New_MVP-150x150D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.

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Quad Cool – Cool That Rack

Quad-cool started as a special project for a major commercial integration firm. “If their client needs it, yours might too” we thought, so it’s now an off-the-shelf ATM system.

As the name implies, Quad-cool has four fans, mounted on a metal plate that drops over a cutout in the floor of the enclosure holding the rack. The 120mm fans are mounted close together, so that they can blow a stream of fresh air up through the opening in the rack’s base. Designed with roll-out racks in mind, the metal plate only extends above the cabinet floor 1/16″; racks will not “hang up” as they roll in and out. The fan cluster is arranged so that it is just the right size to “fit” the opening in most popular rack bases.

Like many ATM systems, the Quad-cool is a two-speed, temperature controlled system. It will be shipping by the end of October.



Belden’s Customer Collaboration Center in Indianapolis provides a hands-on setting that illustrates both the breadth and capabilities of Belden’s complete end-to-end product offerings. With guidance from industry experts, customers will have the opportunity to interact with the product displays and build a customized solution that addresses their toughest pain points and meets their specific needs. Alongside the four fully-equipped conference rooms, a café and a lounge, the Customer Collaboration Center’s main features include a broadcast studio, a complete data center, as well as industrial networking and on-machine solutions.

For more information and to schedule a visit to tour the Customer Collaboration Center, please visit our website and make a reservation.



New Crestron CAEN Lighting Automation Enclosures Provide Integrated Eaton® Circuit BreakersCAEN 3x1 MLO-089 Open

Crestron today announced that the CAEN Automation Enclosure with Integrated Breaker Panel, the latest addition to its popular family of lighting control solutions, is now shipping. CAEN-MLO automation enclosures provide a professional centralized dimming solution for both residential and commercial applications. A choice of Eaton thermal magnetic, ground fault, and combination arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) breakers are available to deliver premium electrical circuit protection. When combined with Crestron dimmer modules, all of these breakers can handle 2000W of dimmed load without nuisance breaker tripping. This is twice the previous industry standard of 1000W maximum for AFCI breakers. Available with split phase or three phase main lugs, CAEN-MLO enclosures are configurable using Crestron CLX Series lighting control modules and control processors.

“Crestron and Eaton worked together to create this enclosure by combining our robust dimming cabinet with a custom-designed Eaton breaker panel,” said Andrew Gross, Product Manager, Lighting Controls. “These two items, working together harmoniously, have created one of the most efficient dimming and power switching cabinets available today.”







VALENTI with MACASSAR EBONY ARMS – Seating Designed to Your SpecificationsValenti

Valenti (sturdy) was designed by Sheba Kwan exclusively for FORTRESS.  The Valenti’s styling combines various elements that creates not only a beautiful chair but a supportive one that addresses the ergonomics and comfort necessary to enjoy a 2-hour movie.

Valenti’s finely crafted ‘cut-out’ geometric back and arm design adds an intriguing design element and is available in a variety of wood veneers.  Shown in Macassar ebony veneer arms and upholstered in Premium Luxtan Black leather.

Fortress’ goal is to provide you with the type of seating you want and with designs to complement all lifestyles.  Off Broadway Home Theater Seating is completely customizable and seating configurations are only limited by your imagination.

Made in the USA for over 70 years

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Kramer Introduces the VS−88FO 8×8 3G HD−SDI over Fiber Optic Matrix Switcher


Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the unique and innovative VS−88FO matrix switcher for 3G HD−SDI signals, utilizing fiber cabling. The unit switches any or all inputs to any or all outputs simultaneously.

The maximum data rate of the VS−88FO is 3Gbps, The unit features single mode SFP (Small Form−Factor Pluggable) SDI fiber optic connectors for the inputs and the outputs. The VS−88FO’s multiple memory locations store multiple switches as presets (salvos), to be recalled and executed when needed. The unit’s vertical interval switching synchronizes either to an external reference or to the incoming video.

The VS−88FO can reach a range of up to 40km (24 miles), depending on the SFP module used, and is compatible with the 690T & 690R Transmitter & Receiver. It features Kramer’s Automatic Equalization and re−Klocking™ technology, which rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances. It also includes a looping analog sync for genlock and a selectable Sync Signal Termination.

The VS−88FO includes an Active Input™ Reporting mechanism, in which each input button on the front panel automatically lights up when the unit detects a video signal on the input. The Fiber optic communication of the VS−88FO is one directional, which makes it suitable for security minded applications where a high−security solution is required.
Kramer Electronics is also offering a 4×4 unit, the VS−44FO, as a more compact version of the VS−88FO.
The VS−88FO is housed in a 19″ 1U rack−mountable enclosure. It is HDTV compatible, and can be controlled using the front panel buttons or using an RC−IR3 infrared remote control transmitter (included), remotely, by RS−232 or RS−485 serial commands, or via Ethernet.

The VS−88FO Matrix Switcher is currently in stock and available from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.





The New CP Trimless Series – Easy, Discreet, Reliable

CP_Trimless_GroupShot (LR)

Complete with integrated fully-sealed back boxes, Monitor Audio’s latest ‘Controlled Performance’ range offers installers the most direct route to discreet high performance audio in almost any acoustic environment. No fewer than ten new models across four performance levels provide a wide choice of in-wall and in-ceiling options for the creative designer. In every case a precision-optimised system of drivers and enclosure perfected by our latest technologies, simplifies the installation of discreet high performance sound.

Unlike open-backed designs whose success is subject to the properties of the wall cavity behind, the new CPs will deliver the full potential of Monitor Audio’s award-winning speaker engineering. This means that in typical stud-wall and ceiling structures, installers and their clients are guaranteed excellent audio quality and versatility, as well as a superior level of sound isolation between rooms and floors.

Not only can audio be controlled for optimum results, New trimless bezels and super-discreet, paintable magnetic grilles allow the latest CP range to blend almost invisibly with walls and ceilings for a near seamless integration with décor. Once easily and securely installed via Monitor Audio’s patented tri-grip mounting, high reliability is assured by CP’s airtight enclosure design, which protects each precision engineered driver system against the damaging ingress of dust and dirt.

Including Monitor Audio’s most recent advances in driver technology, developed from our award winning music and home cinema systems, the new CP range comprises eight two-way models in three performance levels – and two flagship three-way designs. All models from entry to flagship feature our signature 1” Gold C-CAM® dome tweeter.




Anthem Introduces Next-Generation MRX A/V Receivers – MRX 710, MRX 510 and MRX 310.MRX_710_Front3qtr2

Anthem Electronics is pleased to announce the next generation of its popular high-end A/V receivers: MRX 710, MRX 510 and MRX 310. With IP and RS-232 control, the new lineup boasts an expanded, highly flexible command set including drivers for popular control systems, as well as remote control apps for Android and iOS (Apple) devices. Aesthetically, these next-generation models feature a sleek, minimalist front panel and well-organized back panel. High quality amplification, ease of integration, a useful, forward-looking feature set with a new version of Anthem Room Correction (ARC 1M) reinforce Anthem’s position as a leading provider of affordable high-end A/V receivers.

A room’s physical dimensions, architectural details, even furnishings, play a dramatic role in sound quality, so Anthem engineers saw fit to further refine the company’s award-winning room correction system. Dubbing it ARC 1M, the software and microphone kit are again included as part of the MRX offering. ARC 1M connects via Ethernet, enjoys a higher level of digital signal processing and offers users the option to print ‘before and after’ roommeasurement graphs.
MRX 710 and 510 feature 7 channels of power. MRX 310 (due out early 2014) is a five-channel unit. All models feature Anthem’s proprietary Advanced Load Monitoring, designed to keep a constant eye on output. Power ratings are provided in the ‘Technical Specifications’ section later in this release.






SAVANT® Adds Wi-Fi® Lamp and Plug-in Modules to SmartLighting Lineup


Savant Systems, LLC has introduced two Wi-Fi® enabled Lamp Modules and two Wi-Fi enabled Plug-in Modules to complement their SmartLighting product lineup and extend their presence in the growing connected home market. This new group of products has been designed to give users easy control over plug-in devices such as tabletop lamps without the need for an electrician.

Savant’s Wi-Fi-enabled Lamp Modules are available in two versions; one that controls a dimmable load and the other that provides an on/off switch. The Lamp Modules are available with an optional tabletop keypad, which gives users control over the connected appliance. The keypad can also be adapted to provide additional functionality within a Savant control and automation system. Both Lamp Modules are compatible with Savant’s Wi-Fi lighting controllers and keypads.

Savant’s Plug-in Modules give users another Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity option that is compatible with Savant’s SmartLighting products. Like the Lamp Modules, the Plug-in Modules are also available in two versions; one to control a dimmable load and the other provides an on/off switch. These new plug-in devices have been designed to give users Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in surge protection at cost-effective price points. These products are an ideal solution for retrofit installations because they do not require rewiring.





Stealth’s StingRay family of environmental outdoor speakers and subwoofers are hermetically sealed and fully immune to the elements, including rain, snow, ice or particulates. There are no grills or openings for the environment to affect the speaker components. StingRay has received an exceptional IEC standard Ingress Protection rating (IP rating) of IP-68, meaning it is fully sealed from particulates and certified for a minimum of 64 hours underwater at 1meter depth.
The StingRay family consists of the StingRay-8G, a 2-way outdoor speaker utilizing an 8” high-power cone woofer and 30mm 25W neodymium directly coupled tweeter; StingRay-6G, a smaller format speaker incorporating a 6” woofer; and the SR430 StingRay subwoofer which contains eight high-power 8” woofers firing into a total surface area of over 2500 square inches to produce sub-bass frequencies in an environmentally durable enclosure. An ASA marine-grade enclosure makes Stingray stable and fully-operable from 0 to 150F degrees.





Tributaries Announces the Introduction of its Series 4 interconnect Cables

Tributaries proudly introduces a new series of interconnect cables that are hand-made in Orlando, Florida. The Series 4 line of interconnect cables have a level of performance far above previous models of Series 3 and Series 5 cables. Tributaries has made major changes in the construction of the audio cables by changing the coaxial design to a perfect twisted pair geometry with solid 22AWG conductors which yields a more accurate signal transfer. Digital and Video cables employ a 75 ohm coaxial design with an upgraded solid conductor for a higher level of performance.

• Perfect Twisted Pair Audio Cables with 22AWG Solid Conductors for Accurate Signal Transfer
• Digital and Video Cables with Solid 22AWG Conductors have 75 ohm Impedance
• Fiber Optic Cables are Extremely Flexible and Employ Highly Reflective Cladding
• Beautiful Cosmetics Provides Luxury at a Budget Price Point

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In 2008, TruAudio introduced a product that shaped the AV industry.

And it came in the form of a shapeshifter named the Ghost. The Ghost was our top of the line in-ceiling speaker – our TruAudio flagship for whole house audio. And we wanted the Ghost sound to be the most clean, the most clear, the most true to the sound the artist originally intended. This drive to stay true to the original sound has guided our company from the very start. That’s why we named the company TruAudio. To achieve that true sound requires a minimalist approach to speaker design. Rather than design speakers with certain frequencies (high or low) emphasized or “pushed”, we strive to design our speakers so they are consistent across the entire frequency spectrum. That way, you are not dictating what a listener hears – they are hearing the music as the artist intended.

Speaker Equalization

We designed our Ghost Series of speakers with that same attention to “TruAudio” – making it absolutely consistent across the frequency spectrum. We gave it high grade capacitors and coils on the crossover to further clarify the sound. Then we kicked the listener experience up a notch.

We designed each Ghost with Speaker Equalization Adjustments for both Treble and Bass. This gives the Ghost listener the flexibility to precision tune the sound to suit their preferences as well as adjust according to room configurations. While that may seem a departure from the purist approach – music as it was meant to be heard – we’re happy to provide the Ghost listener with the freedom to choose the sound they like to hear. If they prefer more bass, they can have it. If they like the higher tones, they can enjoy that too. Regardless of what they choose, the Ghost listener will always enjoy beautiful, clear sound from a speaker with a near invisible presence in their ceiling!






Create a BYOD-Ready Meeting Room with Vaddio’s GroupSTATION

Vaddio is now shipping GroupSTATION – a single solution that enables users to walk into any meeting room and use the device and application of their choice to collaborate in the way that best meets their needs. GroupSTATION makes it easy to create BYOD-ready meeting rooms.

GroupSTATION includes the necessary peripherals to create a high-quality multi-use room and group collaboration experience: an HD PTZ camera, loudspeakers, microphones and a control dock. Users simply connect personal devices to the GroupSTATION via a USB, VGA or HDMI connection and begin using their favorite collaboration tools.

Employees can collaborate remotely with PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, engage in high definition videoconferencing using Skype, Microsoft Lync, WebEx or any other applications, as well as record meetings for those who could not attend. Users can also use SIP-based VoIP for multi-person audio conferencing or stream videos using YouTube or Vimeo.