D-Tools MVP Manufacturer Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools SI software. Read on for the latest manufacturer company news and product updates.


Active Thermal Management 


Two New Thermal Switches  

Cool-control adds automatic operation to rack fans

Active Thermal Management, experts in quiet thermal protection, has announced the introduction of two new thermal switch accessories to their complete line of quiet cooling systems. Frank Federman, CEO, announced that the Cool-control switches were developed to add automatic temperature control to racks which are supplied with fans but without thermal controls.

Active Thermal SwitchTwo models will be available – one in a 1 rack unit high panel, the other in a free-standing case measuring 5.5” x 4.25” x 2”.   Both models feature a large lighted digital temperature display and a remote thermal sensor. Shipped pre-programmed, the turn-on and turn-off temperature settings are easily changed. Both versions feature simple plug-in installation.

Both models are available now. The rack-mount version, ATM part 03-124-01 will have an MSRP of $180.00. The free-standing version, ATM number 03-123-01 will have an MSRP of $170.00


Atlantic Technology’s New In-ceiling Speakers Ideal for All Object-Based Theater Sound Technologies

In the last several months, Dolby and Auro (soon to be joined by DTS) have introduced algorithms designed to envelop the home theater listener with a bubble of sound coming from above. All of these formats are modeled on the latest “object-based” sound systems and sound tracks that have been developed to provide the audience with a totally immersive sound field.

Atlantic - IC-6 OBA frontThe new Atlantic Technology IC-6-OBA In Ceiling Speaker contains a high dynamic range 6-inch woofer coupled with a pair of one-inch tweeters designed to produce a “wide scatter.” Most other in-ceiling designs tend to have a narrow dispersion and can create audible “hot spots” to listeners directly the below the speakers. By contrast, the Atlantic IC-6-OBA spreads out the sound field similar to what is actually heard in movie theaters where elevation speakers are usually 30 to 40 feet above the listener.

With the IC-6-OBA, sounds above will move in specific directions without calling attention to themselves as “speakers above your head.”

“It is the closest we can get to a true movie theater experience,” comments Peter Tribeman, Atlantic Technology’s President. “Once you have heard an object-based sound field using IC-6-OBA speakers, it is difficult to go back to standard 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.”

The IC-6-OBA speakers enter the market in February with a suggested retail price of $325 each.




Autonomic has announced the addition of a new AMX module, providing controllability between the AMX platform and Autonomic high-performance multi-zone Mirage digital amplifiers. Autonomic offers two whole-house amplifiers—one with outputs for four stereo zones (M-400) and the other with outputs for eight stereo zones (M-800). Both amplifiers deliver 100-Watts per zone. Mirage amplifiers also offer an array of source inputs (6 on the M-400, 8 on the M-800) and include extensive zone linking capabilities. In addition to connecting an Autonomic Mirage Music Player, the supplemental inputs enable easy integration of sources such as a cable or satellite set top box, CD player or other devices controllable within the AMX environment.

Autonomic_AMX_Mirage_Amp_Driver_amxMST-1001The new AMX driver version 1.0, available to authorized Autonomic integrators via download, offers control over each amplifier’s complete feature set per zone, from basic control of volume, mute, power, and source selection to advanced functionality such as maximum volume, mono/stereo selection, power-on volume, bass, treble, balance and other finite adjustments to ensure that each zone performs optimally. Both amplifiers are engineered to maximize the enjoyment of all entertainment sources throughout a multi-room installation of any size up to 96 zones. The renowned Mirage Music Players are the ultimate source of local and streaming music content and are engineered to work seamlessly with Mirage digital amplifiers and control platforms like AMX.

“The AMX module enables integrators to add Autonomic digital amplifiers to their tool chest of high performing digital amplification within AMX control environments,” explained Autonomic CEO Michael de Nigris. “Our Mirage amplifiers offer both superb sound and increased flexibility, making it easier for integrators to deliver the finest whole-house music systems,” added de Nigris.

The new module including documentation is available immediately to authorized integrators for download:



da-lite logoDa-Lite Unveils Projection Screen To Rival Flat Panels

New Product Features Ambient Light-Rejecting Technology and Flat Panel Aesthetic

Parallax is the latest surface from Da-Lite, and features an advanced optical lens system that rejects light, rather than only diffusing light. This new technology mimics the look of a television when it is on and when it is off, but without the glare from windows or lighting fixtures.

“We are very excited to roll out this new technology to our customers,” said Melissa Rone, Senior Marketing Manager. “Sometimes consumers want the look and technology of a flat panel, but if the room is greater than 4.5 meters deep, a flat panel is too small. When a larger display is needed, Parallax can provide both the benefits of a brightly lit display that is black when it is not under projection, and accommodate sizes up to a 304.8 centimeter diagonal.”

Parallax is made up of multiple layers to achieve its light blocking properties and superior viewing angles. Special film layers block and absorb ambient light and improve contrast. A diffuser layer works to maximize half-gain angles up to +/- 85˚ while a black layer helps with contrast and color reproduction.

A protective low gloss top coating provides protection and reduces glare. The fixed frame screen is a flexible surface with a thin bezeled frame measuring 6.35 millimeters. Because it is designed to maintain higher contrast and color saturation in brightly lit environments, it appears that the display is a large flat panel. For more information attendees can visit booth 2-C42 or visit




EIKI just announced its new LC-WXN200L projector. It’s an excellent choice for business, church and the educational market when you need high resolution and brilliant images. With 6000 ANSI lumen brightness and a 2000:1 contrast ratio, you’ll get the beautiful images you always wanted.

The LC-WXN200L projector features Wireless LAN for monitoring and projector control, as well as power lens shift, edge-EIKI - LC-WXN200L 2blending and corner-keystone correction.

This cost effective projector has native WXGA resolution, and is compatible with inputs up-to UXGA and WUXGA. EIKI offers many optional lenses for this model, so the new
LC-WXN200L projector is the perfect fit for most mid to large venue installations.

Visit EIKI at to find your local dealer, or call 800-242-3454 for more information about the LC-WXN200L or any of EIKI’s wide selection of projectors.






ELK Products is pleased to announce the redesign of the ELK-6010 Two-Way Wireless Keyfob.  The new keyfob design is

ELK_6020BR-6010v2compact, stylish, and now features a replaceable battery!  ELK has also added a new product to the Two-Way Wireless line, the ELK-6020BR Slimline Door/Window sensor.   This brown sensor is ideal for door and window installations with narrow jambs.

ELK’s industry leading two-way technology provides advanced features to ensure reliability and overcome the vulnerabilities associated with conventional one-way wireless technology.  Utilizing cutting-edge techniques to defend against interference, hacking, and jamming, ELK’s two-way wireless products offer a more secure and dependable wireless solution.

Learn more about ELK’s Two-Way Wireless technology and view the full line of sensors at





As a custom installer you are selling a total solution and theater seating is part of that package.  The theater is a unique room with distinctive elements and the chairs are an integral component of the room.

Fortress can assist you with this process, with over 25 models to choose from and various price points, there is something for everyone.  Simply specify what you want and Fortress will provide you with a quote and layout.
Fortress - Feb 2015

Fortress is an American company, manufacturing high end furniture for over 70 years. All seating is made to order in the USA, and is completely customizable.  Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacturing of Fortress products, which provides your customer the fit, and finish you would expect from fine furniture.

 1721 Wright Ave. ~ La Verne, CA `~91750
Made in the USA for over 70 years






GoldenEar’s CES New Product Introductions Were an Award Winning Sensation!

The new Triton FIVE, a $999.99/ea Passive Floorstanding Tower (available next month), was a CES Mega-Hit, and the preview of the SuperSub XXL (available this summer), a $1999/ea Dual-Plane Inertially-Balanced, 1600 watt powered subwoofer, had everyone on edge.

The introduction of the Triton Five was a knockout, they sounded fantastic, looked great, and basically blew everyone’s mind: dealers, distributors and press alike. So impressed was everyone with the demos that we were honored with multiple awards:

  • The Absolute Sound: Best Sound (For the Money)Robert Harley
  • The Absolute Sound: Best Sound for the MoneyNeil Gader
  • Digital Trends: Digital Trends Best of CES 2015 NominationCaleb Denison
  • HD Guru: Top Pick Floorstanding Loudspeaker at CES 2015
  • Sound Advice:  Best Sound at the Show  – Don Lindich
  • Soundstage: Best Systems of CES 2015Doug Schneider


ICRealtime Logo





Are you waiting for the arrival of the “ALLIE”? 720 view technology? (pronounced ALL-EE, like selfie)

IC - IMG_1996

 Did you know that we already have 360 degree cameras in stock that will use this exciting new technology today?

IC - CES Cam1

ICIP-D2360 * ICIP-360L6 * ICIP-360L12

Note: 6 & 12 MP models will only record at max resolution with the NVR-8128 recorder (NVR-700N may be used for 3mp recording)

 Download the Free IC720 App from Itunes for Iphone and Ipad

 Visit  for more information on “ALLIE”



kramer logo




Kramer Welcomes Michael Baker as Collaborative Solutions Consultant

Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce Michael Baker has been appointed as a consultant for Kramer’s Collaborative Solutions Group, headed by Michael DiBella, VP of Collaborative Solutions. Baker will help provide strategic insight and direction for Kramer’s new VIA family of wireless collaboration products.

Michael BakerBaker will be instrumental in the promotion of VIA products by offering his knowledge and previous collaborative products experience within the ProAV and IT industries. Specifically, Baker will be key in developing brand awareness for VIA within vertical markets including corporate and education segments, with both end−users and integrators.

“We believe that Michael Baker is going to help us position our VIA products as the state−of−the−art offerings in all of our targeted vertical markets,” stated Dave Bright, President of Kramer Electronics USA. “The skill sets and previous experience he brings to this position is unparalleled. Michael is known as a pioneer in the wireless and collaboration fields, and he will be a valuable asset to the Group.

Baker comes to Kramer Electronics USA with a proven track record in AV, IT, and Video Conferencing markets. His most recent experience was as Executive Vice President of WOW Vision, where he created numerous successful opportunities and partnerships within the Education, Healthcare, and Corporate sectors. Kramer has since purchased 50% interest in the ten−year old wireless and collaboration company, WOW Vision.

Baker has vast experience in executive positions, such as strategic market development, sales, product development, and business development both domestically and globally.  He has worked at companies such as Polycom, ParkerVision, Sony, and Vaddio.  “I am extremely happy to be working with Kramer and the Collaborative Solutions Group,” Baker stated. “The VIA family is one of the most innovative product lines I’ve seen in our ProAV world. There are a myriad of opportunities for VIA to thrive within all vertical markets, and in particular in the higher education and corporate markets, and I am eager to begin pursuing them.”



Loxone_Logo1Loxone was founded in 2009, setting a new standard for home control, providing a comprehensive solution combining many industry standards.

In a Loxone Smart Home everything is brought together by the central hub, the Loxone Miniserver. The Miniserver can control everything under one roof, from lighting, shading and heating to intercoms, alarms, music, watering systems, energy usage and much, much more. The system can easily be extended at any time and is also perfect for the installation in existing buildings.  Currently, 30,000 Loxone Smart Homes already exist all over the world.

Loxone_Miniserver_PerspektiveLoxone offers a wide range of products needed to accomplish a complete, comprehensive smart home. From the Miniserver, to a wide varity of sensors, and even multiple options for LED lighting. You can get everything needed to create a Loxone Smart Home from this one-stop-webshop.  An absolute must for every integrator.

At Loxone you pay only for the hardware. All of the software products (configuration software and smartphone apps for Android and iOS) are completely free and available on the websites and the appstores. With the Loxone apps you have the current status of your smart home at a glance and you can even control it from wherever you are with a Wi-fi or cellular connection.

Loxone offers a varity of services to its Partners for no additional cost. Free support for system design, project planning, and technical support. Also available 24/7, our extensive online technical documentation.

For more info visit us online:




New “Top Ten” Feature for NuVo Players Means Faster Access to Favorite Music

NuVo_Top_Ten_iPhoneGranting faster access to the music listeners love most, the latest Player update* (version 1.11) introduces a “Top Ten” feature to the NuVo Player Portfolio, allowing users to preset up-to-ten favorite tracks, albums, or stations for an even more personalized home listening experience!

NuVo’s versatile Player Portfolio features incredible access to an expansive variety of audio sources, including streaming Internet Radio and networked libraries on PCs, hard drives, and even mobile devices. For more information on the Player Portfolio, visit

*A required Player App update for iOS and Android devices is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.







SE-5P2-EP 5 Port PoE Passthrough Switch

The first of its kind in the AV market! It is completely powered by a single PoE+ input AND outputs PoE on two ports. No AC power is required.

Pakedge - passthrough_diagramThe SE-5P2-EP Unmanaged 5-Port PoE Passthrough switch is designed to allow unmatched versatility and ease in any installation, while spending money wisely on network equipment. This switch allows for placement in non-traditional locations, including attics, crawlspaces, basements and access tunnels) by eliminating the need for AC power.  In addition, it eliminates the need for a second PoE switch downstream and allows you to maximize your existing PoE+ switch.

Key features of this switch include

  • Powers up to 2 PoE devices
  • Extends data and PoE power by 300 feet
  • No new electrical wires – perfect in areas with no AC power outlets (attics, crawlspaces, basements, access tunnels)
  • Ideal for retrofits, remodels and network extensions
  • Eliminates need for a second PoE switch downstream

For more information, please visit



Pro-Control-LogoPro Control Releases Two-Way Drivers Across a Spectrum of Devices

New Drivers Enable Integration With Nest®, Sonos®, Lutron® Casétaand More!

Pro Control announced that several new two-way drivers are available with the release of the latest version of Pro Control Studio® programming software. Developed by Pro Control, these new drivers enable seamless, intuitive control over a broad spectrum of products including NEST® thermostats, Sonos® wireless audio systems, Lutron® Caséta lighting controls, and Anthem® receivers, as well as Sony projectors, JVC projectors, Epson® projectors, and Wirepath™ IP cameras. Using the new drivers, integrators can provide clients with powerful control and interactive functionality via their Pro Control Pro24.z remote or iOS device running the ProPanel App.

When using the Pro Control ProLink.z processor, the Nest driver allows users to easily adjust the thermostat directly from their Pro Control devices.  Additionally, the driver can monitor functions of the Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide alarm.  The new Sonos driver simplifies the control and feedback of Sonos audio components, providing integrators and end users an incredibly powerful solution for selecting songs, storing favorites, and adjusting audio settings on up to 16 media players. The new two-way drivers allow the Pro Control ProLink.z processor to control functions directly on some of the world’s most widely used home electronics. Installers can easily implement the new solutions without any licensing or instance expenses, resulting in a powerful, cost-effective innovation for today’s wireless installations.

The new Lutron Caséta two-way driver integrates with Lutron’s latest product offerings, including the new Caséta Wireless dimmers and Serena®, Sivoia® QS Triathlon®, and select Sivoia QS Wireless shades.

“Our latest software release speaks to Pro Control’s commitment to providing an affordable whole-home control solution with amazingly powerful integration options,” said Mike Everett, general manager of Pro Control. “Now, with two-way drivers for products like NEST thermostats, Sonos media streamers, Lutron Caséta lighting, and Wirepath IP cameras, we are doing more than simply responding to demand, we are delivering to our dealers a complete and affordable control solution.”



sonance NL





Building on the legacy of Sonance’s SonAmp 260 amplifier, recognized by CEDIA as the industry’s first distributed amplifier, Sonance introduces the next generation of class-leading amplifiers that are focused on cutting the time, materials, and effort needed for equalizing speakers in a space, as well was reducing the number of amplifiers needed.

Sonance - Digital StackAt the heart of the new DSP amplifiers is an IP configurable and controllable web-based software called SONARCTM (Sonance Advanced Room Correction). A true first in the custom installation industry, SONARC allows an integrator to select from hundreds of preset DSP curves that have been meticulously designed, tested, and customized for Sonance speakers. Simply choose the model number of the Sonance speakers in the space and SONARC will select the correct preset. These plug and play presets can save a tremendous amount of time during an installation, and further enhance the already pronounced sonic performance of the Sonance line of speakers.



Vaddio New Logo

Vaddio is pleased to announce the addition of Adrian Torres to cover west coast sales. Adrian brings over 15 years of experience in AV technology for manufacturers including Crestron and Extron.

Vaddio - AdrianAdrian will play an instrumental role in developing strong relationships in the PRO AV and Unified Communication channels in the West Coast region and will concentrate on Vaddio’s dealer/integrator development, communication and support within his assigned areas (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming).

“We are very pleased to have Adrian join the sales team,” said Tim Henry, VP of Sales at Vaddio.  “Adrian’s extensive background in the PRO AV marketplace and knowledge of the AV industry combined with Vaddio’s incredibly talented group of AV professionals will make him an extremely valuable asset to our team.”

Formerly a live sound and studio engineer, Adrian had the liberty of working in the studio with celebrity acts and running live sound in high-profile venues such as the Disneyland Resort. Prior to joining Vaddio, Adrian worked at Crestron where he worked closely with Commercial AV Integrators and managed a network of dealers.

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to come back home to the Vaddio family,” said Torres.  “As a former Vaddio rep, all I can say is the circle is now complete. Vaddio is composed of passionate and bold individuals that keep the company progressively innovative. With a history of breakthrough products and creative development, I’m beyond thrilled and privileged to join this team.”





Based on the same hardware as the WyreStorm NetworkHD Controller, Enado Mini is a small form factor IP-only control system easily installed in any location; essentially a small computer system housing the full Enado software suite that acts as a powerful web server user interface for control of virtually any device with Ethernet connectivity by any device with a web browser.

WyreStorm - EnadoAs with Enado, the IP controller can sit anywhere on the network and control any IP device on the network with the web server-based control software eliminating the need for Apps, PC software windows drivers or control device configuration with no additional costs for Apps upgrades, updates or licenses, whilst delivering an App-like installer/user experience with systems configured and controlled from literally anywhere in the world with a web-capable device. In fact, it’s so easy to configure a new control device such as a smartphone or tablet with Enado, the user need only to scan a QR code and bookmark the link.

Although it offers many of the same features as the 1U Enado controller, Enado Mini is streamlined by removing IR, RS232 and relay/cc connectivity, which help keep costs low enough so they have minimal impact on project budget.  However, it is smart enough to allow connection of these outputs using iTach and Flex devices from Global Cache.

Enado Mini offers IP control of both NetworkHD JPEG2000 and new NetworkHD-PRO H.264 HD over IP systems as well as any connected WyreStorm matrix switchers, AV Receivers, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes such as SkyHD, TiVo, Virgin, Humax, media players like AppleTV, Roku, Sky Now, XBMC and Kaleidescape as well as games consoles and a growing number of Smart TVs, all over IP with no additional hardware required.

It’s also just as versatile as its bigger Enado sibling with full compatibility with the huge Enado online code library and custom control templates for these connected devices, with WyreStorm project examples and popular device templates built in for unlimited control of all WyreStorm distribution devices over IP while controlling all other sources with Global Cache for quick, simple configuration – all with just two cables to one tiny box.