esignature1In the past, there was an application called EchoSign, which required a creation of a custom report in order to add the electronic signature feature to any proposals or documents created in D-Tools. About a month ago, Adobe purchased EchoSign, and they released a new version, called Adobe Sign. This update from Adobe eliminates the need to use (or create) custom reports. Now it is easier than ever for your customers to electronic sign your D-Tools Proposals. And they can do it from any device (even from their phones), and directly from any supported browser. Here is how you can take advantage of this great feature:


Before we go over the simple instructions for this feature, please take a moment to create an Adobe Sign account on this link.

Once your Adobe Sign account is created, please follow the instructions below:

1- Within D-Tools, the first step is to run a report. Once the report is created, click on “Export to PDF” as shown below:



2- A PDF file will be created. Save it anywhere on your machine.

Pro-tip: We recommend you saving on your Project Folder as this allows the PDF of your proposal to be attached to your Project file. You can check the “Export to Project Folder” and it will automatically save the PDF file to your project folder. You can then attach it to your proposal, as explained on this blog post.


3- Open Adobe Sign on your browser.

4- Click on “Send” as shown below:



5- Using the image below as reference, please do the following:


Referencing the image above:

1- Enter recipient’s email address

2- Check this box if this documents also needs to be signed by you (usually this is the case)

3- Enter the name of this Proposal (or project) 

4- Click on “Upload” to upload your Proposal PDF.

5- Check this check box.

6- Click to send.


6- Using the image below as reference, please do the following:


Referencing the image above:

1- Select Participant (this is your recipient/customer)

2- Drag and drop where the “Participant Signature” is needed. You may repeat the steps if sending to more than one user.

3- Click “Send”


7- That’s it! Your customers will be notified by email and they can e-sign your proposal directly from any supported internet browser, on any device. You will be notified once all customers (if more than one) have signed. You can also print the signed PDF for your records. We recommend adding the e-signed proposal back to project folder as covered on step 2.