We had a number of user requests for some enhancements to our current selection of wire shapes.  These enhancements are more evolutionary rather than revolutionary.  Lets start with the new Finish Wire shape.

Finish Wire Shape Enhancements

The biggest improvement we made was to allow the user to select what they want to see on the start and end text of the Finish Wire shape.  Previous versions would only display the terminal type if it was setup that way in the setup options.  The new Finish Wire shape gives the user a choice  to display the Component ID or the Model or the Terminal type (text and/or graphic depending on setup) or user generated custom text.  These choices can be different for each end.   These choices can be accessed through the Shape Data UI or via right click on the specific shape you want to modify.

In addition to the new line ends we also added a Text Size Factor that allows the user to change the size of the line end text relative to the middle text.  In the examples above it was set to 100% so it is the same size as the middle text.  In the example below it was set to 80% so it is is 20% smaller.  In addition you can now use the increase/decrease font size function in the Visio toolbar to adjust the font size.



Bulk Wire Shape Enhancements

The three new bulk wire shapes basically look the same as the previous versions but have some enhancements that extend their functionality.  These three shapes basically act the same but different configurations depending on how the user wants to have their wires represented on the drawing surface.  The picture below details the three different types of Bulk Wire shapes.



To best illustrate the difference between the old and new Bulk Wire shapes take a look at the Shape data UI between both of them.  


As you can see the user now has much more control of what data they want to show up on these shapes as well as we have added the Type (subcategory) field as an option and have given the user the ability to control the text size for both the head end side as well as the main side of the shape.

This new stencil should be available for download in the next day or so .   You can access these any any of our other stencil updates by clicking on the Download Stencil update link in the SIX toolbar in Visio.  More detailed information on these new shapes can be found on our documentation wiki here.  Comments welcome.