find itKeeping up with the products you sell can feel like a full-time job. Not only the constant price changes, but keeping up with new products as well as discontinued products can be overwhelming. In our next release of SIX (slated for release in a couple of weeks), we have a great new feature to help you quickly “swap out” discontinued products that are accessories to other products or that are in Packages. Even if a product is not discontinued, this feature can be used to “swap out” a similar part from a different manufacturer (what’s the price of copper this week?).

This new time-saving feature is called “Find Usages and Replace”, and is available in the Product Explorer and Labor Explorer:

find usages and replace button

When you select an item and click this button, your SIX Catalog will be scanned for all instances where this product is an Accessory or is part of a Package. In the shot below, I scanned for a commonly used CAT6 wire:

find usages and replace form

You select all the items listed or just check the ones for which you want to replace the product. To replace the product, click the browse button next to the “Replacement Product” field and then select a new product from your Catalog:

browse button

Once done, click the [Replace] button:

replace button

It’s just that simple. If the part you swapped out really is being discontinued, you can mark the product in your SIX Catalog as “Discontinued” so it is filtered out of the Product Explorer interface.