D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.



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Selecting Presentation Switcher/Matrix Switcher Solutions

Often times an application requires different messaging or media in different locations. This means creating a design with multiple displays each with a unique source.  Some examples include training facilities, restaurant display boards, medical rooms, sports facilities, hotels, advertising, sports bars and restaurants and more. These applications require a Matrix switcher.  The matrix switch solves the challenge of managing multiple sources and delivering content in your application.

Atlona - Pro3HD44M

Atlona matrix switchers come in four different configurations providing the opportunity to include the features that the application requires and not the ones that it doesn’t.  Those matrix configurations include 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 16×16.  Atlona’s PRO3HD series of matrix switchers affordably routes and extends 1080p video and multi-channel audio to four or six displays up to 230 feet (70 meters) away via the Valens Class B HDBaseT chipset. The PRO3HD series will also distribute power over category cable, and complete control all over the HDBaseT communication protocol.

The PRO3HD matrix switchers are ideal for use in any large classroom, conference room or even a meeting space with Atlona - Pro3HD66Mteleconferencing.  With multiple ports and pass through ability for up to 1080p and 1920×1200 the PRO3HD matrix switcher is great for almost any environment. The PRO3HD series also supports Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ pass through via the HDMI output interfaces on ports five and six and Built in S/PDIF audio de-embedding for AVR or audio distribution amplifiers. Plus these matrix units are compatible with PCM 2Channel, Dolby 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS 5.1. Additionally, the PRO3HD switchers can be used with scalers or receivers to get even further distance, such as AT-HDVS-RX. Use a variety of receivers to get just what you need (Audio & Video, IR, or RS-232), such as AT-PRO3HDREC, AT-HDRX, AT-HDRX-IR, AT-HDWP, to meet the application specifications.



Cleerline LogoFiber optics is the only means of connectivity that will support our ever-increasing requirements for data and connection speed that we as a society demand; this demand increases exponentially every day.  The internet was only the beginning and we are now in the midst of an explosion, providing access to information and communication in every form that only a decade ago many of us could have only dreamed of.  We have all witnessed the “Analog Sunset” within recent years and we must now realize that the “Copper Sunset” is occurring today right before our eyes.  Fiber optics is the true means of all connectivity and Cleerline is dedicated to innovating new solutions that make fiber stronger, safer, and faster to terminate.

Cleerline Technology Group as a company has redefined how optical cable can be installed and terminated.  Cleerline glass fibers incorporate a patented polymeric coating that is an integral part of the optical glass fiber.  Cleerline fiber optic cables meet—and in most all cases exceed—all requirements for both Multimode and Singlemode fiber optic cabling industry standards.  Cleerline fibers are stronger with over 10,000x the bend capability and up to 400x the pull force over standard fiber.  Cleerline is safer to work with as it will not penetrate skin or soft tissues, and it is quicker, allowing for terminations that are up to 50% faster compared to other standard glass fibers.  Cleerline fiber is compatible with all common connector systems for standard 50/125 Multimode and 9/125 Singlemode fibers.  Cleerline fiber is available in today’s most common cabling configurations for optical cables and also in a wide variety of optical patch cords that provide superior fiber connections and greater reliability in all applications.

Cleerline Technology Group is constantly striving to improve all forms of fiber optic connectivity, from the glass itself to the tools and accessories that are utilized in the process of termination.  From the largest data centers to your office desktop connection and now to your home’s TV, Cleerline is redefining fiber connectivity.



crestron_logo-210Crestron, the leader in control and automation solutions for over forty years, recently unveiled Crestron Pyng, the app that IS the home automation system. For years, home automation apps have been add-ons to control systems that are programmed using computers. Now, technology integrators can create lifestyle scenes for each room, schedule events, and much more right from an iPad®. The whole house can be ready in minutes without ever opening a laptop.

Crestron - ipad_3_Pyng_setupSetting up a new home is streamlined by pairing Crestron Pyng accessories with the app. Accessories include Crestron wireless lighting controls, shading solutions, thermostats, and Yale® wireless door locks, as well as security systems. Unlike home automation apps that control one device, or offer limited, “DIY-level” performance, Crestron Pyng controls the same award-winning Crestron professional products found in the world’s most prestigious homes.

A compact hub connects accessories with the app, runs scenes and events even without the presence of an iPad, and continuously backs up all home settings to the cloud – so making changes is easy and secure. Once the initial set up is complete, anyone can easily modify settings or create new scenes right from the app. Adding a new iPhone® or iPad is effortless. Simply open the app while connected to the home Wi-Fi® network and the controls appear instantly. Crestron Pyng empowers homeowners to make changes to scenes and settings themselves with the confidence that their integrator can restore to an automatic cloud backup if they wish to undo any adjustments.

Any Crestron technology can be easily added to a Crestron Pyng system, including DigitalMedia™, distributed audio, and more. Seamless compatibility with the rest of the Crestron product line enables the Crestron Pyng app to run right on a TSW touch screen, and for events in the AV system to trigger environmental scenes within Pyng.







Take a look at the new lightweight LC-WBS500 projector from EIKI.  At 5,100 lumens, Eiki - LC-WBS50080% uniformity and 4000:1 contrast ratio it’s a perfect fit for the average classroom or conference room. With high brightness to overcome lighting conditions you may have found hard to deal with in the past, it has a host of innovative features. The LC-WBS500 is native WXGA resolution (1280×800) and offers image warping, corner keystone correction and manual horizontal and vertical lens shift.  All this, and it weights just 10 pounds.  Contact an EIKI Dealer for more information.  Call 800-242-3454 for more information about the LC-WBS500, or visit us at for more details and to find your local dealer.






  Softly Curved Fiona

Fortress - Fiona


Fiona, just one in a wide range of sofas and sectionals, perfect for entertaining.

When it’s show time, footrests come up and concealed pocket arms come down transforming this sofa into theater seating. Fiona is perfect for living room, multi-purpose room or dedicated theater.




View more sofas and sectionals models here:


Made in the USA for over 70 years




Thank you to all of those that attended Cedia 2014 in Denver and visited our booth

NewBay Media’s Residential Systems and TWICE have named their 2014 Best of Show Awards for CEDIA EXPO 2014, honoring outstanding products exhibited. Manufacturers submitted products for nomination prior to arriving in Denver, then a panel of anonymous professional integrator judges evaluated the entries based on written submissions and visual inspections on CEDIA EXPO show floor. A CEDIA exhibiting manufacturer could nominate its product for either Residential Systems or TWICE, or both.

IC Realtime is proud to be a winner of Resi_Twice_Best

IC Realtime 360cam-2014-20140113-eg-0011



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Kramer Introduces a New Wall Plate Switcher/Transmitter


Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the WP−577VH, a 2−gang Decora wall plate CATx switcher/transmitter for HDMI, VGA and stereo audio with support for RS−232 data and control.

Kramer - wp-577vhThe WP−577VH has auto switching capability. It will automatically switch to either the last connected input, or a selected priority input, and transmits the signals to a compatible DGKat twisted pair receiver (such as the TP−578H). These automatic switching features make the WP−577VH an ideal solution for a Bring−Your−Own−Device environment such as boardrooms, hotel rooms and hospitality venues. The use of Kramer DGKat technology allows for easy installation of the WP−577VH and signals can travel up to 70m (230ft) at 1080p60 over CATx cabling. The WP−577VH also has automatic analog audio detection and embedding. Stereo audio can be embedded into the signal (either HDMI or VGA) or transmitted by itself without video.

The WP−577VH can be powered via a single connection to either the transmitter or receiver through Kramer’s Power Connect Plus™ system. K−Link™ compatibility gives the unit the flexibility to either control remote devices, or be controlled by Kramer Protocol 3000, and to send data to external RS−232 devices.

The WP−577VH provides signal reclocking and equalization, is HDTV compatible and HDCP compliant, and offers a maximum date rate of 4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps per graphic channel). The unit also passes EDID from the display to the source.

The WP−577VH is in stock and available from Kramer offices around the world.








You’ll want to make sure you do your research before installing a 4K distributed video system from now on.  Why?  Because HDCPLeaf - LU1082Back-LR 2.2 is real, and it’s here!  If you’re not using a matrix switch enabled with the new HDCP 2.2 chipset, you’re doing you and your clients a disservice by installing equipment that is likely already outdated.  Make your 4K installs future friendly by using LEAF’s new LU Series, the first line of HDBaseT matrix switch enabled with HDCP 2.2.  Shipping in January, 2015





Fast Speeds & Flexible Solutions with the NEW On-Q 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch!
Legrand - DA2524_smMeet the growing network demands of today’s homes with the new 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch (DA2524). A plug-and-play, rack-mountable switch, the DA2524 is perfect for introducing Gigabit Ethernet to existing networks, or for future-proofing new builds with top speeds. Automatically detecting the fastest transmission speeds for each port, the DA2524 offers a reliable high-quality solution that’s simple to integrate in a wide variety of applications.

Features Include:

  • LED indicators affirm connectivity for each network stream
  • Total switching capacity of 48Gbps, with 2Gbps throughput per port in full duplex mode
  • Mounts in a standard 19-inch rack
  • UL listed with built-in power supply
  • Compliant to FCC, CE and RoHS rules and standards
  • Energy efficient with power saving modes on each connection

Visit to find out more about this and other great networking solutions!



Combining a miniature remote head with an extended connection cable gives the LILIN IPC0122 maximum installation flexibility in space-restrictive locations. The control unit and camera are connected via a specialty cable (RJ11 / 12) that allows a mounting distance of up to 18 feet away from each other. This small form factor camera provides streamed full HD (1920 x 1080) video, ensuring clear images even in low light conditions. With features and benefits like easy, flexible installation, the IPC0122 is completely discreet and covert and records 30fps video with a focal length of 3.7 mm. Powered by POE 802.3af, this amazing covert camera is equipped with SD card support of up to 128GB (not supplied) for on-board recording, bi-directional audio and is ONVIF compliant. Potential applications include entry/exit doors, elevators, restaurants, cash registers, residential use such as nanny cams, retail stores or warehouses to monitor employees, access control, and ATM machines.

LILIN - IPC1022This covert camera is just one of LILIN’s innovative product line which includes their day & night 4K camera, “touch screen” NVR, CMX Server with License Plate Recognition option, 360 degree camera technology and their new Z-Series line of cameras. The FREE LILIN viewer application is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to view your commercial business or residence remotely. This groundbreaking application allows a user to view any live or recorded video from LILIN video surveillance products.

LILIN is leading the way with residential, commercial, hospitality and retail video surveillance. LILIN has partnered with Control 4, Crestron, AMX, RTI, Universal Remote Control, Core Brands and Savant to bring leading solutions to the market. In addition, Elang! integrates with LILIN products using the popular ONVIF interoperability. For more information, please visit, or e-mail us at



PrintLowell Launches 150W Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers

— OS-150 Ready-to-Install Surface-Mount —



Lowell Manufacturing Company, a U.S. manufacturer of professional AV products, has announced their new 150W speaker is now shipping for immediate installation in indoor or protected outdoor venues. The ready-to-install surfacemount speakers showcase a horn loaded compression driver to control high frequency dispersion for systems requiring longer throws or using live microphones. Designed for quick installation, the OS has an adjustable U-style mounting bracket for 70 degree horizontal x 70 degree vertical dispersion. With weather-resistant molded polypropylene housing, coated aluminum mesh grille and screwdriver-adjustable input switch for direct 8ohm or distributed 70V, 25V or 100V applications, the OS is well suited for a variety of commercial or residential venues.


The OS speaker line also features 100W speakers for wide dispersion near-field music quality, and 50W speakers for value priced wide dispersion voice and music. For more information visit







IP Networking Simplified: A Guide for Professional Installers

The 1, 2, 3 Steps of an IP Network

Luxul - Screen Shot 2014Modem: Converts the incoming signal from an internet service provider (ISP) to IP traffic. Depending on the type of connection, the modem may be for cable, DSL, fiber, or even satellite.

Router: (or Gateway): The primary interface between the Internet (via the Modem) and the local area network (LAN), providing IP services such as assigning IP addresses to client devices, network security and controlling access to the network.

Ethernet Switch: Connects devices on the local network and is typically attached directly to the Router.

Wireless Access Point (AP): Provides wireless network access to devices on the local network and can be connected as a device on a Switch or directly to the Router.

Client Devices: Any device that connects to the network either via Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Client devices include Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops, VoIP Phones, Security Systems, Streaming Media and Gaming Solutions, etc.

Click link for full article:



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Did you miss out on the D-Tools webinar Dealer Opportunities with Noble Fidelity?

Noble Fidelity L-85 mk IILast week, attendees learned how partnering with Noble Fidelity can provide them with a a protected, high-margin line of business, as well as insight on the company’s award-winning line of architectural speakers.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with Noble Fidelity and their solutions, Greg Ford can be reached directly at







Introducing Planar UltraLux ERO with Corning Gorilla Glass

The Planar® UltraLux™ Series is a family of large format 70″ and 80″ displays which combine style and aesthetics with high performance display technology. From its sleek design to lasting 24×7 reliability, the Planar UltraLux Series is ideally suited for retail brand communications, advertising networks, conference rooms, wayfinding, and other commercial applications.

Planar - lux-GG


Planar UltraLux is available with Planar’s optional ERO™ technology, which features an optically-bonded glass front utilizing Corning® Gorilla® Glass. By combining Planar’s exclusive ERO optical glass bonding technology with the world’s leading thin cover-glass solution from Corning, the Planar UltraLux with Gorilla Glass is four times stronger and more scratch-resistant than other displays, making it ideal for digital signage and public venue application. ERO also improves perceived contrast by more than 300 percent, giving viewers the highest quality visual experience, making it more readable and impactful, even in bright public venues.



Planet Waves logoPlanet Waves Custom Installation was born out of D’Addario & Co Inc. Planet Waves guitar and audio accessories business in 2004-05. D’Addario & Co is world largest manufacturer of musical instrument accessories in 1998 D’Addario acquired Planet Waves a leading producer of guitar straps and accessories and quickly expanded the product offering to include innovative tuners, capos and cable products for professional musicians.

In 2001 Planet Waves introduced a new innovative coax cable system branded Cablestation where a guitarist or audio professional could quickly assemble mono patch cables with limited tools, and no soldering required. The system quickly garnered praise from the audio and musical world for its quick efficient coax termination method which prompted D’Addario to consider alternative markets for the products.

2004 Planet Waves Custom Installation division was born after much research, and analysis determined the most applicable market to be the mid-to-high end residential audio video installation community. With a careful eye on meeting the requirements of the discerning professional installer/integrator PW CI introduced a full line of cables and connectors at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’s EXPO in the fall of 2005 held in Indianapolis.

Planet Waves CI quickly became a success as the termination process for its unique coax solution made installation of component video, digital audio, and distributed audio solutions significantly simpler and more efficient as it had done in the Music products market place.

Over the years that followed Planet Waves CI has continued to innovate new connectivity products to meet the demands of our customers. The introduction of easy to use high quality HDMI cables, parts and accessories to help insure a solid connection, as well as speaker connectors that eliminate the requirement to strip the jacketing from the wire, and further enhancements to the unique Planet Waves Cablestation coax solution have maintained PW CI’s leadership position identified as providing value add products that help make our customers more profitable.








Sonos Driver

RTI’s new two-way driver for use with the Sonos® family of wireless music players is now available. The driver simplifies the RTI-RTiPanel_Sonoscontrol and feedback of Sonos audio components, providing integrators and end users with an incredibly powerful solution for selecting songs, storing favorites, and adjusting audio settings on up to 16 media players from a single page of an RTI user interface. Developed by RTI, the company’s new two-way driver for Sonos allows RTI processors to control audio functions directly on one of the world’s most widely used streaming audio solutions. Integrators can easily implement the new solution without any licensing or instance expenses, resulting in a powerful, cost-effective innovation for today’s wireless residential audio installations. With capabilities such as transport and volume control of up to 16 media players on a single screen, the driver easily scales to fit the scope of larger-sized installations, furthering the cost advantages. Additional media streamer two-way drivers – developed by both RTI and third-parties – include Nuvo®, CasaTunes®, Autonomics® and AppleTV®.

RTI Works with Nest™ Driver

RTI_NestRTI’s new two-way driver for Nest® products is also available. The driver allows homeowners to control and monitor the Nest Learning Thermostat™ and Nest Protect: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm — providing seamless integration with these popular devices. Developed by RTI through the Nest Developer Program, the two-way driver allows users to adjust the target temperature of the Nest Thermostat directly and easily from their RTI devices. Users can also benefit from more integrated features such as temperature-based ceiling fan control and the ability to alert Nest when the user is home so the thermostat can come out of Away mode without the user having to walk past the thermostat. Additionally, the driver can monitor the functions of the Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm, such as multiple alarm statuses, battery power, and power levels.

Both drivers are available now — at no cost to dealers — on RTI’s website at in the Driver Store.



Savant®, the leading luxury smart home technology company, today announced Jonathan Adee as chief operating officer, a new position within the company.

Jonathan AdeeEffective immediately, Adee will report to William J. Lynch, CEO, and will assume responsibility for all Savant Operations, including manufacturing, supply chain, quality assurance and all service and support functions. Adee will also be accountable for ensuring operational excellence across the company.

“In addition to being a talented business executive, Jon is an outstanding leader,” said William J. Lynch, CEO, Savant. “In this period of rapid growth for the company, Jon joins our seasoned team as we further our mission to bring Savant’s world-class smart home technology to more and more people.”

Adee brings to Savant extensive experience in design, development, finance, manufacturing and global supply chain operations. Prior to this appointment, he served as managing director of Nook Devices and vice president of global operations at Barnes and Noble, Inc., where he structured a global team and successfully delivered the Nook® product line to the market.

“I’m excited to take on this new role to capitalize on the remarkable opportunities that lay ahead as we continue to push the boundaries of smart home technology,” said Mr. Adee. “I am thrilled to partner with our exceptional leadership team to continue building on our rapid growth plans and the promise of true home automation for the mainstream as well as the high end market.”

Adee holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Northwestern University.


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Use ANY App on Your Device In a Meeting Room with Vaddio BaseSTATION – Now Shipping

Vaddio BaseSTATION Makes it Easy to Create BYOD-Ready Meeting Rooms

 Vaddio hires-BaseSTATIONVaddio is now shipping the BaseSTATION – a meeting room solution that enables participants to use their own personal applications on their own devices (tablets, laptops and network computers.)

“It has become a norm to have your tablet, laptop or smartphone with you when you enter the meeting room,” explains CEO of Vaddio, Ed Ellett. “Mobile computing has defined how we work in the enterprise – mobile users want to share their content and collaboration tools with their own devices in the meeting room to local and remote participants. BaseSTATION enables the user to do exactly that. Any app on your device can now be used in your meeting room – it’s that simple.”

Users can share PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, participate in audio conferences and engage in high-definition videoconferencing using Skype, Microsoft Lync, WebEx or any other UC application of their choice.  BaseSTATION allows any application to be shared or collaborated in the meeting room.

Designed for small huddle rooms, BaseSTATION includes the necessary peripherals to create a high quality, presentation and group collaboration experience. The system connects to an existing monitor via HDMI and includes an 82-degree wide horizontal field-of-view high-definition camera and a control interface with built in microphones that connect to your device via HDMI, VGA or USB.

BaseSTATION has the ability to work with any OS and any computer application that supports USB.  As a result, users can truly plug and play their devices and use the collaboration tools of their choice to present, collaborate and educate in their meeting room.