D-Tools System Integrator (SI) 2017 has a new feature regarding the automatic backups. We now store the last seven automatic backups so you can always go back one entire week if necessary. Here are the details of this important new feature:

Prior to the release of SI2017, the automatic backups only stored the very last daily automatic backup, which always had to overwrite the backup created the day before. The problem with the “one-day” automatic backup was that, if the problem had occurred on Friday, and not seeing until Monday, you could only go back to Sunday, which was not a useful backup anymore.

To resolve this, we added a special naming convention for automatic backup: “SIServerBackup_Auto_DateTimeStamp.zip”.  In the automatic backup mode, we now delete anything more than the last  7 backups, so you don’t run out of storage while have the ability to restore back to week earlier.  Please note the number of days is not be configurable for now. We are working on making this configurable on a future release.

We still use the Windows Task Manager to schedule the automatic backups. The instructions to setup automatic backups can be found on this link.

In this first release of SI 2017, the automatic backup code (/b switch) will create backups with name = “SIServerBackup_Auto_DateTimeStamp.zip” and keep the last 7 backups only, as shown below: