ipadMobile Quote introduces a new workflow into the D-Tools sales process. Mobile Quote is designed to help you get to a budget number and project scope quickly and easily, and it does this through bringing down Product Categories and Subcategories, along with Package and price ranges. The Mobile Quote catalog is not an exact mirror of your SIX Catalog, the iPad would quickly run out of storage in that scenario. When you synchronize your SIX Catalog with the Mobile Quote app, Categories and Subcategories are what synchronize, as well as any Packages. Each Subcategory will have an associated price range based on the price of the actual Products in your SIX Catalog. In other words, when adding an item within Mobile Quote, you are not picking a specific product, but rather a Category->Subcategory, and a price rnage based on the products in your catalog. If you want specific pricing then Packages will have the specific price.


You want to add a multichannel amplifier to a Quote. In the Mobile Quote interface it will look like this:

add item

You can then edit the item and the price range you see reflects the price range of multichannel amplifiers that exist in your SIX Catalog:

edit item

If you want more accuracy within Mobile Quote, use Packages. Packages transfer with the exact price from the SIX Catalog.

For all of our documentation on Mobile Quote, please visit our Support Site.