• Inaccurate proposals
• Improve project tracking
• Inability to manage proposal and delivery of large-scale projects

Based out of Waterford, MI, Hod’s Designed Solutions Group is an audio/video integration firm, specializing in designing, installing, and integrating elaborate high quality home automation and private cinema projects for many of the best homes in Michigan.

Best Practices:

• Better ability to track project leads to new project opportunities
• Increased revenue and profitability
Reduce time and costs

Hod’s Designed Solutions Group, based out of Waterford, MI, is the oldest name in home electronics, founded in 1932. The original business model sold and serviced car radios. Since that time, the company has successfully morphed through retail television sales, the projection TV and home theater boom of the 90’s, and now into by-appointment, custom-oriented solutions.

Hod’s, a long-time D-Tools user, began using the application in 2002, just a couple months after seeing a presentation at CEDIA. “Before that we were using a program to help with proposals, but it didn’t have the drawing tools and comprehensive solution that D-Tools offered”, said Timothy Corder, President of Hod’s Home Theater. Prior to the utilization of D-Tools, Hod’s was not executing large scale projects. D-Tools helped create new market opportunities and enabled Hod’s to scale to meet the needs of their new clients. “We can accurately track all elements of a project, so we can now confidently bid and deliver on large six figure projects. I can’t imagine doing one of these projects without the proper documentation that comes from implementing D-Tools.”


Hod’s is experiencing an increase in project profitability by as much as 20% by utilizing D-Tools SI 4.5. “The biggest challenge with large jobs is to make sure you are profitable at the end. We can now approach every project with a proven cost structure so all of our costs and charges are consistent and we know what the outcome will be ahead of time,” Corder said.

Production Time and Cost has also been reduced because D-Tools gives Hod’s the ability to accurately predict project requirements, as well as accurately charge clients a quantifiable amount for all of the work they do. D-Tools accounts for all items including many previously un-billable expenses, such as product acquisition, staging, burn-in, and other value added services. The result is faster bid preparations and higher accuracy in billing that leads to less costs that can never be billed to the client due to our previous oversight.

“Embracing and utilizing project documentation has completely changed our business. D-Tools raises the bar on the level of quality we can deliver to both our clients and referral partners. It is inconceivable to try to complete the levels of systems we are working on without the documentation, project tracking, and overall detail that D-Tools provides to our company. We are clients for life.”