MVP Download CenterSIX has a new feature we’ve been phasing in for months – the MVP Download Center. This is a place for dealers to go to get the latest product information from our MVP partners – not just raw data, but also information about the company, news bulletins, and even completed system designs and dealer pricing.

The benefit to dealers is that they can go to one place to stay updated with their favorite MVP partners. Read what’s happening now, see which products are new, and download the relevant product data.

To get to the MVP Download Center for a particular MVP, open the SIX Data Browser and sort the library by manufacturer (View > Library > By Manufacturer). Then, click on the MVP name in the manufacturer list in the left panel.

Here are some of the things you’ll see when you do this:

  • An About section, with background information on the company and their products
  • An Connect with section, with links to the partner’s website, facebook and other social media
  • A Messages section, with special messages from the MVP, including things like pricing, catalog updates, and system designs
  • A New/Featured products section, with a sampling of some of the newest products recently added to the D-Tools database

Over time, we’ll be adding to this functionality, and in fact the first upgrades will happen with the release of SIX 2013 and DT Connect coming very soon. It is our hope that dealers will know that they can go to the MVP Download Center to get everything they need to know regarding how to work with an MVP partner within SIX.

If you have any questions or comments about this functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us at