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Crestron introduces new intelligent power supply for motorized shades

New 10-Shade Power Supply and Cresnet Hub (CSA-PWS10S-HUB) deliver a big boost to Crestron shade motors and big advantages for shading professionals

Crestron announced today the launch of their new intelligent power supply (CSA-PWS10S-HUB), which can power up to ten Crestron shade motors of any kind, each with its own replaceable fuse. The built-in integrated five-segment Cresnet hub provides an isolated control network for each pair of shades, therefore limiting the impact of any wiring faults. The CSA-PWS10S-HUB replaces all current Crestron multi-shade power supplies and is the perfect companion to Crestron QMT (Quiet Motor Technology) shade motors.

Quick troubleshooting

No other shade power supply offers such robust built-in diagnostics, enabling you to:

  • Automatically shut down the branch with the fault
  • Identify wiring issues such as shorts and crossed connections quickly and easily without a multi-meter
  • Trigger program events based on problems detected by the power supply (e.g. notices on touch screens and emails to service department).

Convenient controls

  • The handy master raise/lower pushbuttons on the supply housing make it simple to test for proper shade operation prior to system commissioning – without the need for a connected control system or computer.

Flexible installation
The power supply ships ready to mount on the wall. It’s also available in a pre-assembled, UL listed bundle with a 1×1 CAEN enclosure(CSA-PWS10S-HUB-CAEN-1X1) that can be surface or recess mounted.

Learn more
See how the new 10-Shade Power Supply and Cresnet hub can make your shading installations easier and more profitable.





Matinee Theater Chair

Seating Designed to Your Specifications


















Looking for a classic? The clean, crisp lines and extraordinary comfort of the Matinee may be for you.  Whether viewing a movie or enjoying the company of family and friends, the Matinee is a great choice.  As with all of Fortress seating, everything is customizable and designed to suit your lifestyle.

Visit more Matinees here:

Made in the USA for over 70 years

11969 Arrow Route ~ Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 ~ 800.873.2828









New Product Release:

  • KD-HD8x8Lite: 8 Inputs to 8 Outputs HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switcher. Includes 8 KD-CATHD250POHRx Receiver Extenders
  •  KD-HD6x6Lite: 6 Inputs to 6 Outputs HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switcher. Includes 6 KD-CATHD250POHRx Receiver Extenders
  • KD-HD4x4Lite: 4 Inputs to 4 Outputs HDBaseT/HDMI via Single CAT5e/6 Matrix Switcher. Includes 4 KD-CATHD250POHRx Receiver Extenders

All include:

  • Compass Control® Inside:
    Key Digital’s Compass Control® control system is built-in
  • Advanced HDMI: 3D, 4K, Audio Return Channel support.
  • Internal EDID and Full Buffer Technology.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty



  • KD-CATHD250Lite: HDBaseT/HDMI “Lite” via Single CAT5e/6 Extenders with Full Buffer System/IR (TX/RX)
  • KD-CATHD250POH: HDBaseT/HDMI “Lite POH” via Single CAT5e/6 Extenders with Full Buffer System/IR/Power Over HDBT (TX/RX)




New Compass Alliance Partners (CAP™)

This year we are excited to introduce more manufacturers to the Compass Alliance Partners (CAP) list, bringing more integration options to the Compass Control ecosystem.




noble fidelity







Noble Fidelity L-85 mk II













Recently, Residential Systems magazine editor Jeremy Glowacki had the opportunity to both discuss Noble Fidelity’s company philosophy, history, and market campaign with Noble Fidelity principal Greg Ford, as well as demo the company’s road cases in his home in order to see (and hear) for himself how NF reps can demo the award-winning L-85 mk II in-ceiling/in-wall loudspeaker system to potential dealers. “It’s a small brand, for sure, but one that has a lot to offer a dealer that knows how to sell audio,” said Glowacki. To read the entire article, please visit:





SAVANT® Ships Wi-Fi® Remote Control

New user interface offers sleek design and sophisticated functionality at an affordable price

Hyannis, MA. January 6, 2014 – Savant Systems, LLC has announced that the Wi-Fi®-based Savant Universal Remote unveiled at CEDIA Expo 2013 is now shipping to authorized dealers. This sleek new $399 solution has been designed for the modern media room, providing intuitive control of an entire audio/video system along with connected devices such as distributed audio, lighting, climate control and other features within a residential or commercial setting. Similar to Savant’s existing user interface options, the Savant Universal Remote is self-configuring once connected to the network, eliminating the complex programming associated with competitive products. The new universal remote from Savant expands the brand’s presence in the growing connected home marketplace with a versatile and affordable Wi-Fi-based solution that is ideal for full- featured, value-oriented control packages.

The Savant Universal Remote supports a menu of screens for controlling services throughout the home or workplace, and because it utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity, users can control devices without pointing or aiming—no direct line of sight is required. “Wi-Fi is the worldwide standard for residential and commercial wireless networking, and this new remote will affordably deliver the control capabilities our customers want by leveraging the network that already exists in their home or business,” explained Savant’s Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Jim Carroll.

The Savant Universal Remote features a 1.7-inch color display and backlit buttons, which clearly illuminate essential navigation keys. The Savant Universal Remote has an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the hand, featuring a customizable color display and a full complement of hard buttons for frequently used functions. Savant’s new universal remote delivers unmatched value by bringing sophisticated functionality to a budget-friendly control solution. Features include two-way feedback from supported devices and transport buttons enabling users to navigate Savant’s award-winning TrueCommand™ on-screen navigation technology. When used within a Savant control ecosystem, the Savant Universal Remote is capable of two-way Wi-Fi communication, giving users control of intelligent devices and subsystems from anywhere in the house or facility. If the Savant Universal Remote becomes lost or damaged, no programming is required to activate a replacement—simply log the new remote onto the network and full functionality will automatically be restored. Savant authorized integrators can also upload feature changes and firmware updates remotely, adding value for users while enhancing overall efficiency. The Savant Universal Remote is shipping now. MSRP is $399 including charging dock.


Savant Universal Remote Feature Summary

  • Full color 1.7-inch display accommodates custom buttons, text and graphics
  • Extremely bright, backlit keypad buttons for easy use in any lighting conditions
  • Thirty-five assignable/programmable buttons with common navigation and transport buttons
  • Intuitive layout of keypad buttons for commonly used functions
  • Ergonomic design permits effortless one-handed operation
  • Two-way feedback from compatible devices using Wi-Fi and Savant Solutions
  • Customizable and programmable Extremely wide Wi-Fi transmission frequency range
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Customization is quick and efficient using RacePoint Blueprint™ design tool


William J. Lynch Appointed CEO of Savant Systems

Hyannis, MA – January 28, 2014 – Today, Savant Systems, LLC, a leader in smart home products and technology, announced William J. Lynch has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Robert Madonna, the company’s founder and CEO since 2005 will continue to help steer Savant’s innovation in his ongoing role as the Chairman of the Board.

Savant Systems has seen rapid business growth as smart home technology continues to penetrate the luxury residential market. The company provides homeowners seamless, simple and reliable management of “the internet of things” within their home, easily controlled on their iOS and Android devices. The center of the Smart Home, Savant technology enables management of appliances, home theater, music, security, thermostat, lights, energy management, automated shades and more – from anywhere.

Lynch’s appointment comes at a time when the company is expanding beyond its well-­‐ established high-­‐end residential market leadership, for the first time ever offering mass market consumers the ability to deploy a Savant Smart Home previously available only to the wealthy. The company recently announced a highly anticipated new system, launching this spring, that leverages its proven technology to bring smart features and the Savant experience to a broader audience. The new system will be offered through Savant’s dealer network (comprising 1,500 authorized dealers and retail outlets spanning 35 countries). According to MarketsandMarkets, the value of home automation and controls market is projected to grow to $48.0B by 2018 from $19.1B in 2012.

“To take the innovative Smart Home platform the Savant team has built and refined over eight years, and be able to offer to a broader consumer audience for the first time is an incredible opportunity,” said William J. Lynch, CEO of Savant Systems. “Until now, the business has been concentrated in the luxury housing market. Starting this spring, we’re delighted to be able to offer incredible home automation, built upon the rigorous engineering principles that Savant established and continues to uphold, to the mass market. We look forward to working with our valued dealers to bring Savant Smart homes to millions of consumers. It’s an exciting time to be joining the company.”

Lynch, the former CEO of Barnes & Noble, transformed the bookseller into the leading retailer of content, digital media and reading devices. Lynch was responsible for leading the creation of the critically acclaimed NOOK devices and software and brought them to the consumer market. Under his leadership, Barnes & Noble introduced many award-­‐winning, popular devices, including the world’s first Android color tablet and the first commercially successful touch eReader. During his tenure, more than 10 million devices were sold and the company achieved a strong share of the U.S. eBook and digital magazine market. Prior to Barnes & Noble, Lynch held leadership and executive positions at HSNi, IAC, and Palm Computing.

“We have always strived to take the complexity out of the smart home, offering the best technology and the highest-­‐quality products. We’ve established leadership in the high-­‐end residential segment, and will offer the same Savant quality experience to create smart homes in the broader market,” said Robert Madonna, Chairman of Savant Systems. “William’s history of success with breakthrough product innovation, and his proven ability to connect consumers with sophisticated, yet easy-­‐to-­‐use technology in a meaningful way, make him ideally suited to lead Savant Systems through this period of unprecedented opportunity and tremendous growth.”

Madonna is a successful technology entrepreneur whose first company, Excel Switching Inc., a provider of software and hardware technology solutions, helped change the telecommunications industry. The company went public in 1997 and was acquired by Lucent Technologies Inc. for $1.7B in stock in 1999.

A pioneer in automated systems, Savant Systems also offers connected technology offerings across a broad range of commercial sectors including enterprise, retail, education, arenas, government, hospitality and luxury transportation.