Matronex Increases Revenues by 35% by Utilizing D-Tools System Integrator™ Software


•           Streamline business processes
•           Reduce time and cost per project
•           Increase revenue per project

Matronex, based out of Chesterfield, MO, specializes in high quality custom installation of high end audio/video systems, primarily for the residential market.

Matronex integrated D-Tools software into their business when it was at its early stages.  Matronex’s initial proposals were created with a combination of Excel and Word, and the amount of labor and materials needed for the projects were based on estimations. However, that process proved to leave too much room for error. One of Matronex’s first jobs was a large custom installation, and at the time, they were still new to the industry, so it was easy to overlook common accessories such as surge protectors, toss links, and cables etc.  They realized that it was essential to incorporate software that would help manage their business processes and help track supplies.  They were aware of D-Tools System Integrator (SI) software and it soon became their business foundation.  Dave Kirn, President for Matronex said, “We knew that we wanted software to help us streamline our processes, so D-Tools was a part of our strategy from the beginning.”

The integration of D-Tools SI allowed Matronex to correctly forecast the amount of time and labor required for each project.  As soon as they were up and running with D-Tools, they were able to go back to previous project proposals and see where things were left out as well as the amount of underestimated labor.  Once the mistakes were exposed, they could be accounted for in future proposals, so they were not made again. “Now for every job we’re able to account for the actual time and materials, which helps us better determine the profitability of each one,” said Kirn.


Matronex found that business before the addition of D-tools compared with business after resulted in a 35% increase in revenue.  The majority of the difference was underestimating labor or neglecting to add items to the proposal.  Project accessories can add up for each job and omitting certain items can make a huge difference.  “We can now assure that our clients are being charged the appropriate amount, and that they will get a great system designed at a fair price – and we know that we’re charging the right amount to cover our costs and insure profitability,” Kirn said.

D-Tools also helped Matronex present more professional proposals to the client upon first meeting, which helps to assure the customer that the job will be done quickly and within the allocated budget. D-Tools provides Matronex time to work with the customer on additional items, because the initial design is created during the first meeting, where new opportunities can be uncovered.  Because Matronex chose to integrate D-Tools System Integrator from the beginning, their professionalism and credibility has helped them stand out from their competitors.

Said Kim, “We’re overwhelming the builder with our attention to detail and showing that we have expertise in our field. We’re also using the knowledge to create specialized sales presentations for the builders which differentiates us from our competition. D-Tools is giving us credibility and helping us stand out to the builders and to the customers as well.”