Harrison Home



Harrison Home Systems Increases Revenue By More Than 100% with D-Tools System Integrator Software 

Business Challenges:

• Efficiency with proposal and estimation creation
• Standardization for clear project communications
• Software integration to reduce redundancy issues

Harrison Home Systems (HHS) offers home automation systems that streamline and simplify all the technology in any home, offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience. The Golden, CO based firm focuses on designing and installing electronic systems for new construction homes and remodels on the Front Range, in Aspen and Telluride, and also facilitates commercial projects such as hotels, condominiums, larger corporate buildings, restaurants, and boardrooms. The company works to ensure automation eliminates the need to walk from room to room to adjust shades, lights, temperature, security, and audio/video components. Whether from an easy-to-use color touch panel, wireless handheld remote or a customized in-wall keypad, HHS ensures that total control is always at the end-user’s fingertips.

Harrison Home Systems first encountered D-Tools in 2009 at CEDIA Expo where the company was looking for an efficient way to produce accurate job proposals and estimates to clearly communicate across all areas of their business process. The HHS team realized it was inadvertently but consistently underbidding labor and leaving out accessories, ultimately eroding total gross profit margins. In an attempt to solve the same issues previously, HHS tried a different proposal software but found it did not integrate well with their existing accounting software. They were in immediate need of an alternative solution. “We implemented D-Tools because of its expandability, robustness, and its great reputation among other integrators,” said Kassa Harrison, Principal at Harrison Home Systems. “We knew D-Tools could be the foundation for significant growth within our company in the short-term and that it would give us the tools we would need to help improve our system designs and overall operations in the long run.”

Before implementing the D-Tools System Integrator (SI) software solution, HHS used QuickBooks estimates, disparate design documents, and an assortment of individual external spreadsheets and checklists to manage the various aspects of their project management process. Now, due primarily to the platform’s streamlined process, HHS views D-Tools System Integrator (SI) as their internal communications platform and central hub for “master” information which provides many convenient reporting tools that together eliminate much of the piecemeal work they had to create beforehand.  Enabling different people with varying strengths to collaborate on projects at various times has also helped HHS efficiently maximize our staff’s capabilities to deliver our best work. “Many of our company’s most effective processes have been developed as a result of implementing D-Tools. The software itself creates uniform-looking proposals and reports, but we have formatted custom reports to support specific field processes such as change order tracking and custom labels for prewire walk-throughs. D-Tools has many well thought out processes built in to the software that we’ve been rewarded for adopting into our business.”

HHS relies on D-Tools to be a communications platform to manage complex and multifaceted projects both from a design and engineering standpoint and from an operations perspective. As such, the HHS team is able to efficiently collaborate on projects that have long durations in a way that is accurate and easy to understand, and the platform’s seamless integration with QuickBooks delivers an important bottom line benefit to their business. “We are now able to achieve our desired labor to equipment ratio as well as our gross profit margin on estimates. More importantly, we have been able to cross-train several members of our team for proposal creation and post-sale system engineering in order to efficiently maximize their strengths and in so doing, boost our bottom line.  With D-Tools, we now have an efficient and accurate internal communications system that clearly defines and tracks the status of all products for every project. We are now tracking change orders more accurately and are getting sign-off for them prior to work commencing, as is required by many of our builder- and architect-managed projects.”

To ensure HHS system engineers remember to include everything required for the project, the company utilizes packages and item accessories when building proposals. This is critical because correctly allocating parts, components, labor, and associated services can make or break the success of an installation and the profit margin of a job. Per item/phase labor calculations give HHS a more accurate estimate of the labor needed on each project. “We also now more accurately estimate consumables and shipping expenses as a percentage of the products specified. D-Tools’ seamless integration with QuickBooks allows for far more accurate purchasing and project billing.”

D-Tools provides HHS a more efficient workflow and a solid foundation for the team’s internal and external communications. In most cases, comprehensive Client Reports generated by D-Tools are all that is needed during the sales process, whereas Change Order reports allows clear and seamless communication with clients about changes being made to their systems once the project is underway. Better yet, redundancies have been reduced or eliminated. Duplicate entries have ceased and additional efficiencies were gained when the team converted proposals to design documents, which provided accurate reports to field installation teams, purchasing, receiving, and accounting, all achieved through invoicing done via D-Tools Quicklinks.  “We are no longer wasting our time trying to reinvent the wheel every time we have to report on something or create an invoice. Thanks to D-Tools, we have more time to focus on the development and growth of our business.”


Since implementing D-Tools in 2010, Harrison Home Systems (HHS) has increased revenues by more than 100%. D-Tools has also helped the company increase their average project size and implement large-scale projects in a more efficient manner. “From the beginning, our experience with D-Tools has been extremely positive due to their commitment upfront to get the software set up correctly to work for your company. They have excellent support staff and training programs that help us manage the intricacies of our business to their highest potential. Their standardized processes have assisted in improving our company image and we now have more comprehensive communication tools at our disposal when working with clients and project stakeholders. The D-Tools System Integrator software platform is worth every dollar and minute we’ve spent as it has allowed our firm to reap positive long-term benefits.”

Benefits from Implementing D-Tools:

  • Revenue: Increased by more than 100%
  • Data Management Costs: Reduced by 25%
  • Business Process Administration: Accelerated proposal creation time by 20%
  • Operational Efficiencies: Reduced employee time on task by 50%