D-Tools Quick TipsD-Tools System Integrator have the Change Order feature, which produces a report with the differences between the current project and a project revision. This Change Order report is based on the Proposal Report, and while it shows the differences in Labor under the summary section, it does not include them as a line item. If you want to show both Labor and Equipment differences, the solution is very simple:

In this post, I will cover the creation of this custom change order report.

Summarized Instructions: Create a custom report based on an existing report, select any Proposal (Install Price) report, or your own custom proposal report that are based on a Proposal (Installed Price) report. Check the Check-Box “Change Order Report”. Before publishing, you may want to change the header title to “Change Order” instead of “Proposal”.

Complete Instructions: Open the Standard Report Designer. Click “New…” as shown below.

6-6-2016 1-52-42 PM

Select “New Report Based on Existing Report”, then click Next. 

Select Proposal (Install Price), then click Next. 


6-6-2016 1-59-09 PM

Click on “Change Order Report” Checkbox, then provide a name for your new Custom Change Order Report.

6-6-2016 2-01-17 PM

Click Finish.

Change the “Proposal” to “Change Order” as shown below:

6-6-2016 2-44-51 PM

Change to:

6-6-2016 2-45-51 PM

Publish the report:

6-6-2016 2-46-45 PM


In the Project Compare Editor, you can now select your Custom Change Order Report, as shown below:

6-6-2016 2-51-22 PM


When running the Custom Change Order Report, labor is displayed in the Report as a line level item.