Introducing MIT (Media Interactive Training)

New Training program provides unlimited access to training for an entire year.

Media Environment Design, Inc., founding D-Tools Certified Partner, has announced a new training program, Media Interactive Training (MIT),  designed to provide ongoing training and support to system integrators using D-Tools’ award winning software.  The new training program consists of a robust training schedule of instructor led web based learning opportunities designed to assist companies implement D-Tools software most effectively.  Media Environment Design has trained and implemented hundreds of D-Tools user companies and draws from this experience in creating their “implementation based” training solutions.

Sam Cavitt, President & Founder of Media Environment Design, Inc., has designed the courses for Media Interactive Training (MIT) to help dealers receive ongoing training and to assist them in their software implementations. “Our goal with this new program is to assist D-Tools user companies effectively implement the software by providing an ongoing training solution that allows companies to receive various levels of training throughout each phase of their D-Tools implementation.  Each course has been designed with software implementation in mind and focus on the best practices that we have developed over the years.”

MIT consists of twelve, 90-minute training sessions, using the latest desktop sharing technology from the convenience of the attendees own office.  All courses are taught using an interactive online (internet) web training utility. Each attendee signs in from his or her office workstation to the web session prior to class; calls a specific telephone number for teleconferencing; and then views the presentation and talks to the instructor via the telephone. A question and answer period follows each training session.  The schedule for all courses is published at the Media Environment Design website.

Companies subscribing to the training program retain access to the instructor taught training sessions for an entire year.  An added plus is that many people within the company can participate in the training sessions and staffers can take and re-take courses as necessary.  The MIT Training program was created to address the training requirements of the various staff positions as they relate to the implementation and ongoing utilization of D-Tools software.  Each of the twelve different sessions focuses on the key components of implementing D-Tools software into an organization and includes topics such as New User Orientation, Setup and Configuration, Database Entry & Management, Introduction to Sales, Intro to Business Management, Visio Design (Plan View, Schematics, Elevation & Line Page), Using the Accounting interface, Advanced Sales, Advanced Business Management.

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About Media Environment Design, Inc.
Media Environment Design, Inc. (MED), founded in 1999 and based in San Diego, CA, provides a wide range of services to dealers in the systems integration industry.  MED has trained and implemented hundreds of integration companies with D-Tools software.  MED exclusively provides D-Tools regional and onsite trainings for D-Tools, Inc.  Our services are designed to help integrators elevate their businesses and to help them become more efficient, effective and profitable. It is our mission to make your business better.