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ATEN Brings 4K UHD Support to DisplayPort KVM Switch



New KVM Switch Optimized for Graphic-intensive Applications and Media Creation

ATEN - March 2016ATEN, the world-leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity and management solutions, today released a new addition to its KVM product line – the CS782DP 2-Port USB DisplayPort KVM Switch. The CS782DP supports resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz, four times the resolution of high definition 1080p. The device allows users to access 2 4K-enabled USB computers from a single USB keyboard, USB mouse, and DisplayPort monitor.

“We are seeing a growing market demand for 4K-capable solutions across a range of industries,” explains Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International. “Our new 4K UHD DisplayPort KVM Switch is another example of our proactive solution development, ensuring our customers have the cutting-edge tools they need, the day they need them.”

Lightweight and slim in design, the CS782DP provides effortless switching between computers via Remote Port Selector, Hotkeys and Mouse. It also supports 2.1 channel surround sound systems and HD audio for a heightened audio experience. The compact CS782DP is DisplayPort 1.2 compliant and has the added versatility of Multi-Stream Transport (MST) and DisplayPort Dual Mode (DP++) support. These features make multi monitor configurations and the use of DVI and HDMI monitors possible.

ATEN’s CS782DP, with its unique blend of features, supports a variety of applications:

  • Graphic-intensive applications such as graphic design, CAD/CAM development, video editing, animation and healthcare imaging.
  • Finance and banking, for example when navigating between multiple applications across ultra-wide screens.
  • Industrial applications as they move toward DisplayPort interfaces which offer higher image clarity and precision with up to 4K UHD resolution.


AudioControl Logo300dpiAudioControl Announces Its New Concert AVR High-Power Receivers with Dolby ATMOS, HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2 & DIRAC LIVE Now Shipping

AudioControl announced the launch of their new 7.1.4 Concert AVR-7 and Concert AVR-9 receivers with Dolby ATMOS, 4K, HDMI 2.0a, HDCP 2.2 and DIRAC LIVE FOR AUDIOCONTROL.

AudioControl Concert AVR-9-frontBehind the striking contemporary visual design, the Concert AVR-9 and AVR-7 benefit from the high-end audio performance that AudioControl is renowned for. The AVR-9’s powerful high-current 7 x 200 watts per channel theater amplifier creates a truly incredible audio platform that turns watching a movie in your living room, media space or theater into a movie lover’s ‘nirvana’.

The Concert AVR-7 also benefits from the same high performing audio and video platform as the Concert AVR-9, powering its seven-channel amplifier at 100 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Both the AVR-7 and AVR-9 benefit from high-performance Dolby ATMOS pre-amp outputs. Users can drive the Dolby ATMOS channels using the high-power amplification contained inside the Concert AVR’s and also add additional power utilizing AudioControl’s high-power 2-channel Bijou 600 or Rialto 600 amplifiers as perfect Dolby ATMOS amplifiers.

AudioControl Concert AVR-7-9-backTo complement the high performance of AudioControl’s new Concert receiver platform, AudioControl is introducing DIRAC LIVE room correction on to all of its home theater products providing one of the most effective and flexible room calibration systems available today.

The AudioControl Concert AVR-7 & AVR-9 include 7 HDMI 2.0a inputs, 4 x COAX SPDIF and 2 x Toslink digital audio inputs; 6 x stereo analog inputs, USB Input, Ethernet Client. Both models benefit from 2nd Zone HDMI outputs (ARC compatible). Surround modes include Dolby ATMOS; Dolby True HD; Dolby Digital Plus; Dolby Digital EX; Dolby Digital 5.1; Dolby Pro Logic IIx; DTS-HD Master Audio and are DTS-X ready.

AudioControl’s Concert AVR Receivers are designed exclusively for the custom install channel. They have Ethernet connectivity and RS232, and are compatible with leading control systems like Control4, Crestron, RTI and Savant. Both models have the ability to scale to any resolution standard or high definition sources where required.

avteq logoTablet Charging Cart– Provides a secure and versatile solution for charging and storing up to 48 devices. The heavy-duty steel construction, along with front and rear hinged doors with a three-point locking system, keeps the cabinet secure. The power management system enables charging of all devices. The Tablet Charging Cart is one of the safest and most durable charging carts on the market and is ideal for classrooms, training centers and other facilities.

C10-WM– In-wall box for flush-mounting the Cisco Touch 10 panel. Includes wall box and cover in your choice of 3 finishes, gloss white, gloss black or matte black.



Clare-Controls-Corp-logoClare Controls now shipping the controller


CLIQ.miniClare is shipping the controller, a $399 MSRP hub that powers up and controls IP devices over Ethernet and includes an 908.4MHz gateway to communicate with wireless devices (like Z-Wave dimmers, door locks, garage door interfaces, and more). Add environmental controls and expand into AV media systems with direct IP control or with Global Cache IR, relay, and RS-232 extenders.

This unit is designed for the mainstream market to deliver a full-featured automation system at a nominal budget while maintaining profit for the dealer. The new configures with the same cloud-based software as the (Fusion) for fast, easy deployment. Homeowners can create their own scenes, schedules, and notifications from the app. And even add Sonos and Clare cameras just by adding them to the home network. Expand the system today or whenever the client is ready with the incredibly versatile



DraperLogoDraper, Inc. and Tandem Marketing are sponsoring an ISF certification class in Chicago in May.

This class will help attendees understand the parameters of calibration, digital imaging and display standards, and includes some great hands-on experience in video calibration.

The course will be taught by Joel Silver, President and Founder of Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). Joel is an industry leader and chairs several CEA and CEDIA committees including the Home Theater Standards Group.

During the class, topics covered will include the Impact of HDR and 10-Bit implementation, video reproduction standards, tools needed for calibration, hands on calibration labs, and the latest technologies in ultra-high definition video.

In addition to ISF certification, upon completion attendees get 12 InfoComm RUs and 12 CEDIA Credits.

The class will take place May 10-12 in Chicago. To register click here:–register.html. Use discount code “DRAPER” to save 10% on registration!

For more information contact Amy Madden at, or Bill Zidek at



fortress-logoiwhiteilresFORTRESS specializes in customization,  fit & finish, with attention to detail. Making even the most unique request possible.

Old Logo & LEX


FORTRESS manufactures fine furniture for the personal theater or any other room in your home or office.
Dedicated to enhancing your experience ~ committed to excellence.



ICRealtime LogoIC Realtime is a leading designer and manufacturer of highly-advanced video surveillance solutions. Our company provides our customers with superior video products, installed at over 100,000 customer sites in over 10 countries around the world.   We are pleased to announce our latest product offerings that showcase our expertise and innovation, like our new groundbreaking IC720 360×360 Camera, our new rugged marine line of cameras, and our new extreme starlight light night vision cameras.

IC Realtime IC720 Virtual PTZ CameraIC Realtime‘s IC720 is the ultimate surveillance solution – one camera that does the work of eight. The IC720 captures every angle with 360 degrees of perfection. This top of the line camera breaks the mold with two 4K ultra HD sensors mounted back to back in a stylish and eye pleasing form factor. The video from each sensor is then stitched together via a proprietary and patented software process to form one continuous sphere of incredible 25MP detail. When every angle matters the IC720 delivers. We have created a new marine camera line made from anodized aluminum cases and weatherproofed with special silicon O-rings to prevent water and dust intrusion.

We have designed the most rugged sea worthy camera on the market today that can withstand the highest waves, the roughest seas or the most glaring sun. These marine camera domes are manufactured in the USA to the highest standards and specifications.

ICIP-B3812SL5 STARLIGHTIC Realtime is proud to introduce our new line of Starlight cameras made to combat the darkest nights. The Starlight camera line features a huge 1.28 inch sensor which dramatically increases light gathering capabilities for the best in night vision functionality. The starlight camera line will enable you to see in color in far less light than ordinary cameras and it captures a far clearer image when using infrared illumination.

We invite you to contact us at to learn all about these new cameras.

APRIL 6th– 8th BOOTH #16059


Ihiji logo largeIhiji releases Major Update and new hardware integrations

If you have been on the fence with setting up remote technology management service plans for your clients built on Ihiji Invision, this might be the nudge you have been waiting for. Team Ihiji is proud to announce the release of a major new update to Ihiji Invision. This update provides new features for our clients, addresses some appliance issues in the APP-500 and adds a number of new hardware profiles that many of our dealers have requested.

Even more devices you can manage in Ihiji Invision
A huge part of this release is the addition of even more hardware profiles to the hundreds which are currently included in Invision today. That means that we can give you even more control of more of the devices that you install and support in your client projects every day. If you are looking to gain the most power from remote technology management, the more device you have control over, the better.

Here are the new networkable devices we have added:

  • ihiji - March 2016Skybox Set Top Box: a wireless home entertainment system from Sky. Sky offers an enormous selection of TV channels and movies that can be watched in HD and on compatible devices.
  • Fortrezz WV01: an electrically operated wireless water valve. It can reduce or eliminate leaky plumbing or appliance damage and connects to your home network.
  • Rocketfish RF-WS01: wireless speakers that are compatible with most MP3 players and other audio devices.
  • Integra DTR 20-7: an A/V receiver with 7.2 channel configuration that includes audio decoding and processing for the majority of Dolby and DTS surround formats.
  • TrippLite SUINT3000RTXL2U: a SmartOnline 2.5kW double-conversion UPS system with an optional economy model. It maintains continuous operation through blackouts and voltage fluctuations.
  • Surge-X UPS-1000-OL: a UPS from SurgeX’s battery backup line primarily for A/V systems, business servers, point of sale equipment, telephone, and data networks equipment that need runtimes of 1.5 hours or more.
  • Wattbox WB-300VB-IP-5: a Compact Power Conditioner in Wattbox’s 300 series that gives full control over all 5 outlets and provides premium surge protection. It also allows for remote feature access, real-time monitoring, and customer management from a phone, computer or tablet.
  • Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4, and the Roku Streaming Stick: These devices connect directly to a home network and provide the biggest selection of streaming channels on the market.

Issues Resolved
The new Ihiji firmware provides an updated deployment architecture on all appliances, which was designed to create easier, more reliable and overall faster development cycles for features that matter to our dealers. One of the most common problems experienced by our dealers was a “downed appliances” on APP-500s, an issue caused by update not working effectively. We fully expect the number of APP-500s that appear to drop offline to greatly decrease with this new architecture. This should help to create greater appliance stability with both older and newer Ihiji appliances.

Another key feature is to add the capability to disable alerts for specific services inside of devices. Our clients will still be able to receive reports on the values they have requested, but will no longer receive unwanted alerts which tended to overwhelm technicians. We have heard this will be a very welcomed addition.

Our team is excited to roll out these updates to the Ihiji firmware. We are confident that they will strengthen the relationships we have formed with our clients by making our products and services more reliable and efficient. It is recommended you look through Invision to see how these new additions can help your capacity to support your clients.

If you are an Ihiji dealer, be sure to sign up for the announcements in our helpdesk and you will get all of the announcements from our technical team on the latest updates and features.

Download an Ihiji appliance and add to every one of your client projects. Learn more at



KanexPro logoKanexPro Launches Robust New Extenders for DSE Expo 2016


KanexPro, an industry-leading provider of connectivity solutions to the IT and A/V markets, announces the EXT-HDBTKVM100, a 4K HDBaseT™ KVM Extender, and the EXT-HDRPT70, a professional HDBaseT Repeater with 1×2 Distribution Amplifier and Loop Out.

EXT-HDBTKVM100_1000The 4K HDBaseT KVM Extender is ideal for digital signage applications where high resolution video, audio, USB KVM function and data with diagnostics can be sent back to the computer from the QSR display or vice versa. For users, a KVM extender can keep their work areas quieter and cooler allowing more focus and productivity. In addition, the KanexPro KVM Extender allows 4K transmission and extension over cost effective CATx cabling sending uncompressed video, audio, control, power over HDBaseT and USB for controlling your keyboard, mouse and other USB HID devices. The KanexPro 4K HDBaseT KVM Extender consists of a transmitter and receiver that are used to extend USB and 4K UHD AV up to 150 meters over HDBaseT. The USB KVM function supports USB 2.0 with display resolutions to 4K x 2K@30Hz and 60Hz and will also support 1080p HD and WUXGA. It is HDCP 2.2 compliant with CEC pass-through, supports the latest HDMI 2.0 specifications with Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-HD audio formats. Additional specs can be found at

The HDBaseT Repeater with 1×2 DA and loop out is designed for Digital Signage clients looking to extend HDMI signals to two or more displays using a single HDMI device and allows users to look out to another HDBaseT repeater to daisy chain more displays making it ideal for retail, pharmacies, airports and restaurants, where it’s necessary to loop in and out to multiple displays. The device supports built-in audio de-embedding using phoenix connectors to 2-channel stereo from television speakers or an amplifier. It is HDCP 2.2 compliant with CEC pass-through and supports 4K@24, 30, 50 and 60Hz video resolutions with a 4:4:4 sampling rate up to 12 bit for better high-definition resolution support and color depths. With a built in 1×2 HDMI Splitter, the HDBaseT Repeater supports standard 1080p and WUXGA with CATx extensions up to 330 feet.

“Our digital signage customers have been asking for a KVM extender solution which can be integrated hand in hand with 4K video extension and we’re delighted to debut our feature rich offering at Digital Signage Expo 2016,” says Kelvin Yan, president of KanexPro. “Additionally, we are very excited to unveil the HDBaseT Repeater up to 70 meters for our customers looking to extend HDMI signals with a single HDMI device or loop out to another HDBaseT repeater to daisy chain more displays. Both the 4K HDBaseT KVM Extender and HDBaseT Repeater can truly help our integrators and their clients improve interactivity, boost productivity and centrally managing their digital signage, AV and computing needs.”



kramer logo

Kramer has released VIA Site Management (VSM), an enterprise-wide management platform that lets VIA administrators control and configure all VIA devices in a network. VSM is part of the Kramer VIA family of Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Solutions.

“IT administrators at large companies and SMBs alike can use the VSM platform to easily troubleshoot any VIA device in the network and customize each device for the specific needs of participants,” said Neta Lempert, VP digital business development at Kramer. “These two features not only make life easier for the VIA admin, but they also make the end-user experience much friendlier.”

VSM-PR2_680The platform’s pricing model is based on the number of VIA units being managed as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach.

“You pay for what you need and not what you don’t,” said Lempert. “This tends to be our philosophy across the board when we release solutions to the market — it makes much more sense from the customer’s point of view,” added Lempert.

VSM supports both Windows and Linux systems.

See more at:



rti_logoRTI Launches New Website With Intuitive Features to Enhance the Visitor Experience



RTI_webshowcaseRTI, a leading control and automation manufacturer for residential and commercial settings, announced its new website is now live. Updated with a fresh look, the revamped website puts the focus on the broad range of solutions that are possible with RTI user interfaces and custom programming. The new design features a day-in-the-life timeline with interactive elements that allow users to explore the many ways that RTI simplifies the home, office, and business through state-of-the-art automation. A showcase section has also been added to the website, filled with incredible visuals of real-life installations around the world to provide dealers and end-users with inspiration for their projects.

“The new RTI website is an engaging and informative resource for end-users and dealers alike,” said Mike Everett, vice president of sales and marketing, Americas for RTI. “With its new enhancements, the site allows end-users to experience what is possible through automation with RTI. For dealers, the site becomes an extension of our marketing literature and gives them an additional sales tool that they can share with clients.”

Visitors to the website will experience RTI user interfaces in scenarios across the spectrum of daily life, from the home to the office and anywhere in between. These user interfaces feature custom graphical user interfaces designed specifically for each application while interactive elements allow the user to explore the world of automation. The new showcase section highlights what RTI dealers are doing for their clients every day, providing a compelling view of real-life installations.

Visit to experience the new RTI website.



TruAudio LogoTruAudio Introduces New Trident Subwoofer & DSP Amplifier

TruAudio has released a new series of subwoofers and a 500-watt DSP amplifier. The Trident subwoofer is a perfect blend of space conservation, contemporary design, higher output and better sound. It is sold exclusively in a combination package with their new DSP amplifier.

Tru - March 2016Artfully sleek and small enough to be heard but not seen, this new subwoofer series uses a specially-designed and highly efficient 10” aluminum cone woofer, and comes in at just 4.33” deep. The small form factor allows it to be placed behind or underneath furniture or on-wall, and the sealed cabinet produces tight, musical bass.

The Trident’s attractive yet unassuming design blends virtually anywhere in the home. There are two rich color options – piano gloss black or white – helping eliminate the need to customize the subwoofer. All of these factors combined with the new 500-watt DSP amplifier makes Trident one of the most versatile subwoofers. It comes in two different packages – one with two subwoofers and a 500-watt DSP AMP and the other with one subwoofer and a 500-watt DSP AMP. The Trident Subwoofer PAK is available for purchase through one of TruAudio’s authorized distributors or dealer networks.

TruAudio designs and manufactures a full-line of premium audio products. The company is headquartered in Hurricane, Utah with distributing locations in the Netherlands and North Carolina. TruAudio is sold exclusively through a dealer network and authorized distributors in over 60 countries around the world. TruAudio is constantly on the cutting edge of audio innovation and raises the bar with speaker design. Since its beginnings, the company believes every person should hear audio the way it was meant to be experienced.



Wyrestorm New LogoGlobal Caché and WyreStorm Form Strategic Partnership with WyreStorm Enado Controllers Integrated with Global Caché Products

 WyreStorm, a leading global manufacturer specializing in innovative signal distribution and control solutions, announced they have entered into a strategic partnership with Global Caché, the leading independent manufacturer of IP, WiFi, and HTTP enabling connectivity products for the control and automation market.  The agreement assures the seamless integration of Global Caché products and the WyreStorm line of Enado Control Systems.

Global_CacheGlobal Caché’s products connect any IR, serial, and contact closure device to a WiFi and/or IP network so it can be controlled, automated, and maintained by network-based software. The company offers other connectivity products and capabilities, including sensor input, IR learning, HTTP communication, and the award-winning Control Tower IR database, available in the cloud

“WyreStorm is a great partner for us,” said Robin Ford, Global Caché VP. “Our connectivity hardware is made for control products like theirs. We allow them to extend the reach of the Enado controller line and add an unlimited number of IR, serial, or relay devices to their network. Installers love this competitive and simple solution. It’s extremely cost-effective, yet very powerful.”

James Meredith, WyreStorm Product Manager added, “We have been working with Global Caché products for a while now, and like them so much we are offering our compact Enado Mini IP with a minimalist design requiring only the bare essentials of cable connection for true plug-and-play installation. To control IR, RS-232, and contact closure devices Global Caché hardware can be added seamlessly through the customizable web-based configuration UI. This combination solves many problems for the dealer while providing a clean, simple and intuitive interface for the user. We’re very pleased with the partnership.”

Enado products supporting Global Caché hardware are currently shipping.

For more information on WyreStorm products visit