D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.

Atlona - LogoAT-LINE-PRO4- GEN2

Looking for the perfect switcher for the analog sunset? This versatile Atlona switcher/scaler allows for multiple digital and analog inputs to be scaled to a single HDMI output. The on screen display gives the ability to change audio, scaling, and resolution options. With additional functions such as RS-232 and IR control the LINE-PRO4 is easier than ever to control or integrate with a preexisting system.

Atlona - LinePro4The Atlona LINE-PRO4 simplifies classroom or boardroom system design and installation by offering both digital and analog inputs that enable integration of both new and legacy sources with HDMI displays.

With multiple inputs it is often difficult to get them all to display just right, but the built in scaler in the LINE-PRO4 takes away the hassle. Simply choose your output resolution from 640×480 to 1920×1200 or 480i to 1080p and all your inputs will be scaled to the correct resolution.

Embed audio from a DVI source to HDMI or de-embed audio from any of the connected devices to an amplifier. The LINE-PRO4 passes through any analog or digital 2Ch audio signal to ensure the best presentation available.

Connect a wide variety of devices to any of the LINE-PRO4’s built-in inputs including 4 HDMI, 3 VGA, 1 Component, 1 composite, and one S-Video. Use DVD players, computers, cameras, and many other devices in your presentations without the need ever to disconnect a device.

For applications where the display is located too far from the switcher to use traditional cabling such as HDMI, the LINE-PRO4 can be paired with any of Atlona’s transmitter receiver HDBaseT extender pairs to allow for reliable transmission of signal up to 230 feet or 70 meters.

To learn more about Atlona’s HDVS family of products and to view our other products please visit us online at


Clare-Controls-Corp-logoClare Controls CLIQ Modules Streamline Project Integrations

Members of a family of products that are effortlessly combined in personalized configurations, Clare Controls CLIQ modules were designed as a smarter way for integrators and end users to unify audio, video and control experiences.

EClare Control - CLIQ.stack-frontach CLIQ module performs a dedicated function. By collapsing a generous array of common interface elements into a single unit, the first member of the family –   the controller – significantly lowers overall system cost, helps “foolproof” project configuration, and reduces the field tech’s time-to-install. These traits are indispensible in emerging mainstream markets, where opportunity is huge and margins aren’t.

Clare Control - CLIQ.stack-backIn larger projects, the will be deployed with one or more CLIQ.connect modules, which multiply the system’s I/O interface options for easy, inexpensive upward expansion. CLIQ modules contain auto-discovery technology that works with system software to render the units seamlessly interoperable. Up to three CLIQ.connect modules can be stacked onto a, and the system architecture supports adding future application modules with near-zero configuration.

The modules are interconnected via the ClareBus, a concealed integral connection that is made automatically when the units are stacked. A single point of power, data, audio, and control interface between stacked CLIQ modules, the ClareBus eliminates the need for external wiring between components. This speeds and optimizes integration, sidestepping common problems caused by missing, improperly placed, and/or defective jumper cables.


crestron_logo-210Crestron Now Shipping the First All-in-One Solution for Audio Streaming

Crestron’s new Network Stream Player (CEN-NSP-1), gives each member of the family complete audio freedom. The player provides both wired and wireless options for streaming music from iPod®, iPhone®, or iPad® to a Crestron audio distribution system.

Crestron - CEN-NSP-1_FrontAnyone in the home can access all their iTunes® music while controlling the listening experience with a Crestron app or touch screen. With the new player, homeowners get an all-in-one streaming solution in a compact, budget-friendly package.

Listeners can use AirPlay® to instantly connect with their own dedicated network stream player, turn on the home audio system, and enjoy their favorite music from any app – all with just a single tap on the device in their hand. When integrated with a whole house audio system, such as Sonnex®, the family member can use the Crestron app on their device (or a Crestron touch screen) to direct that music to any room or every room in the house. This opens the door to literally any Internet radio service with an iOS® app.

In addition to wireless AirPlay connectivity, the network stream player enables connecting an iPhone, iPad, or iPodCrestron - CEN-NSP-1_Back to a player via USB 2.0 using any Apple dock and/or cable. Wired connectivity opens up a world of possibilities with Crestron control and Apple services, including integration with iCloud® and iTunes Match®.

Homeowners can browse, search, and select among songs, albums, artists, and playlists from either the Crestron app on their Apple devices or Crestron touch screens. Since the content is on the wired device in the rack, homeowners don’t have to carry around their personal device if they don’t want to, and the music never “drops out” due to inconsistent Wi-Fi connectivity or when the phone rings.



Need Back Support?

Fortress - ba1Fortress lumbar-arrows

It’s good to have options, especially when it comes to seating comfort.  With the touch
of a button, the motorized lumbar accessory will provide just the right
amount of support you require.  Pillows optional.

 Other concealed options included in this beautiful Bel Aire Sectional are pocket arms, front access cup holders and chaise lounge storage.

Made in America
Distributed Globally




eiki_logo_enEiki International Inc. introduced several new models of LCD and DLP projectors at this year’s infoComm 2014 Show in Las Vegas, NV. 

Highlighting the list was the EIKI EIP-UHS100; an 8,000 lumen WUXGA Single Chip DLP® Projector with a full range of digital inputs including DVI-D, HDMI & 3G HD-SDI.   User-changeable color wheels to optimize brightness or color, and a selection of seven optional lenses make the EIKI EIP-UHS100 a versatile installation projector.  An 8,500 lumen native XGA version, the EIKI EIP-XHS100 is also available.

Eiki LC-WAU200In the Classroom and Meeting Room series the new EIKI LC-WAU200 Super Short Throw LCD projector was demonstrated.  This projector features a 0.46:1 short throw lens with native WXGA resolution, 3,200 ANSI lumens brightness, and 3000:1 contrast ratio.  Digital HDMI input, a 7W sound system and built-in network control capabilities round out this full featured projector.  For a native XGA model, try the 3,300 lumen EIKI LC-XAU200.  Both models will be available August 2014.

For high brightness in a small package, you may be interested in the new EIKI LC-WBS500.  Offering native WXGA resolution at 5,100 lumens, this LCD projector gives you the best color saturation and high contrast while weighing in at less than 10 lbs.  This fixed lens projector also offers Horizontal and Vertical lens shift – unique at this size and price point.  The LC-WBS500 and the 5,600 lumen native XGA version, the EIKI LC-XBS500, will be available in September 2014.


ICRealtime Logo





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September 11-13, 2014

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kramer logo




Kramer Introduces the VIA Collage

Kramer Electronics announces the VIA Collage wireless collaboration device which allows people to Meet Smarter.  The VIA Collage solves BYOD challenges and provides for the seamless and effective integration of PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices into any meeting for the corporate, hospitality and education markets.

Kramer - VIA CollageMeeting attendees can easily create and edit a common document using their individual devices.  Anyone connected to the VIA Collage can contribute to the main document at any time.

One of the most impressive features is that any document created during a meeting, stored on the VIA Collage or residing on the device of anyone connected to the system can be instantly saved to the devices of all meeting participants. The Interactive whiteboard function on the VIA Collage allows multiple users to annotate, edit or highlight the current document or even a frame of video via their touch enabled devices.

One of the strengths of the VIA Collage is how it effortlessly handles full motion video.  Instead of streaming choppy 30 frame per second video from a user’s device, video is streamed to the VIA Collage and even 1080p HD material is played back smoothly at 60 frames per second.  The unit even has an HDMI input to allow the integration of an external video source to a meeting.

Up to 6 presenters’ screens can be displayed on a single display device and up to 12 can be shown simultaneously when two display devices are used. The VIA Collage also supports third party video conferencing applications such as

Skype®, Go To Meeting®, Lync® and WebEx® allowing for remote participation. The digital canvas created by the Collage allows meeting participants to all work on the same document in real time and save the results to their device.  Kramer’s VIA Collage – Because Imagination is Boundless.




Don’t Miss Out on the Summer Fun!

Summer is finally here, don’t miss out on great Wi-Fi coverage because you’re enjoying the warm weather. Our XAP-1040 is a high performance outdoor access point that is weather resistant and provides 4 times that of traditional Wi-Fi coverage. Now you can be barbequing on the patio while checking email, lounging by the pool checking Facebook; or playing in the yard and getting the latest sports scores.  Now you don’t have to miss out on summer the summer fun. You can get excellent coverage both inside and outside the home with Luxul’s XAP-1040.

Luxul-XAP-1040-rtThe Luxul Xen™ High Performance Outdoor 802.11n Wireless Access Point (XAP-1040) provides superior Wi-Fi performance in a ruggedly elegant weather resistant (IP-66 compliant) enclosure. It implements Luxul’s exclusive and patented Xen3D™ technology to deliver 4 times the coverage of traditional Wi-Fi equipment. It is simple to install and is a great choice for delivering coverage to outdoor areas or as a point-to-point/point-to multipoint bridge solution.

To find out more about the XAP-1040 or any other Luxul products click here.






noble fidelity





Noble Fidelity L-85 mk II loudspeaker

Noble Fidelity L-85 mk IITuned for high fidelity and linear performance in standard drywall construction, the award-winning L-85 mk ll is an 8-inch, 2-Way In-Ceiling or Wall high-performance loudspeaker. It utilizes a far-forward native yellow, square-woven Kevlar woofer mounted in a small footprint diffraction limiting frame together with a pole-mounted soft dome, lens-free Ferro Fluid cooled tweeter with 1-inch voice coil. This excellent design avoids the diffraction and near-field boundary distortions that plague many other in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeaker designs. Grilles are frameless-bezel less, low profile, ultra-fine perf, magnetic stainless steel held firmly in place with 24 beveled neodymium magnets. Both round and square grilles are included. $899/pair.




planararclogo_NewsletterNow Available! Revit Files for Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture and Planar UltraRes Series UR8450

3D Models Now Available for Select Planar Large Format LCD and Video Wall Displays


Planar - revit-clarity-matrix-screen-capture

Autodesk Revit 3D BIM models are now available for Clarity™ Matrix Video Wall with G2 Architecture and Planar® UltraRes™ UR8450 displays in addition to Planar® UltraLux™ Series LCD and Planar® Mosaic™ Architectural Video Wall displays (see “Documents” section on each product page to download Revit files). The availability of Revit models is part of Planar Systems’ ongoing commitment to provide architects, designers and specifiers the tools necessary to learn about and specify Planar products into their designs.





proSlim Pro Audio Technology Subwoofer Ideal for Multi-Sub Surround Systems

Pro Audio Technology (PRO), the leader in loudspeakers and DSP-programmable amplifier systems for home theaters and audio systems, is rolling out the LFC-12v subwoofer, a compact, high-output low-frequency performer ergonomically suited for distributed audio systems or as an affordable side or rear subwoofer inPro Audio - lfc_12v multi-sub theater systems. Measuring 14” wide by only 6” deep, the LFC-12v is designed to provide a shallow in-wall solution for installations where high-performance bass output is needed but space is at a premium.
The LFC-12v employs a professional grade 12-inch woofer rated at 700 watts of power handling.  Its large 4-inch voice coil is designed for greater heat dissipation and thermal stability, assuring long hours of high-output playback without concern of driver damage or sonic compression.  The subwoofer’s high sensitivity (96dB with 1 watt at 1 meter) and four port design further insure a dynamic and impactful performance, while requiring a fraction of the power necessary to achieve high output levels when compared to traditional subwoofer designs.  Once paired with its PRO amplifier, the LFC-12v provides DSP optimized performance, resulting in highly articulate bass reproduction.

With its cinema-quality bass reproduction, maximum output levels greater than 117dB, and new lower price point for this level of bass performance, the LFC-12v is expected to be a very popular solution for a broad range of applications and is available now. For more information, please visit:





RTI has recently introduced the RP-4 control processor, the CX7 countertop/under-cabinet touchpanel, and the next-generation AD-4x and AD-8x audio distribution systems.



The RP-4 processor is designed to provide reliable one-way operation of electronic systems in single-room installations. The unit boasts an integrated 433-MHz RF receiver, four assignable IR ports with adjustable output, two voltage sense inputs, and two programmable relay outputs; all in one compact, affordable package. Perfect for use with any RTI 433-MHz wireless interface, the processor also supports one-way control via the RTiPanel app, allowing users to incorporate their smartphones and tablets easily into their control system.

RTI_CX7Designed for hard-wired installations on a countertop or under a cabinet, the sleek CX7 touchpanel stands out from the pack with a number of flexible installation options. For example, analog audio and video inputs — composite, S-video, and component — allow users to view and listen to sources such as satellite TV on its adjustable-tilt, 7-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen LCD and integrated stereo speakers. The unit also features wired and wireless Ethernet for two-way control and digital video (motion JPEG). In addition, a built-in camera and microphone will offer intercom capabilities in the future.

The AD-4x and AD-8x audio distribution systems provide switching, amplification, and distribution functions for whole-house or facility-wide audio. Containing both a matrix switching pre-amp and built-in 25-watt-per-channel Cool Power® amplifier, the units achieve amazing flexibility with four and eight local audio source inputs, respectively, that can be further enhanced with remote sources. The devices feature built-in Ethernet for two-way control and feedback over the LAN, while new Web-based interfaces allow for simple configuration via any Ethernet-enabled device. Up to eight AD-4x and AD-8x units can be stacked for a maximum of 64 output zones, while pre-outputs enable the connection of amplifiers for even more power and speaker outputs.










Enhanced and More Affordable Music System Offers the Savant Experience to a Broader Audience of Homeowners

Savant_Sound_NEWSavant Systems, a leader in smart home technology, announced new products in its Smart Series lineup. Smart Series offers the world’s most advanced smart home experience to a broader range of consumers around the world. The enhancements include updates to its Savant Sound™ products that enable homeowners to enjoy their favorite music in any room and control it through a single award-winning app on their mobile devices.

The Savant Sound suite features a new unified media server and amplifier, allowing users to automatically save and control their music mixes. Whether users want to create a new Pandora® Internet Radio station based on what is playing at that moment or create a custom playlist from other streaming music services like Spotify®, they can quickly access the media server and control their audio entertainment through Savant’s user-friendly app. With Savant Sound, customers can listen to their favorite music including: Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM®, and other popular streaming services.


Savant Smart Series provides the most premium yet affordable smart home solution for customers, offering control of Savant products – and thousands of third party home products across entertainment, comfort, lighting, and safety – through one award-winning and easy-to use application. Complete Smart Series packages start at $1,599 US MSRP with multi-room solutions costing as low as $1,000 US per room. The new Smart Series product line is available now through Savant’s network of over 1,500 Savant Certified Integrators spanning 35 countries.