A common Use Case  involves the delivery of a proposal report to someone that should not have access to price information. It can be an employee, a builder, or sometimes even the end-customer. If this situation sounds familiar, let me assist you.

The first step is to create a custom report. This is because the report parameters will not hide the sub-total. This link covers the Custom Report Designer in details.

1. Open the Standard Report Designer and click on “New”, then “New Report Based on Existing Report” as shown below:





2. Select the report of your choice (any of the Proposal Reports) and provide a name, then click “Finish”.



3. The only change that you really need to do on this custom report is to hide the Project Subtotal.

Select both the text and the data field, then set the visibility to “false”, as shown the screenshots below:


4. Publish the Report

5. From the Project Explorer, or from the Project Editor, click on the “Reports” Tab -> Client -> Select your Custom Report.

6. Expand the “Report Definitions” and right click -> Edit Report Definitions, as shown below:



7. From the Report Definition, make sure the Parameters of your report are similar to the image below:



8. Click on “Update Parameters to All Report Definitions”, then “Save”.

This will create a Proposal Report that will not display any pricing.