A couple of months ago I introduced some new concepts for plan icon shapes with our new Universal Plan Icon Shape.  That shape got me thinking about how I could make more specific plan icon shapes smarter by using some of the tricks we learned on that one.  In the case of this new Electrical Smart Switch shape I did some research on what could be done to make this type of shape more efficient.

What I found out that for the most part electrical switches are represented by an “S” shape with a line going through it with the tail of the line representing where the switch would mount.  The differences between the shapes were mostly text edits that let the user/designer choose between different types of switches.  For example a light switch with a dimmer would be rendered as above.  However if the user chose a 4-way switch then the “D” would automatically be replaced with a “4”.

This single shape can be used to render any of the shapes below.  It should be available to all SIX users via automatic download by this end of this week.

For more information check out the documentation here: http://d-tools.mindtouch.us/SIX_Guide/007_Projects/003_Visio_Interface/Visio_Shapes_for_SIX/Plan_Shapes#Electrical_Switch_Shape