After a 2 year hiatus our acclaimed regional training program is headed back to the UK for an action packed 2-day training course!

This completely hands-on course empowers attendees to maximize their company’s potential with D-Tools software.  The training is jam packed with effective best practices for implementation, database management, sales technique, design documentation, reporting, business operations, management capabilities and making your company run more efficiently!

Make the most of your opportunity to learn in an intimate, hands-on learning environment with a D-Tools expert as well as a pool of your peers.  Networking and mind-sharing are a brilliant side effect to regional training courses that tend to pay dividends above and beyond the obvious benefits you receive from the course itself.

I am very excited to be coming back to the UK to teach this course again.  In years past we’ve had wonderful groups of excited, engaged professionals eager to make the most of D-Tools within their companies.  I hope you can join us this year and take part in this learning opportunity.  Our events in 2008 and 2009 were sold out to capacity – if you are interested in taking this course I recommend speaking to Seth Rubenstein sooner rather than later!

Course Logistics

  • The course will be held over a 2 days period, June 9-10, from 8:00 – 5:30 each day.
  • The Location is TBD but will be in or near London

Course Topics

  • Intro to Systems Integrator 5
  • Setup & Configuration
  • Database Entry, Management & Optimization
  • Creating a Proposal
  • Report Design Level 1
  • Revision Management
  • Visio Line Diagram
  • Visio Plan View
  • Visio Elevation
  • Visio Schematics
  • Report Designer

Course Takeaways:

  • You will receive a printed copy of our 350 page+ activity/best practice based training guide
  • You will also receive a 30 day post training subscription to our On-Demand Video training for you to use as a resource when you g back to the office to implement everything you’ve learned in class!

Training Methodology

The training course is designed and delivered in a hands-on approach, allowing you to learn a concept, associated best practices or considerations, see a process in action and then repeat for yourself on your laptop.  Questions are encouraged throughout the course.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Each attendee uses a Virtual PC installation of D-Tools so we’re all working from the same platform from Day 1.  This ensures we’re all using the same database, shapes, etc…
  • We start the course by going through the setup and configuration process and explore various business decisions that need to be made to successfully setup your company’s software.  Best practices and tips are provided as you follow along and setup your training company file.
  • We then work from a semi completed database to add additional items, build packages and accessories into the database as well as learn many strategies for keeping the database maintained and up to date.
  • Now we create a project using our database and company settings.  We focus on various techniques for efficiency, accuracy and organizing proposals to be most effective for reporting, presentation to clients, for documentation and for administration – a holisitic proposal design approach that feeds the entire organization.
  • Once our project is created we analyze it using management reports and upon accepting the numbers for the project we run various client reports.  At this point we learn the first steps of report design, customizing report definitions to give us various different proposal outputs.
  • Now that our training proposal has been sold we now learn how to use D-Tools to manage our revisions and change orders and develop a revision management process.
  • Our next step in the course is to take it to engineering and documentation!  We create a thorough documentation package including line diagram drawings, floorplan layouts, elevation drawings (rack and cabinet layouts) and finally point to point schematics.  Learn best practices and techniques to maximize your documentation produced in D-Tools.
  • We then wrap up the course by introducing the report designer.  A powerful report customization tool built into D-Tools allowing limitless possibilities for report branding and customization.  Learn how to give your D-Tools proposals a custom look and feel.

Here’s what past attendees of the course have to say:

  • “Just learning the tips and tricks for using Visio has saved me more time/money than the cost of the course.”
  • “Excellent course for all but the very highest level users.  Ryan is a fantastic presenter/ trainer and is very patient!”
  • “I was surprised by the level of content in the course.  As a user since version 4 I was expecting to be bored!”
  • “The content was not so deep to get lost or left behind, but was deep enough to really understand the software”
  • “The presenter was very friendly and patient, he walked us through each step of the process.”
  • “There were good tips and help for an experienced user”

For more information on this training event:

Contact Sales:
Seth Rubenstein
+1 678 383 4141