D-Tools  is proud to announce the availability of SI5.5 SP2. The newest release in the SI5.5 series is available for trial download starting today. SP2 will be made available to existing customers via automatic updates beginning in mid-April (target date 4/15).

SI5.5 SP2 continues D-Tools commitment to deliver powerful sales, design and productivity tools to the AV, IT, and Security System Integration markets.  SP2 contains over 20 new usability features and enhancements, fixes numerous bugs, and introduces new support for Canadian Quick Book 2010 users.

New trial users will now have a new “Express Installation” option to enable them to get up and running with SI5.5 even faster.  Existing users will experience increased productivity through new drag-and-drop data management tools as well as improved application performance.  “We have always been committed to providing  System Integrators with best-of-breed solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs”, says Adam Stone, CEO of D-Tools, ” SI5.5 SP2 is another example of that commitment.”

A complete list of SP2 features, enhancements and bug fixes can be found  here.  The following is an overview of key enhancements users will find in SP2:

Express Installation and Improved Administration

SI5.5 SP2 ships with a new Express Install mode which significantly speeds up the time to deploy and start working with SI5.5. In addition to a faster and more intuitive installation process, the SI5.5 Administration console has been added improvements to user and group management including a new “Email New User” feature to help customers quickly deploy the application across their enterprise.

New Contextual Help and Contact Support Tools

SP2 introduces a entirely new contextual help system. User are now able to find “in-screen” help icons through-out the SI5.5 UI.  Help icons are linked to D-Tools’ new Support and Documentation wiki where users can find online documentation, tutorials, videos, lists of known issues and KB articles.  In addition to contextual help documentation, SP2 includes new tools to contact the D-Tools Support Team directly from with in the application.

New Start Page and Data Dashboard

The new Start Page dashboard helps users quickly navigate SI5.5 and provides quick access to common tasks. The new Start page includes tools to generate new projects, open existing projects, run reports, manage data and more. In addition, the new Data Dashboard provides an overview of users catalog, access to common data tasks, and a quick search utility to allow users to quickly search their catalog of equipment.

Usability and Performance Enhancements

SP2 includes new usability and performance enhancements to help users manage their projects, data, and clients.  New drag-and-drop data editing in MMPD helps users copy data and images from the web, local documents, or their desktop.  In addition, MMPD now has a new Google Data Search feature which can be used to quickly find equipment data on the web.  New search functionality has been added to the Project List, Client and Contact list, and Product Data Matrix (PDM), enabling users to quickly find the project, client or project record they need.

In addition to usability enhancements, new paginated data on the Project and Client and contact screen and other enhancements provides greatly improved application performance.

Bug Fixes and Other Enhancements

SP2 includes over 20 new features and enhancements and numerous bug fixes.  A complete list of the enhancements and bug fixes can be found on the D-Tools Support and Documentation wiki.