D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.




AV Tech Award Logo 2014






Artcoustic have received this year’s prestigious AV Tech Media award for the ‘Best High End Speaker System’ for their Spitfire series.

Spitfire 16-8 SL perspective 3 on wallThe judges said “Artcoustic’s SL Series of on-wall loudspeakers offers slender cabinets for snug system builds and gloriously impactful sonics, so those with aspirations for a high-end discreet cinema setup should apply. With the sensitivity of the main enclosures tipping 110db (helped by the 12 tweeters and 24 mid range cones), the Danish brand’s flagship model is easy to drive to room-filling SPLs.

The sound created from this 7.2 pack is immense in scale and packed with hard-hitting details. A worthy winner.”




Good news! MVP Partner, Atlantic Technology has renewed their MVP partnership. A catalog update will soon be available so check back to see the latest products.

COMING EARLY DECEMBER: The 44-DA represents the next step forward in delivering a truly believable sonic theater experience in the home.

Atlantic Tech - 44-DA front angleDolby Atmos® is a new technology developed by Dolby Laboratories that adds an unprecedented degree of realism to movie soundtracks. Unlike conventional channel based sound, object based Dolby Atmos provides truly audible 3 dimensional sound. You can follow an object’s path from your lower left to upper right, then over your head and down behind you. Dolby Atmos-encoded movies deliver this experience like no other movie can!

To fully realize the benefit and effect of this multidimensional sound technology in the home, specially engineered speakers with precise frequency response and directional sound radiation are needed. The Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled loudspeaker module utilizes a 5 ¼” woofer and 1” silk dome tweeter in a concentric driver array (CDA), firing from the top of the speaker enclosure at a precisely-determined angle, to achieve this optimum effect.

This compact speaker module is designed to fit perfectly on top of our THX-Certified 4400LR speakers, creating an integrated, one-piece look that delivers the realism of Dolby Atmos sound with clarity and precision. The 44 DA’s are also designed to be a “stand-alone” elevation speakers in a complete Dolby Atmos system.



Atlona - LogoClassroom/Small Office: CLSO-612

What is the most effective way to share information with other meeting participants? The best solutions involve designs that accommodate multiple inputs in multiple formats. Two of the most common places you will find an A/V switcher are in the conference room and in the classroom. Atlona offers several different types of A/V switchers to accommodate solutions for these applications the most notable of which is the UHD-CLSO-612 A/V Presentation Switcher.

Atlona - CLSO-612The Atlona CLSO-612 multi-switcher and 4K scaler is engineered to have all the connectivity needed to support communication in the modern conference room and classroom application. With several carefully designed inputs – two HDMI, two HDBaseT, and two multi-format analog inputs- virtually any source can be connected into this AV presentation system. The HDBaseT inputs allow the designer to remotely mount the presentation switcher/scaler out of site in the equipment rack.  The CLSO-612 supports HDBaseT specifications for signal distribution up to 230 feet or 70 meters.  The CLSO-612 comes equipped with two mirrored outputs, which can upscale the video and output at UHD (3840×2160 @ 30Hz) and 4k (4096×2160 @24Hz) resolutions to provide maximum image quality and ensure the signal is compatible with the display.  The number of inputs can be expanded when used in conjunction with the HDBaseT inputs and an AT-HDVS-TX or AT-HDVS-TX-WP transmitter.   Advanced set up and control options allow seamless integration with 3rd party control systems. A wireless device such as an Apple TV can be connected to one of the HDMI ports allowing shared access to the display for the entire audience via the Apple TV’s Airplay. In both the corporate setting and the classroom the CLSO-612 has been designed to support today’s technology as well as the technology of tomorrow.




Autonomic introduces the MMS-2A music player, delivering enhanced functionality, performance and value. 

The Mirage Music Player MMS-2A delivers pure, reference quality high-resolution audio via a USB output as well as two independently controlled streams to support a multi-room entertainment system as large as an astonishing 96 zones. A new generation of the world’s first cloud-based media server, the MMS-2A will store, sync, schedule, blend and stream an entire digital music collection along with online streaming content. The MMS-2A also delivers all of the features that have become the hallmark of the Autonomic brand, including access to the most popular streaming services, such as PANDORA® internet radio, Rhapsody®, TuneIn Radio, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Slacker, Napster​, Deezer,​ and Spotify.

Autonomic - Photo_MMS-2A_Right_Web_RGBThe MMS-2A’s cloud synchronization technology brings together music from multiple locations into a single collection that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. There are three onboard AirPlay receivers enabling guest computer/device streaming, and Autonomic’s exclusive TuneBridge™ technology (patent pending), makes it easier than ever before to listen to, discover and explore a vast universe of music. The MMS-2A’s Snapshot feature helps users create the ultimate music mix by enabling them to capture a snapshot of the MMS-2A’s exact zone and content settings at any given moment and recall it at any time from the favorites menu on their Mirage Music Player. The mix can include a blend of locally stored digital music and streaming content from streaming services, all elegantly sewn together in a customized queue through Autonomic’s TuneBridge technology.

The MMS-2A is available exclusively through professional installers and is available with pre-programmed modules to integrate with all major control systems: Crestron, RTI, Control4, Elan, AMX, and more. Alternative control options include the Mirage Media Controller app for iOS and Android devices, Airplay control and the Mirage Web Interface.



Channel Vision Elite-Series-Logo




Channel Vision is pleased to announce the latest model in the Elite Version camera line, the SC565W Vandal Proof IP Dome Surveillance Camera. The SC565 provides all of the capabilities of the SC6564W, with added features and an extended two year warranty for our Elite customers. New features include compatibility with Control4 SDDP and MPJEG stream for home automation systems. Control4 drivers that are custom written by Extra Vegetables are also available for use with this model.

SC565WThe SC565W offers superior image quality with a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor and has the ability to capture images up to 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels). It utilizes H.264 compression to use less bandwidth and storage space, while delivering full resolution at max frame rate with faster speeds over the internet. Live video can be recorded to a computer and played back remotely, as well as viewed from a variety of mobile phones and other devices. Users are able to monitor their feeds in any location with an active internet connection.

This model is designed for use in large commercial projects with high quantities of cameras and in single-family homes for front door security. With features such as event triggered SD card recording and 18 IR LEDs for a viewing distance of 50 feet in total darkness, the SC565W is among the most secure and reliable surveillance camera on the market.

To ensure that the integrity of the product and of the dealer is maintained, Elite Series products are not available for purchase online. Please contact our customer service representatives at (714) 424-6500 for more information on how to become an Elite Dealer, or visit our Elite Dealer website at



Cleerline LogoFiber optics is the only means of connectivity that will support our ever-increasing requirements for data and connection speed that we as a society demand; this demand increases exponentially every day.  The internet was only the beginning and we are now in the midst of an explosion, providing access to information and communication in every form that only a decade ago many of us could have only dreamed of.  We have all witnessed the “Analog Sunset” within recent years and we must now realize that the “Copper Sunset” is occurring today right before our eyes.  Fiber optics is the true means of all connectivity and Cleerline is dedicated to innovating new solutions that make fiber stronger, safer, and faster to terminate.

Cleerline Technology Group as a company has redefined how optical cable can be installed and terminated.  Cleerline glass fibers incorporate a patented polymeric coating that is an integral part of the optical glass fiber.  Cleerline fiber optic cables meet—and in most all cases exceed—all requirements for both Multimode and Singlemode fiber optic cabling industry standards.  Cleerline fibers are stronger with over 10,000x the bend capability and up to 400x the pull force over standard fiber.  Cleerline is safer to work with as it will not penetrate skin or soft tissues, and it is quicker, allowing for terminations that are up to 50% faster compared to other standard glass fibers.  Cleerline fiber is compatible with all common connector systems for standard 50/125 Multimode and 9/125 Singlemode fibers.  Cleerline fiber is available in today’s most common cabling configurations for optical cables and also in a wide variety of optical patch cords that provide superior fiber connections and greater reliability in all applications.

Cleerline Technology Group is constantly striving to improve all forms of fiber optic connectivity, from the glass itself to the tools and accessories that are utilized in the process of termination.  From the largest data centers to your office desktop connection and now to your home’s TV, Cleerline is redefining fiber connectivity.



crestron_logo-210Crestron Now Shipping Streaming Input Card for DigitalMedia Switchers

Crestron is now shipping its DMC-STR Streaming Input Card. It enables card-based Crestron DM switchers to receive a high-performance H.264 video stream over an IP network. The source can be an IP camera, a streaming server, or from a DMC-STRO streaming output card in another DM switcher. Because DigitalMedia provides both point-to-point and streaming on a single platform, this signal can then be distributed via HDMI, HDBaseT, or fiber.

Crestron - DigitalMedia Streaming


The best of both worlds
Streaming removes all distance limitations and utilizes existing infrastructure to enable signal distribution for applications where dedicated wiring is impractical or can’t be installed. Because DM uniquely provides both point-to-point connections (such as HDBaseT and fiber) and streaming on the same platform, you can configure the switcher on an input-by-input and output-by-output basis. Use point-to-point cards for zero-latency, full-bandwidth connections within the room, and streaming for worldwide distribution.

Full stream ahead
The DMC-STR supports streams at resolutions up to HD 1080p, with bitrates up to 25 Mbps. The streaming input can be configured to receive streams via its dedicated “Content LAN” port (to isolate control and content onto separate networks), or via the DM switcher’s LAN port (to enable a single network connection for the entire switcher, including streaming).

The ins and outs of streaming
The DMC-STR Streaming Input Card receives H.264 streaming video in, and then the DM switcher outputs the content via any output card as any signal type or infrastructure. Conversely, the DMC-STRO Streaming Output Card transmits any source signal as H.264 streaming video.
Visit the DMC-STR Streaming Input Card product page for more information.



eiki_logo_enEIKI announces the EIP-UHS100 DLP projector. It’s a perfect fit for business, church and the education markets when you need high resolution and brilliant images. With flexible installation features including horizontal/vertical lens shift, keystone and corner-keystone correction, this new DLP projector could be the perfect projector for that mid to large venue location.


The EIP-UHS100 is native WUXGA resolution, and is compatible with inputs up-to UXGA and WUXGA.  And with 8000 ANSI lumen brightness, 80% uniformity and a 2400:1 contrast ratio, you’ll get the beautiful images you expect. It displays both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, and supports most HDTV resolutions. There are many optional lenses to cover a range of 0.75 to 8.56:1 throw ratios. The new EIP-UHS100 has built-in Edge Blending and Image Warping capabilities and a Lens Memory Feature that allows up to 10 saved settings for easy set-up.

Visit EIKI at to find your local dealer, or call 800-242-3454 for more information about the EIP-UHS100 or any of EIKI’s wide selection of projectors.





Seating Designed to Your Specifications

Fortress - Design

Designing a theater takes a lot of effort from the ground up.  While it can be overwhelming to decide on the main elements for a customers media room, we think choosing the seating for the space should be as easy as possible.

Fortress assists the process by providing you with custom designs and layouts, offering innovative as well as traditional design elements and multiple upholstery options.  When it comes to adding the seating to your space we help eliminate the guesswork.

 Made in the USA for over 70 years



genelec - logo


Genelec Home Audio Unveils G Five   Active Loudspeaker

Genelec Home Audio is unveiling its new G Five Active Loudspeaker, the flagship model in the Genelec G Series of Active Loudspeakers for home audio. Despite its relatively small size, the G Five brings out a level of performance comparable to much larger loudspeakers.Genelec- G FiveIts bass reproduction goes lower than that of many subwoofers, providing at the same time extremely high sound pressure with very low distortion. Thanks to its large waveguide, the Genelec G Five reproduces all the nuances and dynamics of the audio material with incomparable fidelity. As featured in all Genelec G Series, the G Five provides acoustical response adjustments to allow correct setup and acoustical calibration to the room it is placed in. The G Five can be used in acoustically challenging rooms and still provide an amazing listening experience.


The G Five features elegant industrial design by award-winning designer Harri Koskinen and Genelec’s R&D team.

G Five MSRP: $2,595 each



G Five Specifications:

  • Maximum sound pressure: 110 dB per loudspeaker @ 1 m
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz – 21 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Drivers: Bass 8″ + Treble 1″ metal dome + DCW
  • Amplifier power: Bass 150 W + Treble 120 W
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 17.8125″ x 11.25″ x 10.9375″ with Iso-Pod™ (452 x 286 x 278 mm)
  • Weight: 28 lb (12.7 kg)

For more information, please visit



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We invite you to join us at CES
January 6-9, 2015
Las Vegas, NV



See our products on display
Booth #70223
IC -720 Car


IC - CES Cam1






Kramer VP−427 Receiver/Scaler Reduces Complexity, Increases Reliability

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the release of the VP−427 Receiver/Scaler, a cost−effective two−in−one HDBaseT receiver solution with a built−in scaler.

Kramer VP-427The compact Kramer VP−427 reduces complexity while increasing reliability. The solution also offers a significantly lower price point than standard two−unit solutions. The VP−427 can scale input video to the native resolution of the HDMI receiver or any other resolution (up to 1080p). The unit also supports bidirectional IR and bidirectional RS−232.

The Kramer VP−427 Receiver/Scaler receives an HDBaseT signal through an HDBaseT twisted pair cable and converts it back to HDMI, IR and RS−232. A bidirectional RS−232 port lets users embed and de−embed control commands in the HDBaseT data stream. Infrared input and output ports let users control devices over the HDBaseT data stream. The unit includes embedded audio support.

The Kramer VP−427 up− or down−scales the picture to match the precise resolution of the HDMI monitor. The VP−427 offers ProcAmp control for contrast, brightness and R, G, B level/gain. Setup and adjustment is easy with an on−screen display, accessible via front−panel buttons.



Leaf Audio 300





Leaf - LU1EAllSides

Check out LEAF’s new HDBaseT receiver shipping in January.  It’s the Leaf - LU1EHand1slimmest, most compact, PoH enabled Class A HDBaseT receiver in the world!  Paired with the new LU Series HDCP 2.2 enabled matrix line, this is the best way to future ready your 4K installs….today.








Your Opportunity for Audio – Easy to Sell, Install, Repeat!


The new On-Q Digital Audio System uniquely pairs the variety of today’s hottest streaming digital audio services with the convenience of an enclosure-based structured wiring solution, for a solution that is easy to sell, install, and repeat. Modular, scalable, and feature-rich, here is an easy answer for home audio that’s perfect even for production homes!

Legrand - Full Digital Audio Group-landscape

Features Include:

  • Delivers audio to up to sixteen zones
  • Accesses online services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, and TuneIn
  • Streams networked digital content from iTunes, Windows Media Player libraries, and mobile devices
  • Connects to favorite analog devices for additional listening variety
  • Fits conveniently in a standard On-Q enclosure for easy installation and repeatability
  • Intuitive app control via Apple or Android smartphones or tablets

Deliver Safety & Assurance with the NEW HD Indoor and Outdoor IP Cameras!

Perfect for watching over a home – inside or out – the NEW On-Q IP Cameras offer clear high-definition imaging and convenient viewing via computers or mobile devices, so that customers can always feel safe and assured, even while away.

Legrand - CM7100_angle_2On-Q Indoor IR HD Desk/Wall Mount IP Camera (CM7100) Features include:

  • 720P Hi-Def at 30 frames per second (FPS)
  • IR operation for 24/7 protection, even in total darkness
  • Offers monitoring through any Android or iOS device
  • Installs on-wall or on any flat surface, with both Ethernet (POE) and WiFi configurations
  • ONVIF compliant for viewing on compatible monitoring software
  • Supports SIP/VOIP for two-way audio using the built-in microphone and speaker


Legrand - CM7000_angle


On-Q Outdoor IR HD Bullet IP Camera (CM7000) Features include:

  • 720P Hi-Def at 30 frames per second (FPS)
  • Wide angle 3.6 mm lens for broader views
  • IR operation for 24/7 viewing, even in total darkness
  • Offers monitoring through any Android or iOS device
  • Mounts over any standard electrical box or low voltage ring, and connects via Ethernet (POE)
  • ONVIF compliant for viewing on compatible monitoring software
  • Uses Bonjour and UPnP protocols for convenient auto-discovery on both PCs and Macs
  • Supports two-way audio through external microphones and speakers (sold separately)



Lilin_LogoLILIN Americas now offers full 360° field of view coverage with its FD2452E panoramic IP dome camera. Now you can fully monitor a large area with a single camera! The FD2452E also delivers true day/night functionality, 2D WDR, 2-way audio, built-in video motion detection with on-camera recording capability and free 36 channel recording software. It is perfect for restaurants, retail, casinos, hotels and other commercial space requiring professional-grade video surveillance.

Lilin - FD2452The FD2452E’s Award-winning features include de-warping technology that transforms the fisheye image into two 180 degree views, four 90 degree views, or any combination of these three views.  This provides for an easy-to-monitor interface that covers a whole room.

Additional features include digital pan-tilt-zoom which enables quick scanning of a large space (within the live view), true day/night functionality for 24/7 surveillance, two-way audio speaker and microphone, 2D wide dynamic range to enhance detail in scenes where bright highlights and dark shadows would otherwise saturate it, and 3D noise reduction technology to provide the FD2452E with excellent low light performance.  Integrated audio and video motion detection is included to provide reliable security monitoring and recording in addition to standard edge recording (using an optional Micro SD card) that can act as a backup in case of network issues, or to allow the camera to be used as a stand-alone monitoring tool. PoE support makes installation and maintenance quicker and easier with fewer cable runs giving you the maximum amount of coverage with the least amount of labor.

For more information, please visit, or e-mail us at



planararclogo_NewsletterPlanar Expands Clarity Matrix Video Wall Line with Two New Ultra-Narrow Bezel Models



New 3.7mm bezel models make award-winning Clarity Matrix the most comprehensive
line of video wall displays in the market

Planar announced two new ultra-narrow bezel LCD models in its line of Clarity™ Matrix LCD Video Wall System with G2 Architecture, bringing superior visual performance to an even wider variety of video wall applications.

Planar - clarity-matrixg2-scada-webThe two new Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture options include a 46″ model with 800 nits brightness and a 55″ model with 500 nits brightness. The new models feature a tiled bezel width of just 3.7mm (0.15 inches) between adjacent LCD displays for a near-seamless image.  In addition to the new offerings, Planar has also extended video and power transmission capabilities on its entire family of Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall models to support distances of 500 feet (150 meters).

Earlier this year, Planar set new technological benchmarks with the introduction of its new G2 Architecture for the Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall family, as well as its first LED LCD video wall model with a tiled bezel width of 3.7 mm. Now, with the additional ultra-narrow bezel models, as well as Planar’s interactive touch and 3D models, the award-winning Clarity Matrix family of LCD video wall solutions features the broadest line of ultra-narrow bezel displays in the industry.

Unique Design Delivers Slim Profile and Mission-Critical Reliability

Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture video wall displays are built for 24/7 reliability in the most mission-critical control room environments, as well as digital signage.

The expanded line-up offers even more flexibility to meet a wide variety of installation challenges. The Clarity Matrix video wall system design eliminates the need for AC power outlets behind the displays. With the electronics and power supply off-board, the weight, depth, heat and potential points of failure can be placed in a convenient location for easy maintenance. Built-in video extension capabilities have been expanded so electronics can be co-located with the source up to 500 feet (150 meters) away from the video wall. A single remote power supply module can power up to six displays.

Together, the technological advances and award-winning design of Clarity Matrix gives customers a comprehensive, cutting-edge video wall system designed to reduce total-cost-of-ownership.
Planet Waves New LogoPlanet Waves Custom Installation was born out of D’Addario & Co Inc. Planet Waves guitar and audio accessories business in 2004-05. D’Addario & Co is world largest manufacturer of musical instrument accessories in 1998 D’Addario acquired Planet Waves a leading producer of guitar straps and accessories and quickly expanded the product offering to include innovative tuners, capos and cable products for professional musicians.

In 2001 Planet Waves introduced a new innovative coax cable system branded Cablestation where a guitarist or audio professional could quickly assemble mono patch cables with limited tools, and no soldering required. The system quickly garnered praise from the audio and musical world for its quick efficient coax termination method which prompted D’Addario to consider alternative markets for the products.

2004 Planet Waves Custom Installation division was born after much research, and analysis determined the most applicable market to be the mid-to-high end residential audio video installation community. With a careful eye on meeting the requirements of the discerning professional installer/integrator PW CI introduced a full line of cables and connectors at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association’s EXPO in the fall of 2005 held in Indianapolis.

Planet Waves CI quickly became a success as the termination process for its unique coax solution made installation of component video, digital audio, and distributed audio solutions significantly simpler and more efficient as it had done in the Music products market place.

Over the years that followed Planet Waves CI has continued to innovate new connectivity products to meet the demands of our customers. The introduction of easy to use high quality HDMI cables, parts and accessories to help insure a solid connection, as well as speaker connectors that eliminate the requirement to strip the jacketing from the wire, and further enhancements to the unique Planet Waves Cablestation coax solution have maintained PW CI’s leadership position identified as providing value add products that help make our customers more profitable.





Pro Control FREE iOS License Promotion   Promo runs  through Dec 31, 2014


Show your customers the beauty of Pro Control’s iOS integration.  Adding an iPhone or iPad to a system is a breeze and adds WOW factor to every project!  It’s free to dealers, but don’t give it away– it is extra profit!

Buy a ProLink.z processor and get a free  iOS TWO user license

Normal Dealer Cost for iOS App is $119.00 !!

Buy a ProLink.r processor and get a free  iOS ONE user license

Normal Dealer Cost for iOS App is $49.00 !!






RTI KX Series


RTI_KX2RTI’s KX2 in-wall touchpanel’s 2.8” LCD display provides the vivid color and resolution necessary for displaying the custom programming needed for truly intuitive control while maintaining a budget friendly price. For added convenience, the controller also has 12 interchangeable hard buttons and a proximity sensor that automatically brings the unit to life when approached by an end user. The KX2’s infrared output port provides direct control of electronics, while the integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet port with Power-over-Ethernet provides two-way control and additional installation flexibility.

RTI_KX3Sporting a 3.5-inch color LCD display and five customizable hard buttons, RTI’s KX3 in-wall touchpanel keypad (coming in 2015) is a unique hybrid device that combines the capabilities of both a touchscreen controller and an advanced control processor within a single cost-effective unit. Offering the benefits of an internal control processor, the amazing controller features direct two-way control via IP and RS-232 and an astronomical clock — it even has a built-in 2.4 GHz ZigBee® antenna for connectivity with RTI wireless remotes. Other advanced capabilities include six voltage sense ports with sense-event capabilities, four relays for control via contact closure, an integrated camera and microphone, proximity and ambient light sensors, WiFi®, and more. The flexible KX3 can be used as an all-in-one, standalone solution for control over electronic systems or integrated as an in-wall touchpanel within a larger RTI control system.

The KX7 in-wall color LCD touchpanel provides complete, customized control over a building’s entertainment, environmental, and security systems. The 7-inch, 800×480 WVGA LCD provides ample space to easily create an intuitive user interface via RTI’s Integration Designer® software that is tailored to the specific needs of each installation. In addition, the KX7 supports crystal-clear composite, S-video, or component analog video on its dazzling display. A slim profile and sophisticated design conceal the amazing power of this unit, such as wired 10/100 Base-T and wireless 802.11 Ethernet, direct control via IR and RS-232, video from network security cameras, and convenient programming.



Salamander Logo



Introducing an evocative selection of textured, custom entertainment cabinets from Salamander Designs.

The Chameleon Collection uniquely expresses the fusion of art and technology with four, trend-setting cabinet styles that range from light to heavy texture in various finishes:

Salamander_texturedcabinets_ProductFeature* Berlin – wavy texture, rich Wenge
* Chicago – tall grass texture, Black Oak
* Denver Oak – bark texture, Natural Oak
* Denver Walnut – bark texture, Medium Walnut

Built on a unique aluminum frame designed to provide a strong and flexible furniture platform that permits a wide variety of bolt-on options and accessories.

Design your own custom cabinet at Salamander



New Savant LogoUS Consumers are eager for the ‘Internet of things’ in the home, Savant survey reveals

Cost savings, safety and security cited as primary drivers behind smart home adoption



Savant®, the leading luxury smart home technology company, today released new survey results revealing that more than half of consumers in the United States believe that home automation will be an everyday feature in less than 10 years from now, and nearly one-fourth saying that the technology will be an everyday feature in less than five years.

The survey further reveals that control/ease of use (69 percent) and convenience (58 percent) are the most important features for consumers when purchasing a new technology. Cost savings (41 percent) and safety and security (35 percent) were cited as the two primary considerations among consumers for the adoption of smart home automation systems.

“Consumers have spoken and want convenience and ease of use from their smart home technology said William J. Lynch, CEO, Savant. “For almost 10 years now, people with Savant Homes have seen how much easier automation makes their lives, and we are committed to bringing this experience to more and more homeowners.”




Other important survey findings include:

  • When considering the purchase of a new technology, consumers ranked the following attributes as very important:
  • Ease of use (37 percent)
  • Convenience (38 percent)
  • Seamless integration (28 percent)
  • Low environmental impact (24 percent)
  • Personalization (32 percent)
  • Nearly half (47 percent) of consumers rate personalization as extremely/very important when purchasing new technology.
  • Women (49 percent) are more likely than men (34 percent) to find low environmental impact as extremely/very important when making a technology purchase.
  • Consumers 50 or older (77 percent) are more likely than all other age groups (62 percent) to find simple control/easy to use as extremely/very important when purchasing new technology.
  • Consumers between the ages of 35-49, along with those aged 65 or older, are more likely than younger consumers (18-24) to rank “cost savings” as their top consideration when purchasing new technology.



TruAudio Logo


TruAudio Continues Innovative Tradition with Three New Products

TruAudio, a global leader of premium architectural and outdoor speakers, brings three new cutting-edge products to their dealers November 25. Three new REV6P in-ceiling speakers, the SLIM-PWR44 powered soundbar, and the new Ascousticape 2 landscape speaker.

TruAudio delivers the next generation in powered soundbars

Tru - SLIM-PWR44Years of design and innovation brought about the incredible SLIM-PWR44 powered soundbar  with wireless technologies for an immersive listening experience.

The sleek 2.9-inch aluminum chassis is ideal for mounting to flat-panel displays.  Pair with two 4-inch long throw woofers for the low bass and excellent clarity throughout the listening range.  The built in wireless transmitter easily integrates with any of TruAudio’s subwoofer products.  Designed with Bluetooth® 4.0 Aptx for high-quality wireless music streaming from smartphones, tablets, and computers.

“In the months of beta testing, numerous TruAudio dealers have given us great feedback on the quality of sound and ease of installation of the SLIM-PWR44,” Wawrzyniak said.

TruAudio adds cost effective option to popular Revolve home theater series

Tru - REV6PGreat for lower-budget installs, TruAudio adds the REV6P-LCR.1, REV6P-LCR.2 and the REV6P-SUR.1 to the popular in-ceiling home theater Revolve series.  Even with a lower price tag, this series still utilizes the latest version of the patented frameless Ghost grill.  Coming in black, white, round or square, interior designers worldwide will love the many options of this new series.

“We wanted to provide a home theater system for the customer who wants quality surround sound, but doesn’t want the large price tag to go with it,” Kary Wawrzyniak, TruAudio’s executive vice president of operations, said. “We want to offer our dealers options to fit the budget of every home they’re equipping.”




Vaddio New Logo



Use ANY App on Your Device In a Meeting Room with Vaddio BaseSTATION – Now Shipping

Vaddio BaseSTATION Makes it Easy to Create BYOD-Ready Meeting Rooms

Vaddio is now shipping the BaseSTATION – a meeting room solution that enables participants to use their own personal applications on their own devices (tablets, laptops and network computers.)

Vaddio hires-BaseSTATION“It has become a norm to have your tablet, laptop or smartphone with you when you enter the meeting room,” explains CEO of Vaddio, Ed Ellett. “Mobile computing has defined how we work in the enterprise – mobile users want to share their content and collaboration tools with their own devices in the meeting room to local and remote participants. BaseSTATION enables the user to do exactly that. Any app on your device can now be used in your meeting room – it’s that simple.”

Users can share PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, participate in audio conferences and engage in high-definition videoconferencing using Skype, Microsoft Lync, WebEx or any other UC application of their choice.  BaseSTATION allows any application to be shared or collaborated in the meeting room.

Designed for small huddle rooms, BaseSTATION includes the necessary peripherals to create a high quality, presentation and group collaboration experience. The system connects to an existing monitor via HDMI and includes an 82-degree wide horizontal field-of-view high-definition camera and a control interface with built in microphones that connect to your device via HDMI, VGA or USB.

BaseSTATION has the ability to work with any OS and any computer application that supports USB.  As a result, users can truly plug and play their devices and use the collaboration tools of their choice to present, collaborate and educate in their meeting room.




 Vutec ArtScreen featuring QMotion 

Vutec - ArtScreenVutec has created an innovation in media concealment with ArtScreen powered by QMotion. When integrators run into an application where they need to conceal a display that cannot be retrofitted with electrical the ArtScreen powered by QMotion battery operated product easily fit over mounted or recessed displays.

There is no other retractable framed artwork that is battery operated. The ArtScreen product line can be in hands one week after artwork approval. The ArtScreen by Vutec product line can be fully customized with several variations of art prints, frames, and liners to choose from.


Integrator Benefit
When integrators run into an application where they need to conceal a display that cannot be retrofitted with electrical the ArtScreen powered by QMotion battery operated product easily fit over mounted or recessed displays.