with ordinary IP-based transmission of audio streams, implementing instead their own Roon Advanced Audio Transport to ensure maximum playback quality throughout your home. Whether you choose to listen to your music on your smartphone, or the bedroom TV, or on your main music system featuring an Amethyst or Altitude32, the quality of playback will be the best of which that playback system is capable.

In the case of the Trinnov Amethyst and Altitude32, that playback quality is extraordinary.

Both the Amethyst and Altitude32 feature a Network Renderer feature that is designed to receive audio files over your home’s network and to convert them to audio at the highest-possible quality. Having had UPnP and DLNA capability for years that revolutionized what could be expected from computer-based audio, the addition of support for Roon extends this revolution to the entire experience of listening to music.

But these Trinnov preamplifiers do not stop there. They incorporate Trinnov’s unique and proprietary Speaker/Room Optimizer that corrects for limitations and deficiencies in both your loudspeakers themselves and in the acoustics of your room. The resulting clarity and coherence is “ear-opening” to say the least. The combination of Roon and Trinnov will connect you to your music as never before.


TruAudio LogoTruAudio, a global leader of premium architectural, outdoor and commercial speakers, announced they have designed a new lineup of innovative racks in their Forge Series, Vault. Vault brings some of the best features of their foundational Core, Stealth and Thin Series together into a single, versatile rack. Racks are now available to order and are shipping to their dealers and distributors. It will be replacing their previous Forge models.

tru-oct-2016The Vault Series was created based on dealer feedback and has many new features to better assist installers and end-users alike. The rack lineup has a 1,000 lb. weight limit – providing the ability to include all systems within the rack, regardless of weight. It has an integrated cooling structure at the top of the rack which provides plenty of air movement. The Vault was designed to have a simple assembly, by shipping in just two boxes and having the option to remove the side panels after installation. It has the best wire management of any rack TruAudio has had on the market previously, with plenty of punch-outs and space for wires. These new features speak to the high quality of the rack, which comes in at a competitive price point.

“We are very pleased with Vault, and can’t wait for it to become the next go-to rack for just about any install,” said Bryan Garner, President of TruAudio. “We took everyone’s feedback into the design process when we started developing a new rack to replace our existing Forge lineups. We are excited to get it in the hands of our dealers and their customers, to show its real capabilities.”

TruAudio designs and manufactures a full-line of premium audio products. The company is headquartered in Hurricane, Utah with distributing locations in the Netherlands and Atlanta, Georgia. TruAudio is sold exclusively through a dealer network and authorized distributors in over 60 countries around the world. TruAudio is constantly on the cutting edge of audio innovation and raises the bar with speaker design. Since its beginnings, the company believes every person should hear audio the way it was meant to be experienced.


VMP logo 2012VMP ERWEN-6E 19-inch wall rack enclosure

Video Mount Products ERWEN-6EThe effective and rugged ERWEN-6E 19-inch wall rack enclosure has been designed for getting equipment up off the floor and on the wall where space is at a premium and floor standing equipment racks just won’t do. VMP designed the ERWEN Series wall mounted racks for both form and functionality, especially with the security and AV installer in mind. With adjustable front and rear rails, removable hinged back panel, and a reversible glass front door, the ERWEN-6E is the answer to the most demanding rack mount requirements. Additional features of the ERWEN-6E wall rack enclosure include welded steel construction, ships fully assembled, works with all standard 19-inch rack equipment and accessories, 16 inches of usable depth, rails have numbered spaces with standard 10-32 threading, vented top and bottom, top and bottom cable routing knockouts, removable side panels (with optional locks), load capacity – 120 lbs, black powder coat finish, 2-fan kit (ERWEN2FANKIT; optional), product dimensions: (W x D x H): 24.3in x 21.9in x 14.5in, product weight: 50 lbs.; MSRP: $339.00,; toll free 877-281-2169.




WhyReboot, a leader in commercial-grade networks for advanced connected environments, has partnered with Brocade, an undisputed world leader in storage networking, to provide the company’s best-in-class, enterprise-grade switches, transceiver modules, power supplies, and fan modules to home technologists designing and installing luxury smart home systems requiring top-of-the-line networking equipment.

WhyReboot customers will continue to enjoy next-business day replacement of switches and one full year of white-glove customer support (including unlimited configuration changes), enabling technologists to maximize onsite efficiency, enhance their relationships with clients, and grow their business. Along with these service-oriented benefits WhyReboot has always provided to its customers, the partnership enables WhyReboot to offer enterprise-grade switches at a fraction of the usual price, enabling higher-than-typical profit margins for networking gear and a host of features rarely afforded in the luxury residential market.

“These enterprise-level switches, typically specified for mission-critical business environments, offer a host of features we’ve never been able to provide before at an affordable price to the luxury residential market,” says WhyReboot president Bjørn Jensen. “Our dealers are getting better switches, more features, more functionality, and more visibility, at lower prices for themselves and for their customers.”