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fortress-logoiwhiteilresH E A D ‘ S   U P !
Three headrest options for optimum comfort.



Fortress - Articulating HeadrestWhen it comes to seating,
there are several elements to consider,
with comfort being at the top of the list. 

Whether it is for the home theater or everyday living,
a headrest option customizes your
seating experience.

Model: Matinee Pillow Back



Fortress - Adj HR MadisonMotorized Adjustable Headrest
Infinite positions.
Available on any model.



Model: Madison



Fortress - Adj HR West End


Model: West End





Fortress - Removable HR Bijou

Removable Head Rest



Model:  Bijou


For more information visit

FORTRESS, Inc. 1721 Wright Avenue ~ La Verne, CA 91750 ~ 909-593-8600 ~ 866-483-6420 FAX ~





SuperCenter XXL ($1249.99) Added to Top of GoldenEar’s SuperCenter Line-up

GoldenEar Technology is pleased to introduce the SuperCenter XXL, truly a mega-high-performance center channel speaker. It is 35″ wide x 5- 3/4″ high x 11″ deep (six inches wider than the SuperCenter XL) , and incorporates FOUR 5-1/4″ bass/midrange drivers, rather than the two in the XL, and has THREE, rather than two, passive radiators. There are actually three separate internal chambers: a larger one in the center which contains two 5-1/4″ drivers which run up to meet the tweeter and are coupled to the larger, 7″ x 10″ passive radiator in the center, and two smaller ones which each contain one 5-1/4″ driver which runs up to 500 Hz, and is coupled to one of the smaller, 6-3/4″ x 8″ passives.

GoldenEar SuperCenter XXLWith this configuration, we were able to engineer the two outside bass drivers more specifically for their appointed bass task. Also unique to the SuperCenter XXL is its linear-phase, fully balanced crossover technology, originally developed for the Triton One. This unique new crossover network incorporates a special balanced topology (which reduces stray capacitance in the magnetic circuit), precision film capacitors and special internal wiring. The end result is a superb, very dynamic center channel, which beautifully matches all of our main speakers.

Recommended amplification is 20-350 watts. Overall frequency response is 33 Hz- 35 kHz. Many listeners feel the center channel is most important of all the channels, and will actually match the SuperCenter XXL with their Aons or smaller Tritons, as well as the Triton Ones and Triton Twos, of course. The US retail is $1249 each.



ICRealtime Logo


Special Dealer Communication Re: IC Realtime Dealer Portal

IC Realtime Dealer Portal – Go To:

After extensive time, testing and investment, IC Realtime is pleased to announce the launch of its web-based Dealer Portal.  NOW OPEN TO ALL DIRECT DEALERS

Portal features include:

  • Account information
  • Detailed product information and technical specs
  • Purchasing and order review
  • Shipping details, tracking and estimated time of arrival
  • Account invoices
  • Credits and returns
  • Change of credit card requests

With a simple, intuitive design the new IC Realtime Dealer Portal is a robust resource, aimed at making purchasing and tracking hassle free. Additionally, by offering flexible 24/7 access and continuous sales support, the digital portal is making it easier than ever for specialty retailers and system integrators to do business with IC Realtime.

Interested in giving it a try?

All you need is the email tied to your current IC Realtime account.  Sign in with that and click forgot password and you will be able to create one for yourself… it’s that simple!

  • Don’t remember which email you used?
  • Have trouble logging in?
  • Have a portal-related question?





Ihiji logo large



Writing Revenue into All New Projects

If you’re looking for an easy way to write a recurring revenue stream into your next project, be sure to specify Ihiji into your new and existing jobs. We’d recommend bundling the Ihiji APP-500 or APP-2000 remote network management appliances and 1-3 years of Ihiji Invision service as an accessory to every network router you sell. The APP-500 will cover up to 50 devices and the APP-2000 will allow unlimited devices, making it the best option for the current pace of IoT device growth.

ihiji - A Realistic Network imageThis introductory bundle will introduce the benefits of remote network management for the ongoing support and management of IP devices and the networks which connect them. These benefits include:

Reducing half of your truck rolls
Lowering the cost of the unavoidable truck rolls
Creating a subscription-based Network Managed Services Plan for your clients
Improving your customer’s network performance

Within D-Tools, it is an easy option to download the Ihiji product and include it whenever you include a network router in your new project designs.

RMR from Existing Clients

Even if you have an installed base of existing customers, connecting Ihiji to their networks will help to introduce a new recurring revenue stream for your business. It only requires a simple presentation on the improved performance and uptime your clients will enjoy. In more and more cases, issues including slow buffering video, crashed devices and reduced network performance are already becoming a major pain point for homeowners and commercial property managers. Learn more about secure remote network management and IP device management at



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Paradigm Revamps Custom Install Category with Three New Speaker Lines


New CI Home, CI Pro and CI Elite Series offer step-up performance, build quality and aesthetics

Paradigm Electronics Inc. announces a complete revamp of its custom install category with three new lines of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers: CI Home Series, CI Pro Series and CI Elite Series. New standout features include an array of advanced technologies to enhance performance and power-handling, bezel-free micro-perf grilles for discreet installation, a re-engineered mounting system, and improved build-quality to aid effortless installation.

CI Home Series
Paradigm - CI Home

A replacement to the CS series, the CI Home series addresses the important considerations when selecting custom installation speakers: truly superior sound, easy installation, and a new bezel-free micro-perf grilles with an incredibly discreet aesthetic.

CI Pro™ Series
Paradigm - CI Pro
A replacement to the AMS series, the CI Pro series is Crafted in Canada and takes performance to the next level with patented technology, step-up components, and hallmark Paradigm sound quality, plus a new bezel-free micro-perf grille with an incredibly discreet aesthetic.

CI Elite™ Series
Paradigm - CI Elite
A replacement to the SA series, the CI Elite series is Crafted in Canada and has all the technology advantages and grille aesthetics of CI Pro, plus oversized voice coils and X-PAL™ pure-aluminum cone technology for the ultimate in sound performance.

Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED™) Technology (patent pending)
RED™ technology is a die-cast aluminum tweeter housing that significantly reduces negative effects of diffraction while improving critical midrange frequencies. The irregular edges and off-center placement break up standing waves typically found around the woofer cone and tweeter housing of traditional designs. Additionally, the aluminum structure dissipates unwanted heat, which increases power handling and allows a lower crossover frequency, improving sound and reducing distortion.

Paradigm has started phasing-out the CS, AMS and SA series, while beginning to ship some models in the CI Home and CI Pro series. All other new models will ship in May 2015. See an authorized Paradigm dealer for details.

For more information about CI Home, CI Pro, and CI Elite, please visit:



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Kramer Launches Unique, Fully−Featured 4K HDBaseT Wall Plate Auto Switcher

Kramer announced today the release of the WP−5VH2 ultra HD HDBaseT active wall plate auto switcher, the first of its kind to offer 4K resolution (at the 2K price point) with EDID management, HDMI, VGA, unbalanced stereo audio, HDMI audio embedding and de−embedding, and stretching.

Kramer - WP-5VH2_hi_res“We believe the WP−5VH2 is the best 4K auto switcher and range extender in the wall plate category,” said Aviv Ron, VP Business Development and Strategy at Kramer Electronics. “The product takes full advantage of HDBaseT technology and delivers the full feature set of audio and video switching that is the trademark of Kramer,” he added.  “It is very easy to configure through a web page and provides a convenient solution for any AV system in any size room.”

In spaces where power sources are difficult to reach, the unit can be powered remotely via HDBaseT using a Power over Ethernet injector (e.g., Kramer PSE−1).

“Power over Ethernet is a huge advantage in university lecture halls or even hotel rooms,” said Ron. “You don’t have to worry where the power supply is.”

The Kramer WP−5VH2 can transmit data to a compatible receiver (e.g., the Kramer TP−588D or Kramer TP−580RXR) up to 100 meters with 4K and up to 180 meters with 1080p60 via a CAT6a twisted pair cable.

Many competing HDBaseT solutions cannot support newer video sources that now offer faster Display Data Channel (DDC) rates. The WP−5VH2 overcomes this problem with an integrated solution that enables any source to be connected regardless of its DDC rate.


LightwareUSA-RED on White - Cropped




The “Coolest” and “Smartest” HDBaseT Wallplates on the Market

Lightware’s new wallplates are all-round, universal video, audio and control transmitters using a single CAT cable up to 550 feet.

Lightware - WP-UMX-TPS-TX130-USUMX-TPS extenders can offer performance and reliability while being extremely “cool” thanks to their low-noise active cooling system. Unlike wallplates with passive cooling, UMX-TPS does not dissipate the heat on its metal box. We designed it to use a tiny fan and breathing holes which makes this product more reliable and prevents the surface getting too hot.

This wallplate family handles digital and analog video up to 4K or UHD, digital and analog audio signals, bi-directional RS-232 with command injection, Ethernet, and IR for commands. With its built-in multi-format switcher which can accept VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort, a media player, a MAC or a laptop with VGA-only output can be connected directly without a need for converters. It also has local audio embedding to embed external analog audio into the HDMI or VGA signals and transmit over the HDBaseT link.

Find out more at

Join Lightware USA at InfoComm 2015

stadionLightware USA Visual Engineering products will head to Orlando for the InfoComm 2015 from June 13-19. Our high-end solutions will be featured at booth #4069 — MX Series Routers, TPS Family, MODEX, MX Series Routers, TPS Family, 25G Hybrid and more. We’ll be talking about Multi-Format Matrix routing and extension, HDMI, Fiber Optic, HDBaseT, 4K UHD, Display Port and how they form a part of today’s centralized AV/IT mix.

Get your free pass to InfoComm and find our more information here






Lowell Brings A Touch of Elegance to Equipment Cabinets

— New LCDR Series Fits High-End Décor —

Lowell - LCDR-1824

Lowell Manufacturing Company, a U.S. manufacturer of professional A/V products for more than 65 years, will unveil its new configured rack design at InfoComm15. The elegant “LCDR” with tempered glass front door is made to fit the high-end decor of executive boardrooms and home theatres. The welded 16-gauge steel frame with charcoal grey textured finish has a solid top with vents and factory-mounted whisper fans already in place. Several 19 inch panels and vented shelves are installed leaving plenty of room for rackmount equipment. The side panels and a rear access cover can be locked for security or removed for access, while cables can be easily routed through top/bottom holes with inset grommets. The LCDR includes casters for portability plus leg levelers to provide a secure footprint. This ready-to-use EIA/TIA/RoHS compliant rack is available in 18-24 rack units (24 in. depth x 22.3 in. width) and is slated to begin shipping in June. See it at InfoComm Booth #1043.





RTI Now Shipping Next-Generation T3x Remote Control

RTI is now shipping its next-generation T3x wireless controller. Part of the company’s award-winning automation portfolio, the T3x is loaded with advanced features that will take the user experience to new levels through unmatched simplicity and convenience. The powerful, two-way controller introduces innovations such as video intercom capabilities, a haptic feedback touchscreen, and grip sensors while sustaining an incredibly sleek design and a lower price than its predecessor.

RTI_T3X-FrontRTI’s flagship T3x remote control combines a completely customizable 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen interface with programmable “soft touch” hard buttons to provide more flexibility and increase the simplicity of handheld navigation. A flushmount touchscreen improves swiping while the unit’s haptic feedback capabilities deliver subtle vibrations to confirm commands when pressing touchscreen buttons. The T3x also features integrated grip sensors to keep the unit awake during use and an accelerometer that provides instant-on response and control via movements. Ideal for gated estates, MDUs, or any facility requiring video entry, the T3x offers a built-in camera and microphone, letting users interact with intercom systems directly from the palm of their hand.

For easy integration and operation of today’s electronic systems, the T3x allows direct control via infrared transmission in addition to three built-in wireless modes. Using RTI’s dual-RF platform, the T3x supports 433-MHz RF for one-way control while the device’s 2.4-GHz ZigBee® capabilities allow bi-directional communication with RTI processors and seamless integration of third-party components such as music servers, lighting, HVAC, and security systems. For the ultimate control experience, the unit’s integrated 802.11b/g wireless Ethernet allows enhanced two-way control including dynamic graphics, IP cameras feeds, and wireless program updates to increase installation efficiency.



New Savant Logo



The Savant App On Apple Watch Makes It Easier Than Ever To Access Your Home From Anywhere

Savant®, a leader in premium smart home technology, announced the availability of the Savant App on Apple Watch.

iPhone@150_v1.7Using the Savant App on Apple Watch makes it more convenient than ever to access your home. From home or away, homeowners can glance at what services are in use with just a tap, or activate scenes like “Away” or “Dinner Time” that they’ve created using the Savant App on their phone or tablet.

“Savant offers the premier experience in home automation,” said Savant CEO William Lynch, “and our customers want to take advantage of the latest innovations in mobile technology. By enabling them to control their Savant Homes from the Apple Watch, we’re filling a need for our homeowners while maintaining the standards of excellence our discerning customers have come to expect.”

Later in May 2015, Savant will release an updated version of the Savant App, which includes many new features, including notifications delivered through the Savant Plus secure cloud service.  This easy-to-use functionality lets homeowners create their own system notifications, and receive alerts while they’re away—so if the temperature in their house drops below a desired setting or the lights go on, they’ll know by simply glancing at their Apple Watch.







Entertaining and relaxing to music in the great outdoors has been redefined.

Introducing Sonance Landscape Series a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers Sonance Systems_SLS_Heroperfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any sized space.

Sonance Landscape Series fully immerses properties in perfect sound by strategically placing satellite speakers and buried subwoofers, and directing sound around the perimeter while being hidden amongst the landscape. The result is breathtaking performance and a perfect blanket of audio that does not disturb neighbors.

Sonance DSP 2-750_FFinally, Sonance DSP amplifiers complete the Sonance Landscape Series system by refining the audio performance to adapt to any space’s hardscape, landscape, topography, and scale. This ensures the SLS system delivers unrivaled audiophile clarity from any perspective on the property.

From courtyards and patios to entire residential estates or resort gardens, Sonance Landscape Series is the undisputed leader in high fidelity sound for the great outdoors.



TORUS POWER LOGO 2013-SEP Gladstone MediaWe’re Fast On Our Feet And Here’s Why

I really love my job in technical sales and support for Torus Power. One big reason is that we are truly fast on our feet. We have a wide and deep lineup of standard products but one of our great strengths is our ability to design and build new models to suit our customers’ needs – in record time.

Over the past several days I have been communicating with a gentleman who owns a sound system that would make any of us proud. His company has transferred several employees to a European country and he will soon be joining them. He wrote to us to ask if we had a Torus Power unit that would step the EU power down from 220-230V to the 120V his equipment requires.

As you may know the Torus Power lineup includes several ‘BAL’ models that are powered by a 240V supply and deliver 120V on the output side. Close but no cigar for a couple of reasons. First, my new friend told me the line voltage in his new home is reported to average 220V, not 240V. Second, the electrical frequency in Europe is 50Hz and the North American Torus Power BAL models are designed for the less strenuous frequency of 60Hz.

Here is the secret of why we were able to accommodate this customer and many others before him. Torus Power is a division of Plitron Manufacturing Incorporated. Plitron has been designing and building toroidal transformers for more than 30 years. Our customers include manufacturers in the high-end audio, medical electronics and power conditioning/UPS fields and our engineering team is second to none.

When I meet a new customer who has unique needs that can’t be met with an existing product, help for me is a quick call or a short walk away. Our Dr. Henry Pajooman and his outstanding engineering team are always ready, willing and able to help me meet our customers’ needs. In the case of our new customer who is moving to Europe, we designed a new 50/60Hz version of the North American model RM 20 BAL. The new model can be configured from the factory or in the field to operate with a supply of 220, 230 or 240V and the toroidal transformer inside performs equally well at 50 or 60Hz. The new transformer and the new Torus Power model it will be installed in were created, designed and quoted in less than a week.

Our standard lineup can meet most requirements but if you need to ask us to do something a little different we are totally up for the task.

Till next time,

Ross Whitney
Technical Sales and Support
Plitron Manufacturing Inc. / Torus Power



TruAudio Logo


TruAudio Transforms Top Performing In-Wall Speakers into Free-Standing Towers

TruAudio takes their flagship B23 Home Theater speakers to new heights by molding them into a new B23 Tower speaker line. The towers previously could only be ordered through TruCustom, TruAudio’s custom speaker department. Going forward the new towers are currently in stock and available to all TruAudio dealers to order.

Tru Audio TowerThe B23-465LCR Tower and the B23-265 Center Channel utilize the same innovative technology boasted by TruAudio’s best-selling in-wall speakers. The speakers are constructed with 6.5-inch single piece carbon fiber woofers and a 1-inch titanium diaphragm swivel tweeter that fill all the corners of a room with immersive audio. The speakers are crafted with a high end design. For those looking for a customized finish, those options are available to fit any interior decor.

“Free-standing speakers have become increasingly popular with the end-user, and this is the next step in expanding our product line to meet the needs of our dealers,” Kary Wawrzyniak, TruAudio executive vice president of operations, said. “We took our top performing in-wall home theater speaker and turned it into a state-of-the-art tower speaker line. The technology and performance is unmatched.”