New_MVP-150x150D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.

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Proudly celebrating ten years of product quality, opportunity and support.

We’ve spent the last decade building a company based on our core values: focused product design that adds value to your business, followed up with exceptional support. To celebrate Atlona’s birthday, we want to thank our customers with a new industry-leading 10 Year Limited Warranty and expanded Atlona Advantage partner programs.



Atlona’s 10 Year Limited Warranty is the best in the business.

Atlona’s service and support lasts long after the sale. Our partners can specify, purchase, and install with confidence, knowing they have the industry’s best protection even if they never need it.


Drop it in. It’ll work or we’ll replace it.

Atlona is celebrating ten great years by offering the best product replacement agreement in the business. Our products are free from defects in materials or workmanship and will perform as expected upon installation.







BitWise Controls is pleased to introduce the newest version of their integrator software, Project Editor 1.9. 

The latest version of Project Editor was developed to support the newly released BC2 automation controller and the new BitWise IR database. Project Editor 1.9 is backwards compatible with the BC1 and BC4 controllers, allowing them to “import” IR devices by converting common and obscure codes from the new database.


The Project Editor software was designed to allow integrators to easily design complex automation systems without requiring a knowledge of code. The flexible program allows systems to be built in shorter periods of time without sacrificing power or customizability. Additionally, Project Editor gives integrators the ability to tailor control apps for iOS and Android devices to fit the exact needs of the client—whether it’s a residential project or a multi-building commercial design.










The featured sectional is representative of the FORTRESS philosophy ‘You should get what you want’. This sectional was

designed to the exact dimensions specified by the homeowner.  The four center seats facing the screen all recline individually, supporting conversation as well as viewing. Fortress believes if you want custom furniture you should be able to specify design and dimensions.  Whether enjoying a movie or entertaining, FORTRESS gives you the opportunity to be creative. See what Custom REALLY is all about at

Photo Courtesy of Eagle Sentry, Las Vegas NV
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Video surveillance products brand IC Realtime has developed a cost-effective thermal imaging surveillance camera for the residential and light commercial markets.  Called The SEEKER, the camera captures people, objects and activity in total darkness with complete accuracy and is impervious to adverse weather conditions.  The SEEKER retails in the $3,000 price range and is shipping now.

THESEEKERIC Realtime is well-versed in high-end thermal surveillance gear, having supplied the military and other government agencies for many years.  According to Sailor, the goal behind The SEEKER was to make this technology available to the custom residential and light to medium commercial markets at a more cost-effective price.  The company leveraged its acumen in this arena along with recent lower costs of thermal components.

The infrared thermal detectors utilized in The SEEKER are composed of Vanadium Oxide (VOx).  The de facto standard for ‘uncooled’ thermal imaging detectors, VOx produces results 3 times better than detectors composed of Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) or Barium Strontium Titanate (BST) (used with a lens of the same relative aperture).







Key Digital® Presents New Champion Series™ HDMI Matrix Switchers 

Key Digital® presents new Champion Series™ HDMI Matrix Switchers, designed for residential installations where reliable, easy, and value-oriented HDMI connectivity solutions are needed. The Champion Series™ matrix switchers are equipped with the latest advanced HDMI features, such as capability to pass 3D stereoscopic signal formats.

Key Digital® Champion Series™ HDMI Matrix Switchers, KD-4x8CS, KD-6x6CS, KD-8x4CS and KD-8x8CS, are designed and engineered to offer the best in quality, performance, and reliability, while providing cost effective HDMI matrixing solutions. KD-4x8CS, KD-6x6CS, KD-8x4CS and KD-8x8CS enable any HDMI source to be viewed on any HDMI Output/Display at any time and in any combination. KD-4x8CS, KD-6x6CS, KD-8x4CS & KD-8x8CS maintain crystal-clear, pristine picture and sound quality, while supporting all HD and SD video standards, including 1080p/60 and 3D, and is switchable via pushbutton, IR, and RS-232 control.

Key Digital® Introduces Breakthrough HDMI Extender KD-CATHD500Pro 

Key Digital® is proud to introduce FatCat Series™ model KD-CATHD500Pro HDBT/HDMI Extenders, the newest digital video distribution solution. This HDBT/HDMI extender is designed for residential applications where long CAT6/STP cable runs are impeding digital video signal transmission.

The FatCAT Series™ KD-CATHD500Pro HDBT/HDMI (Tx/Rx) Extenders extend 1080p/60, 1920×1200, 3D signals up to 400 ft. via single Key Digital® KD-CAT6STP1X Super CAT6  Shielded cable, or up to 300 ft. using a single third-party CAT6 shielded cable. KD-CATHD500Pro carries IR and RS-232 for controlling remotely located equipment. Ethernet ports allow 10/100 LAN Network extension.

KD-CATHD300Lite – New HDMI Extender by Key Digital®

Key Digital® introduces the newest digital video distribution solution, FatCat Series™ model KD-CATHD300Lite HDBT/HDMI Extender. This product is designed for residential applications where long CAT6/STP cable runs are impeding digital video signal transmission.

The FatCAT Series™ KD-CATHD300Lite allows extension of 1080p/60,1920×1200, 3D signals up to 250 ft. when using Key Digital® Super CAT6 Shielded Cabling (Model # KD -CAT6STP1X) or up to 200 ft. when using third party CAT6/STP cabling. KD-CATHD300Lite carries IR and RS-232 for controlling remotely located equipment.

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Kramer Introduces the 1:2 VM−2DP and the 1:4 VM−4DP DisplayPort Distribution Amplifiers

Kramer Electronics is pleased to introduce the VM−2DP and the VM−4DP DisplayPort distribution amplifiers.
The high−quality VM−2DP 1:2 DisplayPort Distributor accepts a DisplayPort (DP) input signal and distributes it to two DisplayPort (DP) outputs. The 1:4 VM−4DP accepts a DisplayPort (DP) input signal and distributes it to four DisplayPort (DP) outputs.
The VM−2DP and the VM−4DP share the same features: a maximum data rate of 10.8Gbps (2.7Gbps per graphic channel)vm-2dp and a maximum resolution capability of 2560×1600 @60Hz. Both units are also HDTV compatible and HDCP compliant.
The VM−2DP and the VM−4DP feature Kramer’s I−EDIDPro™ Intelligent EDID Processing™, in which an Intelligent EDID handling & processing algorithm ensures Plug and Play operation for DisplayPort systems. The VM−2DP and the VM−4DP also feature Kramer’s Equalization & re−Klocking™ Technology, which rebuilds the digital signal to travel longer distances.
The VM−2DP and the VM−4DP vary only in size and the number of outputs. The VM−2DP is a compact DigiTOOLS®: 3 vm-4dpunits can be rack mounted side−by−side in a 1U rack space, whereas the VM−4DP is a standard 19” rack mount 1U size. The unit’s rack “ears” are included.
The VM−2DP and VM−4DP are ideal for home theater, rental & staging, and presentation & multimedia applications.
The VM−2DP and VM−4DP are currently in stock and can be ordered from Kramer Electronics sales companies around the world.




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Wide-reaching ‘Trimless’ Architectural speaker range promises the easiest way to fit ‘invisible’ high performance sound.
The new Monitor Audio line-up of in-wall and in-ceiling speaker models offers a wealth of choice, technology and performance to the installer. Seventeen models ranged across four audio quality standards incorporate innovative features to take the complexity out of speaker selection and installation.

In-wall and in-ceiling designs are available in 6.5-inch and 8-inch versions, all with stealthy trimless grilles for low-profile installation.

Features & Specifications

Trimless Grilles – The grilles attach magnetically to the speaker frame, allowing
easy removal and re-fixing in seconds. Their stealthy appearance favours
discreet, décor friendly installation.UnitBack_2
Patented Tri-Grip® Fixing Clamps – These mounting clamps feature three
clamping points per dogleg, providing three times the clamping surface area of
conventional single-point clamping speakers.
Easy Handling during Installation – All models feature protective crossover
covers designed to prevent the ingress of loose building materials and dust into
the drivers and crossover. The protective covers also make handling easy, and
protect the crossover components from damage during installation.
Adjustable Response Controls – Optimum imaging and set-up are established
via pivoting tweeters, pivoting IDC driver modules, high-frequency, midrangefrequency,
and/or boundary compensation controls (depending on model). The
boundary compensation control provides a gentle midrange roll-off response
while preserving extreme low frequency output when the speaker is placed close
to ceiling and wall boundaries.
Weather Resistant – All models will resist high humidity and ultraviolet light and
can be placed in bathrooms and pool areas.


noble fidelity

The Award Winning Noble Fidelity L-85 8″ In-Ceiling loudspeaker is now the L-85 mk II.

The mk II conforms to the new frameless convention with edgeless/rim-less Micro-Perforated grilles held in place by 24 ultra-high flux, rare earth magnets.  An outer diffraction ring has been designed and added to further address our focus on minimizing diffraction, early reflections, edge/boundary distortion, Et al.NF L-85 mk ll

Many Integrators have looked, or better said, “listened” past the sound quality of Noble Fidelity due to our here-to-fore visible frame look.  Now, those keenly focused on fidelity & aesthetics will find us present in both regards.

The “works” of the L-85 which are essential to it being so well-liked, are un-changed, only the mounting frame structure and grille have changed. The Driver compliment and Crossover elements have not been changed pursuant to reducing our cost of manufacture or our maintaining an expected or popular price point.  This is an aesthetic upgrade to an already wonderfully musical loudspeaker.

Both round grilles and square grilles with radiused corners are included.  Square grilles afford the versatility to mount L-85 mk II’s in walls with a proper In-Wall look as well as offer the option of a square footprint in ceilings.

The Noble Fidelity L-65, L-65 SPS and L-85 SPS models are included in this aesthetic upgrade. For more information please visit






SAVANT® adds Listen Technologies to Partners in Excellence Cooperative Program

Savant Systems, LLC has announced the addition of Listen Technologies to their PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE cooperative program. Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE initiative has been targeted to achieve global compatibility between Savant’s control systems and a diverse group of best-in-class manufacturers from the audio, video, lighting

control, HVAC, and security

industries, as well as value-added partners from many related markets.

Listen’s wireless digital conferencing products provide an enhanced audio experience for anyone attending a board meeting, conference session, or larger classroom environment. Savant recently completed development of their profile for Listen’s wireless digital conferencing products, thereby making them much easier to integrate and control within the Savant platform. This new profile will dramatically cut back on software development time for integrators. Savant’s control systems now provide an intuitive interface for any end-user to operate the Listen wireless conferencing systems.

Participation in Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE cooperative program will facilitate the seamless integration of Listen Technologies’ products within the Savant system environment. The core of Savant’s technology is an open programmable platform built upon the Mac OS X operating system supporting various communication protocols and offering high speed A/V switching, scaling and processing. Savant’s PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE program will open new doors for participating manufacturers seeking to expand their business in a rapidly growing industry.


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TruAudio Introduces New Line of Projection Screens

TruAudio is now offering a comprehensive line of dedicated Custom Integrator (CI) projection screens. Screens will include fixed-frame, motorized in-ceiling, floor-rising, curved, acoustically transparent and rear-projection screens. These projection screens will include 8 different categories: standard fixed frame, fixed acoustic, fixed curve and motorized screens will include standard, in-ceiling, tension, twin and floor rising. cinetension2169

The fixed frame projection screens boast an HD 3.5” flat frame and a 4K curved frame model – an industry award winner. These cover the gamut of home theater room applications and are available in either a 16:9 HDTV or 2.35:1 Cinemascope aspect ratios and can be ordered with white, grey, acoustically transparent or rear projection screen surfaces. The wall/ceiling electric products include tension-tabbed screens which are also available in multiple aspect ratios and screen materials. For in-ceiling applications, TruAudio has a Plenum-rated integrated solution that is fully compatible with home & commercial automation systems.

By introducing these projection screens, TruAudio offers their dealers a complete and extensive line of screens that is fully protected – not sold on the internet. These screens also come with the industry’s best warranty and are very competitively priced.