MQ6Our first-ever iOS app is now available in the Apple iTunes store for download. This companion app to SIX 2013 gives our users a new way to leverage their investment in the D-Tools platform and introduces a new workflow that makes it easy for sales people to quickly get to the 2 most important aspects of any project: scope and budget. Getting to a clear project scope and budget can be a difficult and time-consuming task, often resulting in hours of work from an integrator putting together a proposal based on initial conversations only to have the customer suffer sticker-shock upon review.  Expectations from the customer on cost are often not in-line with the realities of delivering the experience they are looking for, and that can be a major hurdle for many integrators.

Our new Mobile Quote app can help get this conversation started while actually onsite with the customer. The workflow for a Mobile Quote project is similar to the standard D-Tools workflow – you enter customer information, you can set locations and assign systems, but there is one major and significant difference – and that is working with a product category or sub-category rather than a specific product SKU. Mobile Quote takes product categories, sub-categories, Package information from a user’s SIX 2013 catalog as well as price ranges for each category and sub-category, allowing the user to walk through with the customer and specify the type of products for any given system.


As the conversation unfolds, the budget question can be addressed a number of ways – by location, by quality, by the integrator’s experience (hey you know what will work for this siuation and you know it is going to cost X)…the user can take photos and notes and even note preferred brands – getting to a project scope and budget number with the customer and hopefully leaving with approval to proceed (and a deposit) with a formal proposal.

The resulting quote can be sent to the customer in an email with signature verification, and the quote can be sent over to SIX 2013 where a full project can be created. Any locations and systems specified will be added to the project, and when specified product categories are added to the project, a dialog will appear with a filtered part of the user’s SIX 2013 catalog specific to that category and price range specified. From there the user can choose the specific product SKU which will work best. If a Package has been specified, then all of the products included in the Package will be added to the project.

This process enables sales people to work on getting to an agreement without having to specifically engineer the system, while helping move the process along and keeping an organized process together for the rest of the team. We will be working on some enhancements to this new application and we are looking forward to feedback from our users. Mobile Quote represents the first release on our Mobile Roadmap, and we are already working on other workflow enhancements for installation management which we will be rolling out later this year.