Price_Is_Right_LogoAdding discounts to a project…an unfortunate part of the bidding process to win jobs. Everyone is always looking for that “little extra off” in order for them to sign on the dotted line. Historically in SI, the only built-in way to add a discount to Products was to use a Price Adjustment. This would apply a percentage discount to all Products within a Project, or within a particular Phase, depending on your choices. In our next release of SIX (coming out next month) we are adding a few more functions for adding discounts to your Projects.

The first new option is that you can now add a line item discount to Products within a Project. You can do this manually for each Product or you can use the Mass Update function to apply a discount to multiple Products at one time. In addition to this field, a Net Unit Price field was added to each product that displays the Unit Price with the Discount:

line item discount


The second new option is that you can now discount labor on a Project. While some people (myself included) would say “Why on earth would you ever discount your labor?”, I also say, “Why deny users from doing this if they want to?”.  Similar to the current Price Adjustment fields, you enter a percentage amount and this will apply to the labor total on the Project or this can be done on a per Phase basis.

labour discount






As with the current Product Adjustment fields, the Labor Adjustment will display in the Project Summary section of Proposal reports:

labor adjustment project summary