D-Tools MVP manufacturers realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer news and product updates. This month, read news about Active Thermal Management, Atlantic Technology, Tannoy, Sonance, Wisdom Audio, Universal Remote Control and more!

Significant improvements in the Cool-cube for 2010 from ATM…

The Cool-cube isn’t exactly new – we’ve been selling this quiet workhorse of a cooling system for quite a while, but we saw room for improvement.

1. The fan speed in “Low Speed” mode is adjustable.

2. The temperature at which low speed mode starts is adjustable.

3. LEDs indicate “Power On”. “Low Speed” operation and “Full Speed” operation.

4. Electronic sensing and switching circuitry responds more quickly and accurately than the thermo-mechanical switches used previously.

The technical details

The dual thermo-mechanical switches used to control the speed of the fans in the original Cool-cube have been replaced with a completely electronic temperature probe and control circuitry. The probe houses a thermistor whose resistance changes with temperature. The probe responds very quickly and is more accurate than thermo-mechanical devices.

In addition to the new probe, the new control circuitry has other new features. LEDs are used to show that power is present, and whether the fans are operating in low or full speed mode.

Two screwdriver adjustments (shown in picture) control how fast the low speed actually is, and the temperature threshold at which the low speed mode is activated. These controls are factory set so that low speed is approximately 50% of full speed, adjustable from zero to full speed, and begins at 90 degrees F, variable over a wide range of temperatures. Full speed always begins about 10 degrees higher than low speed; this differential is not adjustable. The combination of field adjustments and indicator led’s make installation of the new Cool-cube faster and easier than ever.

Features of the Cool-cube that haven’t changed are its availability with 4”, 3”, and 2” tubing, quiet operation, and its ability to move from 12 to 70 cubic feet of air per minute, depending on tubing diameter and length. The 2” diameter tubing is recommended when using the Cool-cube with a video projector; the restriction of the narrow tubing is effectively reduced by the force of the projector’s exhaust fan. When cooling cabinets or small closets, the use of the 4tubing is recommended.

Atlantic Technology Ships Low-Cost, High-Sound-Quality In-Ceiling Loudspeaker for IP or Conventional Wired Hookup

Atlantic Technology, one of the industry’s most respected loudspeaker manufacturers, announced immediate deliveries of a modestly-priced in-ceiling loudspeaker that delivers excellent sound quality for a wide variety of music and home theater applications. Like all of the company’s dual-mode Internet Protocol (IP) speakers, the Atlantic Technology ICTS-6.1-IP is fully compatible with IP-based whole-house systems like NetSteams, or it can be connected using conventional speaker wires.

“We have built some really good ceiling speakers over the years,” said Steve Feinstein, Atlantic Technology’s Director of Marketing and Product Development, “but never one that sounds this good for such a modest price—and it has full IP capabilities. Whether it’s used for music in the kitchen or home theater in the bedroom, installers are going to love this speaker. It’s easy to install, it sounds great and it’s priced right for today’s marketplace.”

The Atlantic Technology ICTS-6.1-IP uses a 6-1/2-inch long-excursion Polypropylene woofer and a pivoting 1-inch silk dome tweeter. These are driven through a multi-element crossover built to a level of sophistication usually found only in much more expensive speakers. The speakers include both conventional speaker terminals and an IP connector for NetStreams or other whole-house distribution technologies.

This speaker’s grille and frame are white, but they can be painted to match their surroundings. Available accessories include a new construction bracket and a back box to provide a sealed enclosure.

The Atlantic Technology ICTS-6.1-IP is available now with a suggested retail price of $125 each.

From its inception in 1989, Atlantic Technology’s mission has been to produce home entertainment products that exemplify the very best in both performance and value. The company specializes in complete high-performance multi-channel speaker systems, state-of-the-art home theater electronics components, and products for custom audio/video installation. For more information on Atlantic Technology and its many fine products for home theater and custom audio/video installation, visit www.atlantictechnology.com or call 781-762-6300.

AudioControl has announced that their latest generation amplifier, The Director Model D3200, has been the recent recipient of three industry awards. Both the CE Pro Best Award and the Custom Retailer Excite Award were awarded to AudioControl at the 2009 CEDIA Expo. The encore came at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas, when The Director Model D3200 was the recipient of the Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award in the category of Audio Components. This incredible award streak is yet another highlight in the release of this exciting Next Generation product.

“ Needless to say, everyone on the AudioControl team is extremely flattered by the industry accolades that The Director Model D3200 has been receiving,” exclaimed Chris Kane, AudioControl’s Director Of Sales. “Three awards in three months is an amazing accomplishment and definitely a reinforcement of the features and design of The Director Model D3200.”

The Director Model D3200, is More Than Just An Amplifier, as it offers both system amplification and programmable signal processing controlled via an Ethernet connection. This unique multi-channel product couples highly powerful, amazingly efficient amplification with a powerful DSP (digital signal processor). The newest generation design of The Director D3200 amplifier platform provides highly musical sound quality and incredible energy efficiency, while maintaining a high level of reliability.

AudioControl Concert AVR-1 Theater Receiver Begins Shipping

In other news, AudioControl, long known for their legendary offerings of high performance audio components, announced that their new home theater receiver, the Concert AVR-1, has begun shipping. Developed around a new generation platform, the new Concert AVR-1 is a surround sound receiver/controller designed to be a premium product that reflects refined styling, maximum flexibility and optimum performance for home theater enthusiasts. The high gloss of the front panel is complimented by the striking blue LED display and custom designed trim bezel. Power levels of the Concert AVR-1 are confirmed when one admires the hefty, gold plated, high current 5-way binding posts. One hundred twenty individual Input and Output connections for video and audio prove that the intention of the AVR-1 is to be the intellect of any theater system.

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of DisplayPort cable assemblies in lengths from 3 feet (0.9 meters) to 50 feet (15.2 meters). In addition to these new DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables, Kramer is also introducing three DisplayPort adapter cables for use with HDMI, DVI and 15-pin HD computer graphics video signals.

DisplayPort is a royalty free all digital audio and video interface standard from VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) that can handle up to 10.8Gbps of audio and video data and is designed to replace the analog 15-pin (VGA) and DVI digital connectors on computers and display devices. DisplayPort cables have a latching mechanism which makes them very valuable for professional applications.DisplayPort will likely also have applications in residential and consumer electronics as well.

There are seven lengths of DisplayPort all digital cables being introduced by Kramer. Each has male connectors on both ends. These cables are designated as C‑DPM/DPM-X cables in Kramer product line where the “X” is equal to the length of the cable in feet. These cables come in 3’, 6’, 10’, 15’, 25’, 35’ and 50’ lengths. The 3’, 6’ and 10’ cables are built from high-quality 28 AWG wire and the 15’, 25’ and 50’ cables are built from high-quality 26 AWG wire. Longer distances require a higher gauge wire to ensure that high-resolution signals can pass over these longer distances.

Kramer is also introducing three DisplayPort adapter cables for HDMI, DVI and 15-pin HD computer graphics video signals. Kramer’s adapter cables can be used with any multi-mode DisplayPort device. They have a male DisplayPort connector on one end a female connector for the corresponding HDMI, DVI or 15-pin computer graphics video signals on the other end. These adapter cables are the ADC-DPM/HF for HDMI signals, the ADC-DPM/DF for DVI signals and the ADC-DPM/GF for 15-pin HD computer graphics video signals.

Kramer’s line of C-DPM/DPM-X cables and the three DisplayPort adapter cables are currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales compaaround the world. Complete product information can be found at www.kramerus.com.

TC Group Americas Inc. distributor of Tannoy, Lab.gruppen, TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Dynaudio Acoustics and Linn is pleased to announce the appointment of Ben Cook to Key Accounts Manager.

Ben will primarily be focusing on the installation market of the TCGA brands as well as being a primary support to the senior sales team.“It’s great to see Ben take on a more focused sales role at TCGA, assisting us in driving sales and market share in a very key vertical market,” said Marc Bertrand, CEO of TCGA. “Ben’s 12 years of experience within the organization across various departments gives him a solid understanding of our customer’s needs and how our extensive range of products apply in many scenarios. Ben has a proven ability that he can exceed expectations of our customers, and this new role will enable him to spend more time doing just that.”

Ben has held various positions within the organization starting in 1998 with Tannoy North America Inc. as Purchasing Coordinator. With Ben’s commitment and experience, he has worked his way up through Tannoy and TCGA from Inventory and Logistics to Sales Operations Manager. “I look forward to the challenge of growing our key accounts further and expanding relationships between TCGA and our sales channel” Ben adds. In addition to Ben’s new position as Key Accounts Manager within Install, he is also the primary contact within North America for TCGA’s product compliance with outside organizations such as UL. Ben also remains very involved with all aspects of sales reporting and communications with all senior sales staff in all TCGA’s market verticals.

Stewart Filmscreen Corporation®, the industry leader in precision projection screen technologies for the residential and commercial markets, introduces Director’s Choice 2.0 an innovative video projection solution that allows for maximum picture size, regardless of the source’s aspect ratio without electronic scaling artifacts.

In partnership with PMI, LTD., a consulting firm specializing in the design and engineering of world-class home cinemas and professional studios, Stewart Filmscreen has designed the Director’s Choice 2.0 solution. It is the ultimate marriage of the world’s best screen materials and the most precise masking system available. This reference quality, electrically masked screen system, is purpose-built to meet the requirements of Anthony Grimani’s PMI 2.0 video projection solution.

PMI’s innovative 2.0 video projection solution allows for maximum picture size, regardless of the source’s aspect ratio without electronic scaling artifacts. PMI 2.0 is the latest and most dramatic home cinema video display system. It puts the “Wow Factor” back into home cinema. In the evolution from 1.33:1, 1.78:1, and “Constant-Height” 2.35:1, it’s the next natural step. The picture area between 2.35 and 1.78 are almost identical, favoring both equally. PMI engineers the projector and screen system to match the viewing angle to the source resolution and maximize picture size across the entire range of current and future formats. Not only can this system create any aspect ratio, but it can present multiple sizes of the same aspect ratio for different source resolutions and even different audience configurations.

With the Director’s Choice 2.0 built from a 2.0:1 screen area, the solution reduces the amount of screen masking between picture formats and provides a method for displaying multiple aspect ratios while maintaining proper viewing distances based upon picture resolution. With this incredibly flexible approach, the Director’s Choice 2.0 may represent the last screen system a homeowner will ever require by providing total flexibility and future proofing of the video screen and masking system. Never againmust you cope with unsightly black bars, image cropping or improper picture sizing for lower resolution source material.

SCS Subwoofer

The SCS is nicknamed the “Suitcase Sub” because of its uncommon form factor and size of 7-inches W x 22.5-inches H x 37-inches D. When installation of the Sage Series S90i in-wall subwoofer is not practical, the compact size and aspect ratio of the SCS allows it to be placed in areas where other in-room subwoofers will not fit, offering customers a unique freestanding subwoofer option – one that can actually be hidden.

We examined all types of transducer and cabinet loading options to determine a design that would complement the extraordinary dynamics and low distortion of our planar magnetic systems. The Regenerative Transmission Line™ design of the S90i proved to be the ideal option for ensuring a high performance, no-compromise low frequency solution when installed in a stud bay, ceiling, or floor. And, the freestanding SCS uses this same Regenerative Transmission LineTM design to deliver results that simply belie its diminutive size.

The SCS is powered by a 500-watt internal amplifier and is capable of 120 dB @ 25 Hz. The dual 5-inch x 7.5-inch woofer design yields an equivalent active cone area of 12 inches and is taken directly from the larger Sage Series S90i in-wall subwoofer.

The unique ‘multi-port’ design allows for flexibility in how the SCS’ output is ported into the room. The uncommon shape of the SCS creates opportunities for installation in places where a cube subwoofer would not fit or be effective. In taking full advantage of the seven-inch dimension, the SCS can be placed under or behind furniture, such as a sofa or cabinets, so as to remain out of sight, and with the port configured to any of three sides. Never before has a freestanding subwoofer offered such unprecedented installation flexibility.

The Sage Series SCS subwoofer’s highly efficient and compact design yields fast, dynamic, articulate results with accurate timbre. When used in a Sage Series speaker system, Audyssey™ room correction is provided via the SC-1 System Controller, and further optimizes the SCS’ in-room response.

However, unlike the S90i, which is required to be used in conjunction with the Sage Series SC-1 System Controller, the SCS’ integral crossover and gain control allow it to be used with a wide range of systems.Instead of living with the compromise of a conspicuous “bass cube” subwoofer, the SCS can be considered for use with any speaker system where the deepest bass should be heard, but not seen. With its ability to be placed under or behind furniture, such as sofas and beds, or hidden inside theater risers or entertainment rack kick panels, the SCS makes most subwoofers appear cumbersome and inflexible.

The SCS strikes the perfect balance when a subwoofer must be placed within a room – no more compromises required.

URC Toolbox App of the Month: NetStreams DigiLinX

Universal Remote Control’s ToolBox app store for installers continues to gain momentum. For example, a recent addition to the URC ToolBox store is a free two-way app from NetStreams that contains 22 skins for MX-6000 WiFi control of its DigiLinX distributed entertainment system. All of the NetStreams functions can now be built into URC’s MX-6000 touch screen controller, including tactical buttons such as volume up and down, mute, and channel up and down. The MX-6000’s scroll wheel can now enable quick and precise selections through even the largest DigiLinX media libraries and playlists. The MX-6000 now can easily control all aspects of a DigiLinX installation: A/V, lighting, HVAC and security.

Through ToolBox, apps from URC industry partners as well as installers are available for download. Installers and URC partners can also upload, and even sell, their own apps. URC ToolBox can be accessed on the password-protected URC Control Room site.

iPort FS-23

The iPort FS-23 free-standing digital media system for the iPod®/iPod touch® provides the freedom to control your iPod/iPod touch from an on-screen video interface on any connected TV. Using the included iPort remote control, an easy to navigate menu system may be selected for music, videos, playlists, songs, artists, albums, and more. iPod settings for equalizer, repeat, shuffle, and other controls may also be controlled on-screen. The included cables connect the iPort to any TV or audio-video component with audio and component video ports.

The iPort FS-23 supports music and video playback from most iPod models. Using iPortNetSync software (available free at iportmusic.com), you can also synchronize your iPod with iTunes® on any networked computer. The FS-23 menu can be viewed in six different languages, and its video output can be easily configured for PAL or NTSC settings for use worldwide.

Visit iportmusic.com for additional information on the latest iPort product featuring an on-screen GUI for controlling your iPod or iPod touch on your television or home theater screen.

Ethereal’s HDMI/COAX Sends HDMI signal through Coaxial Cables for 1440p Resolution

Home theater installation professionals who need innovative yet practical solutions to achieving the best results now have Ethereal Home Theater’s HDMI/COAX, which sends an HDMI signal through a four-conductor coaxial cable at distances of more than 300 feet. In addition to carrying an uncompromised HDMI signal over long distances, the HDMI/COAX is engineered to deliver 1440p resolution – the next revolution in the HD viewing experience.

Ethereal Features Wireless HDMI

Ethereal Home Theater is going wireless: wireless HDMI that is. Ethereal will proudly displayed their all-new wireless HDMWL1 at CES 2010. The Ethereal HDMWL1 provides a wireless solution that will transmit HDMI originated material (up to 1080i) to a distance of 35 feet. The Ethereal HDMWL1 also has built in up conversion for two component sources and additional switching for two HDMI sources. The source selection is controlled via IR remote pointed at the receiving unit.