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Anthony Gallo2014 Second Quarter Newsletter

In celebration of our 20th anniversary this year,  Anthony Gallo Acoustics is launching a quarterly newsletter. Welcome to the second edition of the Anthony Gallo Acoustics newsletter! We’ll be sending this out on a quarterly basis, keeping you up with news about our latest products, tech tips from our founder and chief engineer Anthony Gallo, and more.

Summer is here, and it’s time to talk about … speakers? Well, when is it not a good time to talk about speakers?

The harsh winter in the Northeast gave our founder and chief designer Anthony Gallo plenty of time to work on new projects. And to put together his thoughts on some of the innovative technologies he’s employed over the years, but never really explained in depth to anyone outside the company. So we thought we’d devote this edition of the Anthony Gallo Acoustics newsletter to explaining S2, a Gallo-exclusive technology that overcomes the one serious technical challenge that round speaker enclosures present.

If there’s anything you’d like to see discussed in our newsletter, or any topics you’d like to see Anthony tackle, please e-mail us at

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Atlona - Logo


The AT-UHD-SYNC has been designed for residential and commercial channels as a 4k HDMI testing device and to resolve and restore signal interoperability between an A/V source and a video display or projector.

Atlona - AT-UHD-SYNC


This device replaces the current HDSYNC, sold individually and within KIT-PROHD3 testing kit.  The primary use of the UHD-SYNC is to test and resolve HDMI signals distributed though CAT cable switchers, extenders or AVR solutions.

There are several challenges that installers often run into, they include:


  1. HDMI 1.2 source devices don’t support the clock stretching protocol standard of HDMI 1.3/4versions resulting in loss of A/V signal.
  2. A/V signal is intermittent or not passing at all.
  3. Troubleshooting the root cause for no picture or sound.

The AT-UHD-SYNC solves these challenges in several ways:

  1. Atlona Signal Regeneration feature ensures HDMI 1.2 sources will pass A/V signals to a TV.
  2. Resolves and restores A/V signal with stored/learned EDID files.
  3. UHD-SYNC LED status indicators show HDCP compliance, 5v source transmission and sync Hot plug event confirmation. Possible indication of cable distance limitations, incorrect termination or break/short in one of twisted pairs. If hot plug event doesn’t occur, TV to source reporting for EDID/HDCP will prevent A/V signal transmission.

Integrate the UHD-SYNC between any HDMI source output and input of an HDMI switcher/AVR or TX extender. The UHD-SYNC:

  •  Ensures interoperability, and highest performing A/V signal between any source and video display
  • Resolves no video transmission, intermittent flashing video, snow or purple colored picture symptoms.

To lean more about the M2C and the rest of the Atlona family of products please visit us online at


Clare-Controls-Corp-logoCLIQ.lite Drives Automation Entry Point Lower in CLIQ Family Update

CLIQ.lite module further strengthens company’s stake in the exploding mainstream market

Heralded as “the shape of things to come,” in mainstream automation, initial deliveries of Clare Controls groundbreaking controller and the accompanying CLIQ.connect expansion module take on an important new dimension with the simultaneous release of the CLIQ.lite controller.

Clare Controls CLIQ.lite_photoClare Control - CLIQ liteThe CLIQ.lite module supports scaled versions of all of Clare’s most popular lifestyle applications, including lighting, security integration, climate, and IP CCTV, as well as the multi-room audio and integrated video entertainment capabilities that separate real automation from DIY kits and telco/cableco add-ons.

The CLIQ.lite module ships in exactly the same hardware configuration as the full-featured, but at half the price.  Limitations on the number of devices a CLIQ.lite host can control are unlocked via a software license purchased separately by Clare dealers, endowing the CLIQ.lite controller with the’s full capacity.  Further expansion is possible through the addition of up to three new CLIQ.connect modules, each of which essentially doubles the’s inbuilt I/O.

With the CLIQ.lite module providing an even more accessible entry point than the, the CLIQ family now gives Clare’s channel partners an absolutely unprecedented level of freedom to offer mainstream customers affordable luxury-level automation packages, with simple, documented growth paths as their needs evolve, and as new applications become available.


Core Brands Logo



Core Brands is now shipping the much anticipated Niles Auriel™ MRC-6430 whole-home audio controller. The next-generation, easy-to-install, and easier to enjoy MRC-6430 puts up to six distinct music sources at the user’s fingertips and lets them easily play different music in up to six rooms.

Niles-MRC-6430-fullPowered by the new Niles Auriel software and app, the MRC-6430 is the first-in-its-class multi-room audio chassis that integrates multi-room audio and home theater control in a way that is both simple for the installer to set up and easy for the homeowner to enjoy.

“We’re making multi-room audio simpler than ever to install and use,” Yann Connan, Core Brands’ Director, Audio Segment, said today. “We developed the Auriel software platform to show them just how accessible it can be. With any smartphone, tablet or computer running Auriel, users can quickly select what source they want to play and in which rooms they want it to play. We had the system integrators in mind as well. Auriel delivers the flexibility to include both IP and IR controlled devices, complete GUI generation and six routable IR outputs for external component control. Auriel is wizard-based to reduce installation and set-up time to a fraction of other multi-room systems.”

The Niles  MRC-6430 makes it possible to listen to any source, in any room, at any time – even if someone is already listening to something different in another room. This means mom and dad can relax with smooth jazz in the kitchen while guests enjoy classic rock in the living room and the kids sing along to top 40 hits in the backyard.

Visit for more information.


crestron_logo-210Crestron20” HD Touch Screen Display with Capacitive Touch Now Shipping

Crestron recently announced its next generation V-Panel 20” HD Touch Screen Display (TSD-2020), which sets a new standard of performance for large-format touch screens.

Crestron - TSD-2020_PR_CompThe ultra-thin TSD-2020 integrates beautifully into virtually any residential or commercial environment, replacing separate touch screens, TV displays, and computer monitors with one gorgeous device. It offers a bright, modern appearance in any room, excelling as a home controller and television display for a luxury kitchen or bedroom, as a presentation control panel for a university lecture hall, or as a video control surface for corporate and government command centers. In addition to lectern, articulating arm, and VESA mounting options, Crestron announced that a flush-mount wall bracket for the TSD-2020 will be available soon.

The TSD-2020 merges Crestron capacitive touch technology with HD video to create a stylish and versatile touch screen display. Its generous 1920×1080 screen offers multi-window display of HDMI® and other video sources, as well as an ultra-wide 178 degree viewing angle. With three times the contrast ratio of earlier Crestron V-Panel displays, the TSD-2020 delivers excellent shadow definition and deep color saturation. The result is a rich, immersive user-experience that looks and feels like the latest Crestron TSW touch screens—only much larger.

To enhance presentations with the TSD-2020, built-in annotation allows users to write over video images or sketch out ideas on a whiteboard screen with the included touch pen.

Now shipping, the TSD-2020 is an exceptional HDTV, computer display, and integrated touch screen control in one.

To learn more visit,


draper_logoDraper Wins Best of Show InfoComm Awards

InfoComm 2014 was another exciting and successful show for Draper, which walked away with “Best of Show” awards for two products.

Draper’s Profile fixed projection screen received a NewBay Media “Best of Show” award from AV Technology Magazine. The Profile’s sleek, mitered frame has a 3/8″ wide black bezel. The face of the frame is less than 1¾” from the wall; a beveled back gives the appearance of floating in front of the wall. The Profile uses Draper’s patented Fabric Retention System, for proper viewing surface tensioning.

“We were really happy to see this recognition of the Profile’s benefits,” according to Bob Mathes, Draper’s AV/Video Market Manager. “The Profile’s streamlined appearance will certainly let us bring the advantages of projection into more spaces.

Draper_Profile_smDraper’s TecVision Engineered Screen Technology was also honored at InfoComm. TecVision received a NewBay Media “Best of Show” award from Government Video Magazine. Available in six formulations, TecVision features both white and grey 4K-ready surfaces, five of which are certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). Instead of using “mass-production” methods, TecVision screens are individually formulated, programmed, and manufactured for quality, consistency and uniformity. TecVision was also recognized as an “InfoComm Hot Product” by editors of the InfoComm Daily.

“These recognitions of TecVision underline our belief in what this product line has to offer, according to Mathes. “ISF certification. 4K ready. The ability to match a screen’s specifications to the room and the use. What more could you ask for in a screen surface line?”

For more information on the Profile, visit For more about TecVision, go to



You Design It… We Build It

This sectional was designed to move on a motorized floor.  Just another example of Fortress customization.  If you want custom furniture you should be able to specify design and dimensions.  Whether enjoying a movie or entertaining, Fortress gives you the opportunity to be creative.

See what Custom REALLY is all about

Made in America
Distributed Globally



GoldenEar_Logo4CGoldenEar Technology Announces Top-of-the-Line Flagship Triton One Now Shipping

GoldenEar’s Triton Floorstanding Tower Loudspeakers have redefined the concept of ultra-high-end performance at remarkably affordable prices.  They have won virtually every significant award and are best sellers all around the world. Now, GoldenEar Technology is pleased to announce the new flagship to the Triton Series, the highly anticipated and award winning Triton One, will begin shipping to dealers this week.

GoldenEar - TritonOne_Pair_TransGoldenEar - TritonOne_Pair_TransTritoneOne_Pair_TransThe Triton One is an evolutionary speaker that includes and builds upon all the advanced technologies that have made the Tritons famous. Perfect for two-channel music or multi-channel music and home theater, The One is a sleek 54” tall tower that, like the Triton Two and Triton Three, houses a superb built-in powered subwoofer with 1600 watt ForceField digital amplifier.

GoldenEar founders Sandy Gross and Don Givogue pioneered the concept of built-in powered subwoofers in 1995 and have been refining it ever since. Although the elimination of separate subwoofer boxes from the listening room is certainly a desirable benefit, the real reason for building in the subs is the achievement of far superior integration of the low frequencies with the rest of the loudspeaker system. While clearly important for movies, this is a tremendous benefit and absolutely critical for music.

The upper-bass/midrange and high frequencies are handled by a D’Appolito Array of two GoldenEar engineered spider-leg, cast-basket  5-1/4” drivers that surround our signature High Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR™) tweeter. Our extraordinary HVFR tweeter, which generates high-pressure by squeezing the air, rather than pushing and pulling it like conventional domes or ribbons, offers improved dynamic range and smooth response extending beyond 35kHz, without the break-up modes and zingy sounding distortion common to other tweeter types.

The One‘s sleek, narrow cabinet, with its non-parallel walls (which dramatically reduce internal reflections and standing waves), is not only a gorgeous form factor, but results in noticeable performance benefits including very low coloration as well as the superior box-less imaging that all GoldenEar speakers are famous for. The result is a superb reference home audio and home theater loudspeaker, already honored by the prestigious 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award and a Sound & Vision Top Pick , that has performance equal to, and in many cases surpassing, speakers selling for ten times its cost.



ICRealtime Logo




Visit IC Realtime at CEDIA EXPO BOOTH #776

Introducing At The Show: An Industry First 720 Degree Surveillance Camera

IC Realtime 360cam-2014-20140113-eg-0011


IC Realtime expo-exhibitor-ad-728x90



kramer logoKramer Manages Bidirectional Ethernet to Serial Conversion

New Kramer Tools for the communication pipeline give installers the ability to control their AV devices from up to 40 PC hosts
The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH are members of the new Kramer family of high−performance, easy−to−use, bidirectional hardware and software interface systems. The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH can enable control of RS−232 and/or RS−485 controllable machines via an Ethernet LAN. These products give installers the ability to implement simultaneous control over several AV devices (the number depends on exact model) spread throughout an installation by offering bidirectional Ethernet to serial conversion. Each product operates as a network server, which means they accept network connections, but do not initiate them.

Kramer - fc-21ethAll setup and maintenance of the FC devices are managed by built−in web pages, which are accessible through any common web browser. The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH offer 1/2/4 (respectively) serial ports for AV device control with one of them being a RS−232/RS−485 dual−use serial port.

The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH all support network connectivity, which allows users to connect a Kramer (or other) device via its RS−232 or RS−485 port to an Ethernet LAN. These products are also able to control up to three RS−232 devices and one RS−232/RS−485 device/s (FC model dependent) via Ethernet from a PC and can control a device from multiple Ethernet points (up to 40 PCs or remote controllers), via a LAN or the Internet. In addition, these products include Windows® based Virtual Port software for setting up virtual ports on a PC.

The FC−21ETH, FC−22ETH and FC−24ETH also feature easy setup and configuration of the FC devices through their built−in web pages (compatible with most common web browsers), remote firmware upgrades, and 1U rack space with the optional rack adapters




Good Looks, Even Better Sound – Meet the Contemporary 5.25” Bookshelf Speakers by Legrand

The new Contemporary 5.25″ Stereo Bookshelf Speakers by Legrand look fantastic, and sound even better.

Legrand_MS65265Providing rich, clear audio that is crisp enough to show off every note, the speakers include a 5.25″ woofer and 1/2″ soft dome tweeter, and combine with an integrated acoustic isolation pad for superior performance and stability. Sized for bookshelf or tabletop placement, the speakers offer convenience as well as quality, and perfectly complement the NuVo Player Portfolio through their sleek, modern design – all for a home audio solution that boasts both super model looks and rock star sound.

For more information on the Legrand Contemporary 5.25” Bookshelf Speakers, click here.



Lilin_LogoMerit LILIN is a leading provider of analog and IP video surveillance solutions with drivers available for AMX, Control 4, Crestron, RTI, Savant, and Universal Remote Control.  In addition, Elang! integrates with products using the popular ONVIF interoperability.  The FREE LILIN viewer application is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to view your commercial business or residence remotely.

Lilin - indoor speed dome-ILILIN is helping drive down IP system costs with the new Z Series™ of high-definition IP dome cameras featuring time-saving “one click” auto focus. By giving you the ability to remotely and automatically focus (or refocus) cameras from distant locations, Z Series cameras can reduce installation time by as much as 40%.  Model ZR6122 with built-in IR illumination is widely used for outdoor applications.

LILIN’s IPS5204ES Full HD 1080p Indoor Speed Dome IP Camera featuring 20X optical and 12X digital zoom (240x total zoom) is bringing optimum surveillance to retail outlets, banks, casinos and other indoor environments with the ability to capture the smallest of details such as license plates and facial characteristics.  The weatherproof IP66-rating of the outdoor IPS4204S means that it is protected against dust and rain, therefore qualifying it for use outside in a variety of demanding outdoor environments. LILIN’s impressive FD2452 5-megapixel CMOS sensor panoramic dome camera provides high-resolution images, while enabling viewing resolution of 1920 x 1080 at up to 30FPS through the use of its fisheye lens providing a 360 degree view of the entire scene.  Finally, LILIN’s innovative NVR Touch benefits from touch-screen operation (which includes highly intuitive smartphone-style features like ‘pinch and zoom’), while offering a superb standalone solution for managing and recording IP cameras for projects of all sizes.  For more information, please visit or e-mail us at


noble fidelity





Noble Fidelity L-85 mk IIBeyond its products’ audio quality, Noble Fidelity stands out for its strict adherence to exclusivity. The units are not sold online, not available through national or regional distributors, and not part of any buying group. Direct dealers enjoy protected geographic territories.

Four articles/reviews, in particular, stand out on the benefits of having the Noble Fidelity line that feature quality, selectivity, and experience, including:

Noble Fidelity to Host Upcoming D-Tools Webinar!

“Dealer Opportunities with Noble Fidelity” to be presented Tuesday, October 14th from 10 – 11:00 a.m. PDT.

Click here to register.



NuVoThe NuVo Player Portfolio – Offering a Better Home Audio Experience, Even for the TV

Combining the power and pristine sound of NuVo amplification with cinematic synchronicity, the Player Portfolio’s Local Line In feature offers customers a truly superior listening, and viewing, experience. Implemented to keep audio and video carefully in sync when using a NuVo player, and its corresponding speakers, with a local video source, the Local Line In feature is easy to enjoy.

NuVo_P200Within the app, a user simply chooses the appropriate zone from the audio selection pane, and then selects the zone’s corresponding line-in. The audio is then played and controlled from the source, and this feature is local to an individual zone.

Bring the sound of the theater to the comfort of home, with NuVo’s Player Portfolio.


For more information on the NuVo Players, click here.




Lowell Manufacturing Launches New Website

Intuitive Interface, Speed and Flexibility Are Key

Lowell Manufacturing Company, a U.S. manufacturer of Lowell_siteprofessional AV products, launched a new Web site earlier this week according to MarCom Manager Kathy Lane. The new site boasts intuitive architecture, new graphics, and a product search available on every page. “We designed the site for speed and ease-of-use,” said Lane, “so customers can more quickly locate the right rack, power or audio product and its related accessories.”

The site was also designed to accommodate portable devices with a dynamic display that adjusts to fit tablet-style computers. Lowell’s new Web site can be viewed at






planararclogo_NewsletterPlanar Accelerates Adoption of Ultra HD with New 4K Displays

At InfoComm 2014, Planar announced it is expanding its 4K product offerings with new displays ranging in size from 28” to 98”.  The new displays, which were showcased at InfoComm, include additions to two popular Planar product families – the Planar® UltraRes™ Series and Planar® EP-Series™.  Planar also unveiled its new Planar® IX-Series™ 4K desktop monitor.  Learn more.

Planar - 4k-product-lineup-nobackground-logo




RTI has recently introduced the RP-4 control processor, the CX7 countertop/under-cabinet touchpanel, and the next-generation AD-4x and AD-8x audio distribution systems.



The RP-4 processor is designed to provide reliable one-way operation of electronic systems in single-room installations. The unit boasts an integrated 433-MHz RF receiver, four assignable IR ports with adjustable output, two voltage sense inputs, and two programmable relay outputs; all in one compact, affordable package. Perfect for use with any RTI 433-MHz wireless interface, the processor also supports one-way control via the RTiPanel app, allowing users to incorporate their smartphones and tablets easily into their control system.

RTI_CX7Designed for hard-wired installations on a countertop or under a cabinet, the sleek CX7 touchpanel stands out from the pack with a number of flexible installation options. For example, analog audio and video inputs — composite, S-video, and component — allow users to view and listen to sources such as satellite TV on its adjustable-tilt, 7-inch multi-touch capacitive touchscreen LCD and integrated stereo speakers. The unit also features wired and wireless Ethernet for two-way control and digital video (motion JPEG). In addition, a built-in camera and microphone will offer intercom capabilities in the future.

The AD-4x and AD-8x audio distribution systems provide switching, amplification, and distribution functions for whole-house or facility-wide audio. Containing both a matrix switching pre-amp and built-in 25-watt-per-channel Cool Power® amplifier, the units achieve amazing flexibility with four and eight local audio source inputs, respectively, that can be further enhanced with remote sources. The devices feature built-in Ethernet for two-way control and feedback over the LAN, while new Web-based interfaces allow for simple configuration via any Ethernet-enabled device. Up to eight AD-4x and AD-8x units can be stacked for a maximum of 64 output zones, while pre-outputs enable the connection of amplifiers for even more power and speaker outputs.







Sonance, the inventor of the In-Wall and In-Ceiling speaker category, has started shipping the evolution of its Architectural Series, featuring the “Discreet Opening System” to match small aperture downlights.

Sonance Architectural Series delivers the ultimate blend of high performance and premium aesthetics. The totally flush and bezel-less grilles disappear into the surrounding ceiling surface while the state-of-the-art driver materials and cutting-edge design sets a new standard in audiophile sound quality.

Sonance - AS38_93041_Angle_FrontAppealing to the Architect and Designer market, the Discreet Opening System features a 4” (102mm) round or square grille that exactly matches the footprint of trim-less, flush downlights to achieve continuous sight lines. The system utilizes four AS38RS 2-Way Speakers combined with either one or two BPS6 Bandpass Subwoofers to deliver best-in-class clarity, detail and bass response. The Satellites and Subwoofer utilize the same grille size and shape for consistency, while the configuration delivers more even coverage and superior tonality throughout a space than traditional loudspeakers.

For higher ceiling installations or clients seeking very high volume levels, the AS68RS offers the same flush and trim-less aesthetic in a 6.5” 2-Way Speaker. The independently pivoting Woofer and Tweeter allow the Speakers to be installed for best aesthetic while sound is directed for optimum performance and coverage.

For those seeking the ultimate sonic performance, the all-new BPS8 Bandpass Subwoofer can be combined with four AS68RS Speakers to achieve the SPL of a large Speaker system with the less obtrusive, medium-sized aesthetic.

The TRUFIG®-inspired mounting platform deliver a high-quality, repeatable installation process in drywall, plaster, wood and other solid surfaces, while the magnetic precision grille leveling system ensures a simple and perfectly-flush grille fitment every time.

For more information speak to your Sonance Rep or go to:


TORUS POWER LOGO 2013-SEP Gladstone MediaGot 240V gear? There’s a Torus Power product for that too

Did you know that Torus Power equipment is used all over the world? In North America we often take our 120V 60Hz electrical supply for granted but most of the world uses 50Hz electrical systems running at 220, 230 or 240V.

Torus - WM100insideTorus Power’s experience serving the far corners of the world means that even if you have ultra-high-end audio or video equipment that is designed to run on a 240V supply Torus Power has a power conditioning product that will enhance the performance of your system and protect your valuable equipment.

There are existing Torus Power designs that are designed for loads up to 35000VA (35kVA). If you have a mix of 120V and 220/230/240V equipment that needs clean power in abundance, there are Torus Power models that can fill the need. And if your need is a special one that is not met with an existing Torus Power design, let us know. If you’re serious about performance and protection we would be glad to work with you to design and build the power conditioning product of your dreams.


Wyrestorm_logoCOMING AUGUST 2014!

WyreStorm EX-SDI-50 single cable HDMI over SDI cascading point-to-point extender set capable of transmitting lossless 1080p HD video@60Hz and multi-channel HD audio up to 50m (164ft) using copper-core 75Ohm WF100 coax cable.

Comprising of a transmitter and receiver, the EX-SDI-50 features full 3D compatibility, 24bit True Color, embedded EDID to manage the EDID handshake between devices to aid communication, and includes wide-band, two-way control from either source or display location via IR and RS232 with full support for leading third party control systems.

Featuring twin synchronous SDI outputs on the EX-SDI-50 transmitter, a signal can be sent in two different directions to create a cascadable splitting system feeding different locations by pairing a single transmitter with multiple receivers, with a SDI loop out on each receiver enabling the daisy-chaining of several receivers to create larger, multi-location distributions.  (additional RX-SDI-50 receivers sold separately)

Wyrestorm - RX-SDI-50 1The EX-SDI-50 is designed for residential or ProAV applications where use of coax to distribute and control HD signals is either required due to retrofit installations where existing coax cabling infrastructure must be used, or preferred for its low loss at high frequencies; vital for cable/satellite television, cable modem installations as well as commercial applications such as security/surveillance, broadcast television and film production in studio or location, video conferences, electronic teaching, in fact, any and wired network area where the extension and amplification of SDI transmission is needed.

EX-SDI-50 HD/SDI Extender Set –

RX-SDI-50 HD/SDI Display Receiver –