mvp-partner-logo-2016D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.


absolute-acoustics-logoAbsolute Acoustics®, a leading designer and manufacturer of AV signal management and distribution solutions, announces its new series of 4K/UHD matrix switchers, providing integrators with a broad range of models to support AV signal distribution from any source to any display. Compatible with new ultra-high-definition sources and displays, every model reliably sends signals with resolutions up to 2160p@30 4:4:4 or 2160p@60 4:2:0.

absolute-oct-2016Absolute Acoustics’ matrix line includes two HDMI models. The NDS-UM44 matrix switcher is equipped with four HDMI inputs and four HDMI outputs, along with five analog stereo RCA audio outputs. All inputs and one output zone of the UM44 have HDMI audio de-embedding, extracting the digital audio contained in the HDMI signal into a pair of RCA connectors. The NDS-UM88 extends the I/O range, providing eight HDMI inputs and eight HDMI outputs with all inputs and two output zones having HDMI audio de-embedding.

The line also includes two HDMI/HDBaseT options: The NDS-UHM44 features a unique hybrid architecture of four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output and three HDBaseT outputs in a compact 1RU chassis; the NDS-UHM88 matrix switcher offers eight HDMI inputs inputs, two HDMI outputs, and six HDBaseT outputs in a 2RU chassis. Both models are capable of transmitting audio, video, and control signals for distances up to 328 feet (100 meters) over a single twisted-pair cable. Additionally, each device’s output zone has HDMI audio de-embedding and extension ports for IR and RS-232 for remote signal control. Enhancing flexibility, the last output is equipped with multi-range HDBaseT technology, which enables transmission of HDBaseT signals for 70 meters or 100 meters, depending on the chosen receiver. Both models feature PoC technology, allowing electrical power to be sent to the receivers via HDBaseT link, thereby eliminating the need for local power supplies.


ATEN Up for Two Nominations at 2017 InAVation Awards

ATEN has been selected as a finalist for the Technology in Control Rooms and Technology in Signal Distribution categories at the 2017 InAVation Awards. The event, held February 7th in Amsterdam on the first evening of Integrated Systems Europe, recognizes innovation and outstanding talent in the global A/V industry.

The ATEN Control System (VK Series) was nominated in the Technology in Control Rooms category. Consisting of the ATEN Control Box (VK2100) , ATEN Configurator (VK6000) and the ATEN Control System App, this standard Ethernet-based management system effortlessly connects all the hardware devices and can be deployed in three simple steps; connect, configure and control devices from a tablet/computer regardless of room size or hardware complexity.

ATEN was also nominated in the Technology in Signal Distribution category for the HDBaseT Matrix & Extension Solution (VM3404H, VM3909H, VE805R).  This solution has the ability to deliver A/V signals from multiple sources to multiple displays without compromising video quality. With the VE805R, a 3×3 video wall can be created with Seamless Switch™ technology to allow continuous video streams, real-time switching and stable signal transmissions. The VM3909H can extend uncompressed 4K/ Full HD digital video, audio, IR, and power via HDBaseT technology of up to 230 feet with a Cat6a cable. It provides flexibility with reliable signal distribution controlled via front-panel pushbuttons, IR, RS-232 and Ethernet (Telnet /the Web GUI) connections. Designed as a functional and integrated control system for residential, commercial and conference center settings, it offers direct, centralized control when combined with The ATEN Control System.

Head over to the InAVation Awards website to submit your vote!


New Digital Signage Player from Avenview: AVSignPro

An easy to use digital signage solution, including software

Avenview Corp ( has announced the release of a new digital signage player, the AVSignPro (MP-1080HD).  With a hardware based, fanless design, the AVSignPro is an easy to use, plug and play device that comes with its own powerful software for content management.

The Avenview AVSignPro comes packed with features that allow users to turn any display into a powerful marketing tool and use it to entertain, inform and communicate with customers, shoppers, employees or students. Professional HD or 4K quality content can be displayed 24/7 with eye catching layouts, informative widgets and flexible and responsive setup.

The AVSignPro is capable of managing and displaying menu boards, hospitality screens, retail displays, campus signage, corporate communications and more.  Built in widgets are available to display information or news feeds, and custom widgets can also be installed, while multi zone screen layouts ensure eye-catching design. Scheduling and fast updates ensure that users can display the exact content they want, at the exact times and dates that are relevant.

“We are excited to bring our newest digital signage player to the market, and we know that as a one step solution that is easy to use and powerful, the AVSignPro will make an impact on SME that want to capitalize on the benefits of Digital Signage.” Brian LaRoche, Vice President Business Development.

About Avenview: Avenview provides the ProAV industry with a comprehensive range of ProAV components for the management and distribution of video signals, centering on Digital Signage and Video Wall control.  Our philosophy is simple – to give installers and integrators the tools they need to create outstanding installations and excellent end user experiences.

Visit us at ISE Europe – Booth 9-B160

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Kathleen Crowley, Marketing:



ELK Products, Inc. has received product certification for the ELK M1 Security and Automation Control driver, from Control4 Corporation. This new driver provides simple and quick integration with Control4 via RS-232 or an IP address. It provides greater control for integrators and provides more detailed system information that results in an enhanced user experience.

“It is ELK’s pleasure to respond to the numerous requests for a new driver from the Control4 integrator community using our M1 Controls. We collaborated with Control4 integrator HouseLogix to ensure that the new driver met the high level of quality and usability that dealers and their customers expect from Control4 and ELK Products” said Kirk Phillips, CEO of ELK Products.

The ELK M1 driver’s features include arm/disarm control, real time zone status, multi-partition support, relay activation, function/emergency key activation, task activation, and voice alerts. As a Control4 certified device, dealers can easily integrate and add the ELK M1 driver to systems through Control4’s Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP). With SDDP, the Control4 system can automatically find and add SDDP-enabled devices to the platform, dramatically reducing complexity and the installation time for Control4 dealers.

“Control4 is pleased to add the ELK M1 to our growing ecosystem of nearly 10,000 compatible consumer electronic devices. The certification of the ELK M1 and other devices represents Control4’s commitment to partnering with leading brands to provide the most robust and comprehensive set of product options available to dealers and consumers,” said Noel Gouff, Sr. Director of Business Development for Control4.

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Put your SONOS speaker at the ideal listening height

Whether you’re streaming music to a single SONOS speaker, or using a pair in stereo, Flexson floorstands allow you to place your SONOS system at the ideal listening height. The floorstands are precision engineered to perfectly match the size, style and color of the SONOS PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5 speakers.


  • Sturdy metal design securely holds the speaker at 32.25” high (PLAY:1 / 3) and 27” high (PLAY:5)
  • Flat stable base can slip under sofas or chairs if needed
  • Cable channel at rear of the stand allows for neat cable management
  • Comes with spikes (for carpeted floors) or gel pads (for hard floors)
  • Available in black or white, single or pairs* (*PLAY:1 stands only)
  • PLAY:5 floorstand available in 2 models: horizontal or vertical


Flexson floorstands are simple to install and can be assembled in minutes! All installation hardware is included.

View full installation video for PLAY:1 floorstand here:


Theater Seats from FORTRESS Go Beyond Customization

Some seating companies say they provide customization, but Fortress Seating goes beyond to deliver any theater seats its customers can envision.

‘Customization’ is a term that’s loosely thrown around when it comes to home design. Many companies offer one style of sofa in several different fabrics and sizes and call it a day. Fortress Seating, however, takes the term “customization” very seriously.

Made to Order

FORTRESS doesn’t begin making any seating until an order is placed. The company’s warehouse is not full of standardized chairs waiting to be shipped. And while it may take a little longer to get your seating, clients can get everything from popular models and sizes in popular fabrics and finishes, to anything they can dream up.

For example, one interior designer client came in with an image from a fashion design magazine. It was a picture of a stylish sitting room highlighting a set of ornately patterned, Victorian-style, tasseled chairs. The customer wanted theater chairs that would mimic this style, but look like a couch from behind and like theater chairs from the front. Armed with only this magazine photo, FORTRESS went to work.

The team made sketches, pulled samples, and built a prototype to show the customer for approval. The client loved them! This completely custom set of theater seats now sits in the client’s home theater, featuring, plush velvet, golden tassles, and exactly the look the client wanted:  Pocket Arms, one of Fortress Seating’s most popular accessories divide the couch into individual seats, accomplishing the look of theater seats from the front, sofa from the back.

Made to Fit

Another great example of FORTRESS’ dedication to customization is a theater with a curved back wall that could not be altered. Armed with CAD drawings from the installer, FORTRESS went to work to create theater seats that would work within the room’s odd dimensions. Using plywood, FORTRESS went above and beyond, building a template to scale to see how these seats might lay out.

“We like to see how it will all layout, exactly, before we build it,” says Gabi Wolper, vice president of Fortress Seating. “In this theater the installer wanted three seating areas, so we are experimenting with shapes, sizes, and accessories to see how it will all fit in the room.”

Made to Last

Of course, all home theater seats that FORTRESS builds are inherently made to last. See our recent post, “Home Theater Seating: It’s What’s Inside That Counts,” for details on Fortress Seating build quality to read all about what goes into building seating that lasts a lifetime.

So next time you hear a manufacturer’s ability to create “custom” solutions, really stop and consider what that means. If you’re building a media room or private cinema and need theater seats to match room dimensions, want custom finishes, fabrics, arrangements, and even ground-up design, FORTRESS does it all.  Like Don Wolper, the president of FORTRESS says, “If the client can sketch it on a napkin, we can build it.”


LILIN launches Peer to Peer

LILIN is including a Peer to Peer (P2P) license with the purchase of NVR100L, NVR200L, NVR400L, NVR1400, NVR2400 recorders as of January 1st, 2017.

The P2P connection allows the recorder to connect using a mobile device through an Amazon hosted server running LILIN P2P connection software. The P2P service allows the mobile device to connect remotely without requiring the end user to open a port on their router.

LILIN advances the Door Station with P2P Connectivity

The popular IPC0522E2 professional grade 1080P IP Video door station is ONVIF profile S compliant for recording video into NVRs. The door station connects to mobile devices using a secure P2P connection with the LILIN NVR allowing for a complete home automation solution. LILIN’s door station is available to the professional custom installation channel.

Why use LILIN P2P?

  • P2P allows the installation of the recorder to occur without requiring the installer to make changes to the router. P2P also simplifies the initial setup process for using mobile devices remotely. (Using the P2P service is optional and is not required in the normal operation of the recorder.)
  • When a P2P account is created, the installer is able to create a configuration file. The configuration file is able to be stored into the P2P account and imported into the mobile device which allows for a simplified setup of multiple devices and a way to recover mobile device settings if needed.

How to use P2P

Peer to Peer allows you to configure the LILINViewer App with ease by scanning the QR Code within the user interface of the NVR. Once the QR Code is scanned you will have the ability for the LILINViewer App to automatically configure your surveillance system.

For video instructions please visit the LILIN Americas YouTube Channel at:

Visit to learn more about LILIN products and solutions

Damper control: The reason my better half finally stopped complaining about heating & cooling

Installing dampers in your home will take your heating & cooling control a whole step further. That way you’ll be able to set up temperatures and heating or cooling schedules for each room individually. We’ll show you how we’ve realized our heating & cooling control with Loxone.

Damper control installation in our house

The installation is simple: you put the dampers into the duct, usually where the ductwork makes branches to the individual rooms. Additionally you run a wire from each damper to the Loxone Miniserver in your distribution, so that you’re able to power them and send the control signals. We’ve installed the dampers for every room in our house. Watch our video to get an impression how easy it was.

Additionally we read the temperature in every room through the built-in temperature sensors of the Loxone Touches we use in the house. You could also use other Loxone products that are equipped with temperature sensors like the Temperature & Humidity Sensor Air.

Read more about the advantages of an intelligent heating or cooling system on our blog. If you have any questions call us (859) 554-3147 or send us an email to


Monitor Audio AWC Series: All Weather Custom Speakers

The new AWC (All-Weather Custom) Series of in-wall/ceiling speakers from Monitor Audio will carry the brand’s quality discreetly into garden, pool and marine areas, proving that there is no environment beyond the reach of great sound.

Not only are the four new AWC models equipped with the excellence of over four decades of award-winning speaker engineering, their stealthy flush-fitting design includes a heightened level of water, dust, corrosion, UV and temperature protection, providing custom installations with long-term reliability in the most challenging conditions.

Developed using all-C-CAM® driver systems derived from the Company’s critically acclaimed hi-fi speakers, the new AWC series comprises stylish two-way 6 1/2” and 8” models (AWC265 and AWC280) with single speaker stereo (T2) variants, the AWC265-T2 and AWC280-T2.

Protecting the drive systems are low profile trimless grilles engineered from high-grade stainless steel and fixed using special non-corroding rare earth magnets for easy utility. The rear of each model is polymer encased to prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture. Where it meets wall or ceiling, a layer of specially formulated EPDM barrier material ensures a long-lasting waterproof seal.

The AWC Series adds super-discreet, weather-proof high performance to a growing list of reliable solutions.


Nexus 21 Introduces The Transcend Series of Pull-Down Mounts

Every home is unique, and not every space accommodates the traditional placement of a television. Integrators often run into instances where the best place to mount a screen is directly above the mantel.

Introducing the Transcend Series of over-mantel pull-down mounts from Nexus 21.

The Transcend is the most advanced pull-down mount available. Precision engineered suspension and dual-counterbalance pistons suspend up to a 75″ screen at the ideal viewing height.

The Transcend’s impressive 26” of downward travel gives viewers the ability to rest a flat screen high above the mantel when not in use, and lower it to their preferred viewing height when they’re ready to watch. Unobtrusive and slim, the mechanism’s in-wall mounting box allows a screen to rest only 2.1 inches off the mounting wall. Four-way swivel allows the screen to be seen from almost anywhere in the room.

For stone or brick applications, the Transcend Surface is available. It mounts directly to the surface of the wall with only four lag bolts, and no cut-out required. The Transcend Surface features extended downward travel, and the same simple adjustability as the Transcend.

Both systems feature four swivel functions, plus simple controls for height, pivot and tilt. Cable control is simple and intuitive.

Why Transcend?

Integrators need state-of-the-art solutions that are painless to install, profitable to promote, and highly impressive to customers.

The Transcend Series provides a low cost, elegant solution that reinforces the Integrator’s status as a solutions expert for their clients. It ships fully-assembled and can be installed within mere minutes. The Transcend is engineered to the same uncompromising standards as Nexus 21 lift systems, and is manufactured in the US. The system is backed by a 7-year full coverage warranty.

Find more on the Transcend Series HERE, or give us a call at (866) 500-5438.


Experience More Holiday Magic

Save on Séura TV mirrors

For a limited time, save your customers $1,000 on Séura UHD 4K Vanishing Entertainment TV mirrors. Download, print, and share the PDF with your customers:

During this promotion, Séura is offering Dealers $500 off regular dealer cost. Offer valid on Séura Entertainment TV Mirror sizes 49″, 55″ and 65″. Order must be received in full by January 31, 2017 to receive discount. Demo sales do not apply. Discount will be deducted from invoice price. Include promotion code “HOLIDAY” on your P.O. Discount does not apply to special quantity discounts. Offer not valid on previous orders (no retro discounts or price protection).


VCID Technology And Whole-Home Integration
TruAudio has been known for almost two decades for our speakers and home audio integration.  TruAudio’s full lineup of products can be seamlessly brought into any home audio project.  Voice controlled interactive devices, or VCID, is becoming the newest direction for whole home integration, and TruAudio is here to bring you great speaker options that can be used in any area.  Watch our video below for an innovative way to incorporate two of TruAudio’s popular speakers with the newest VCID technology from your choice of manufacturer.  To learn more or to purchase any of the speaker products we have demonstrated here, please visit or call 888.858.1555.


Video Mount Products EREN-27E1K 19-inch Equipment Rack Enclosure

“The EREN Series has been designed for use with a multitude of security, audio, video, and communication components, and the EREN-27E1K is the newest member of 19-inch equipment rack enclosure family,” explained Keith Fulmer, president of VMP. “The EREN-27E1K has a usable depth of 33 inches and a durable load capacity of 1,300 lbs., making it perfect for just about any and every need.”

Now shipping, the cost-effective, portable, and fully welded EREN family of 19-inch equipment rack enclosures has been designed for installations where protected components are a necessity. The EREN Series, which comes complete with integrated cooling fans and lockable, removable side panels allows for the organization of multiple electronic components, while at the same time protecting them from thermal issues, as well as damage or theft.

Additional EREN Series specifications include Welded steel construction; Overall dimensions – 54.8in. H x 23.6in. W x 39.4in. D; Rails threaded with standard 10-32 threading; Tempered glass front door; Double swing steel rear door; Adjustable front and rear rails; Vented top and bottom; Top and bottom cable routing knockouts; reversible hinged front and rear door; Casters and leveling feet; Ships assembled; MSRP: $1,249.00;



Vinson™ Acoustics Professional Series speakers are a high-quality and cost effective solution for commercial or residential audio needs. The series includes the popular Pendant speakers, as well as Indoor / Outdoor Loudspeakers. These speakers join high fidelity with high output in a resilient, yet stylish enclosure to provide the utmost in flexibility for both commercial and residential sound installations. The Professional Series is among the most versatile to install thanks to features such as selectable input transformers for 70-Volt or 8 ohm operation and weather-resistant enclosures.  All models are available in black and white finishes and are backed by a two-year warranty.

For more information on these or any of Vinson® Acoustic’s outstanding product line, please visit their website: or call 1-800-531-3224.


Hone in on Huddle Rooms with WyreStorm’s Latest Meeting Room Offerings

Whether in a company, hotel or business center, meeting rooms and huddle spaces are constantly in use by staff, visitors and vendors who all want to make the most of their time.  Imagine entering a room, immediately scanning a simple QR code on a wall or desk with your smartphone and in 30 seconds having full control of the room and its technologies to begin your meeting.  That kind of experience is priceless for both customer and user.

With its latest meeting room solutions, WyreStorm offer a different approach to corporate AV that combine an ease of specification, installation and reliability with simplicity of use that is hard to find in currently available solutions.

WyreStorm’s new products for Meeting Room applications offer a flexible, single-manufacturer system for huddle, conference and meeting rooms that puts both the user and integrator experience first.  Think of it as an AV system where you don’t need training to use the training room.

Products include 5×1 wired and wireless presentation switching and scaling over HDBaseT and IP featuring our ScreenLink collaboration software, HDBaseT receiving with audio amplification, in-wall HDBaseT transmitters, an in-desk HDMI and VGA connectivity plates, and high quality HDMI cables.

WyreStorm’s Meeting Room offering also features a selection of simple and effective room control using the WyreStorm touch screen, NetworkHD Touch app for iPad or the Enado browser-based control system supporting BYOD and QR scanning for control of an entire meeting room in seconds.

With products available individually or as a single, all-inclusive, competitively-priced meeting room kit, the result is a total meeting room solution combining effortless connection and control of not only sources, projector and presentation switcher, but also audio settings, room lighting, blinds and room temperature to make sure precious meeting time is not wasted configuring the room.

Visit for more information.